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Chapter 200: Collision



The two powerful forces collided, and the air in the middle was immediately compressed and pushed to the left and right.

The level-5 monsters on both sides were immediately sent flying by the powerful air current, immediately clearing out a large area.

Both Zhou Mingrui and the monster took a few steps back.

At that moment, he could finally see what he was fighting against.

It had a brown-furred body and four strong and powerful arms that resembled a gorilla, but its lower body was similar to a tiger or some kind of wild beast.

It had a centaur-like upper body that was more like a ferocious beast.

Meanwhile, its four limbs were holding onto a weapon that was ground from a strange material as it snorted at Zhou Mingrui and glared at him like a tiger waiting for its prey.

[ This is a dangerous level-6 monster, a brown leopard, which can fight against other monsters at the same level or even level-7 ones.

Do not underestimate its strength! ]

Seeing this, Yan Wuyue immediately explained to Zhou Mingrui that the monster was classified as dangerous.

It meant that its combat power was better than others, and it could defeat its same kind easily.

[ How lucky I am.

Its a tough baby.


Zhou Mingrui was speechless.

Why was he unlucky all the time Either he didnt encounter any enemy, or he would have someone too powerful to fight against.

[ Be careful.

This isnt a normal level-6 monster.

Even if you activate your fission state, you might not be its match.

My suggestion is to use your current speed to run away! ] Yan Wuyue proposed.

Zhou Mingrui looked at his enemy and said, [ I dont think so.

It has already made us its primary target under the control of the figure of light, so it will come to us soon, even if we shake it off with speed now.


[ If we run into another level-six monster, well be pincered.

Till then, well be in an even more dangerous situation.


[ So my personal suggestion is to kill it right here! ]

[ As you said, its very powerful.

If we can kill it, we can relieve a lot of pressure on the defensive line.


[ Even if we cant kill it, well make it heavily injured.

In the worst scenario, well ask Lieutenant General Yu for help.

Youll be fine no matter what.


Yan Wuyue was convinced.

For the first time, she responded, [ Youre right.

This time, well do as you say.


Zhou Mingrui laughed out loud when he knew that he had her support.

However, it came out as a hoarse and maniacal laughter from the goblin kings body.

The brown leopard was a powerful level-6 vicious beast.

As the figure of light was suppressed by this worlds laws, it gained part of its consciousness back.

At this moment, Zhou Mingruis bold and offensive behavior made the brown leopard instantly burn with rage.

All the muscles in its body tensed up at this moment, and its four hooves exerted force at the same time to launch a charge.

There was no longer a need to and could no longer limit his strength.

The massive club in Zhou Mingruis hand had already transformed back into Nether Flame Bone Blade.

Under the surge of energy, a twisted shadow appeared on the blade of Nether Flame Bone Blade.

At the same time, a purple flame began to burn on the blade.

Brandishing Nether Flame Bone Blade in his hand, Zhou Mingrui charged straight at the incoming brown leopard.

When a cavalryman charged, the best way to deal with it was to do the same because standing still would only allow the impact to break through the defense and get killed.

Roar! With an angry roar, both of their weapons collided.

This time, all the muscles in Zhou Mingruis body erupted with all his strength.

At the same time, the surging energy condensed in the blade also gushed out at the same time.

The ground under their feet instantly exploded and formed a vast pit.

The ground could not withstand the aftershock of the collision, and cracks immediately appeared on the ground.

At that moment, Zhou Mingrui noticed that the brown leopard still had empty hands.

When their weapons collided, he was unable to make any other moves.

The monster immediately seized the chance and lunged at him.

Zhou Mingrui bellowed.

He exerted strength in his arms and parried the brown leopards hands.

Then, with a flip of his palm, he grabbed Nether Flame Bone Blade again, forming a reverse grip.

When he clenched his fist, Zhou Mingrui stomped his left foot on the ground in front of him and immediately sank deep into the ground.

As he exerted force from his waist, his spine opened up like a mechanical conductor, and an enormous force continuously gathered from his lower to his upper body.

Zhou Mingrui swung his right hand with the blade, and Nether Flame Bone Blade also tore through the air and slashed at the brown leopard.

At that moment, Zhou Mingrui seemed to have turned into a mantis as he used the smoothest method to deliver the slash.

This was the first time the brown leopard had encountered such a situation.

In a hurry, it could only use its arms to cross its weapons in front of its chest, trying to block the attack.

Clang! Nether Flame Bone Blade hit the brown leopards weapon.

However, the power and energy from the blade sent the brown leopard flying.

When the brown leopard stopped, its hands that were holding the weapon began to tremble.

There were even cracks in the web between its purlicue.

Zhou Mingrui used all his strength in this attack.

In addition to the support of his energy, he had unleashed his most vigorous attack.

[ He can defeat the brown leopard in a head-on fight.

Its incredible.

] Even Yan Wuyue was amazed at Zhou Mingruis attack.

She knew very well how terrifying the brown leopard was.

After all, she had fought with it before.

At that moment, Zhou Mingrui was also struggling, and the hand that was holding onto his weapon was also trembling as blood trickled out from the gaps between his fingers.

The strongest slash also represented how terrifying the recoil was.

Even in the fission state, Zhou Mingruis arms were still injured by the recoil of the slash.

At that moment, many of the muscle fibers in his arms had ruptured.

An intense pain pierced Zhou Mingruis brain.

However, at that moment, the brown leopard roared and charged at Zhou Mingrui again.

After all, it was one of the top level-6 ferocious beasts.

Furthermore, it had four arms.

Its two arms were damaged, but it could switch to the other two.

Moreover, it was way physically stronger than Zhou Mingrui.

At the same time, the fur on the brown leopards body began to move on its own, and a faint red light appeared on the skin under the fur.

Seeing this, Zhou Mingrui had no choice but to raise his Nether Flame Bone Blade and meet the attack again.

However, Yan Wuyues squinted her eyes as if she had noticed something.

They collided once again.

This time, Zhou Mingruis injured body was no longer able to release the strength he had previously, so he immediately fell to the ground with one knee.

At this time, the skin on his arms had been split open by the fights impact, and blood was constantly spurting out of the wounds.

However, this also helped Zhou Mingrui dissipate a large portion of the recoil, which meant he had managed to withstand the attack.

However, how could the brown leopard let him off so easily The moment Zhou Mingrui knelt on the ground, its hands grabbed the shards of its weapon and slashed at Zhou Mingrui.

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