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I'm Annoyed With Him


At first, Yan Yuan was not sure that Ning Zhiyu was the one he was destined to love, he just felt heartbroken and could not see him being bullied like this and pretending to be strong when he was injured.

When the eunuchs in the palace made mistakes and were beaten half to death, he had never felt any pain, but why did he feel so much pain when he looked at Ning Zhiyu

There must be a reason for that.

On that day, after Yan Yuan had obtained his father's consent, he asked Ning Zhiyu to go back to be his prince's companion.

He didn’t let him do the heavier work, and had him grind ink and wash his pen by his side, treating him like a treasure.

It was strange, but ever since he was with Ning Zhiyu, Yan Yuan never had that dream again.

As time passed, their relationship grew deeper and deeper, and he gradually became certain that Ning Zhiyu was the man in his dreams.

Now that he has returned to his side, there is no need for him to enter that dream anymore.

But just last night, he had that heartbreaking dream again…

"A'Yu, are you blaming me….

Outside the hall, the rainstorm raged on, and the sky was dark.

The candles that had been burning all night in the inner room of Luanfeng Hall had not yet gone out, and the last small candle was left trembling and burning with a dim light, reflecting the snow-like face of the person on the couch.

Yan Yuan sat on the edge of the bed, his long hair scattered, water dripping from it.

He grabbed Ning Zhiyu's hand and pressed it to his lips in a delicate kiss, his eyes red as he said, "A'Yu, you mustn't be angry with me…"

"I really didn't know what to do, so I tricked that dragon into coming to the palace with a book.

If you died and left me alone in this world, what would I do… how could I be without you"

"You fell ill so suddenly, I thought of all sorts of ways to save you and only found that one feasible way."

"Don't worry… I only have you in my heart, my relationship with that dragon is just an act, he is just a beast in my eyes, he is nothing, how can he compare to you"

"Don't be angry with me, just wake up, okay…"

"You wake up, and I promise, I will never look at him again in the future."

The man on the bed had his eyes closed peacefully.

His originally pale and lean face, because of the nourishment of the dragon scales, now has a faint rosy lustre on his skin, as if he was a demon spirit that had absorbed the essence of blood, and he looked even better than before.

Yan Yuan looked deeply at him for a long time before slowly leaning down to kiss his forehead tenderly.

It was a thousand times more gentle than when he was with Xuan Long, a million times more gentle.

Even though Yan Yuan was inwardly guilty of being with Xuan Long, his tenderness and affection had to be given to Ning Zhiyu after all.

Only to his A'Yu.

"Your Majesty, it's time to go to court…" The sound of deliberately restrained footsteps came from afar, coming from outside the hall.

Chen Yan stopped ten paces away from Yan Yuan, suppressing his sharp rooster's voice to carefully remind him.

Yan Yuan did not look back at Chen Yan, his eyes constantly remained on the man on the bed, "The court is exempt today, you go outside the Meridian Gate to inform the ministers and tell them to go back.

I only want to stay with my A'Yu today, I'm not going anywhere."

Chen Yan noticed that Yan Yuan was in a low mood, so he withdrew without saying anything.

He returned shortly afterwards, followed by two eunuchs, one of whom was carrying a lacquered wooden tray with clean clothes folded in four squares; one was a blouse and the other was a set of gold silk robes, "Your Majesty, let the eunuchs help you change out of your wet clothes."

Yan Yuan turned his head to look at Chen Yan, "Why haven't you left yet"

"This servant has asked Xiao Dezi to go to the Meridian Gate to inform the ministers." Chen Yan held the horsetail whip in his arms and half-bowed, "Your Majesty is wet, so this servant does not dare to stay away.

If the Emperor's body is hurt, the Empress will be anxious when he wakes up and finds out."

The day was hot and muggy even when it was raining, and although it was uncomfortable to wear wet clothes, it wasn't cold.

Yan Yuan was in no mood to toss and turn, but when he heard Chen Yan say that Ning Zhiyu would be worried if he found out, he moved to stand up and let Chen Yan and the two eunuchs change his clothes and wipe his long wet hair.

Chen Yan bowed his head and fastened Yan Yuan's luxurious jade-encrusted belt, then suddenly heard Yan Yuan say in confusion, "Didn't I arrange for Xiao Dezi to serve Han Po"

"Master Han does not like to be waited on, so he only uses Xiao Dezi for serving meals.

This servant sent him away on his own initiative, so please do not blame him, Your Majesty."

Chen Yan was an old eunuch who had grown up with Yan Yuan, and Xiao Dezi was Chen Yan's most favoured disciple.

Yan Yuan thought of the expressionless face Han Po had all day long, "That's right, he really doesn't need to be served."

Chen Yan smoothed out Yan Yuan's lapels and said with concern, "Did Your Majesty get angry with Master Han this morning"

Yan Yuan wrinkled his pretty eyebrows and gave a cold snort, saying, "What could he be angry with me for, it is me who is annoyed with him."


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