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“I can’t believe you took so many notes.”

When Guo Qifan was moving books, he accidentally found several thick notes, which were all his experiences and feelings recorded while watching the film.

“Once you take notes, you will remember them earlier.

Plus, you can flip through them anytime.” He responded.

Jiang Liu Cheng recorded a lot, including which film and which plot impressed him, and even intercepted the clip and stored it in the computer so that he could read it at any time.

“A high achiever student is really a high achiever student.

It is a pity that you have studied so hard and yet you still haven’t been able to use it.

What’s wrong with your company It’s been a year and you still haven’t gotten any decent roles yet.

When they signed you, they said that it wouldn’t take a year to get you to fame.”

Jiang Liu Cheng shook his head.

“You believe in this kind of empty promise”

Guo Qifan: “If you are so rational, then why did you go there”

When Jiang Liu Cheng returned to the dormitory, he suddenly told them that he was going to be an actor, which startled all three of them.

Although they had said before that he could be an actor in the entertainment industry with his appearance, it was just a joke.

Who knew he actually went there when he was about to graduate.

Jiang Liu Cheng thought for a moment and said, “At that time, I didn’t know what I was going to do after graduation, so I thought I could give it a try.

I then went and signed as an actor for two years.

Don’t worry, I only have one year left.”

At that time, the entertainment company still wanted to sign with him for more than five years, but because he didn’t want to, and the other party didn’t want to let him go, he finally agreed to a 2-year contract.

Guo Qifan: “It’s the same.

If they don’t give you good resources, they’ll cancel the contract a year later.

With your strength, you won’t be afraid to find a job, so if you really can’t, you should go back to graduate school.

The old professor in our school really likes you.”

There is no teacher who doesn’t like smart and enterprising students.


In the evening, Lao Zheng finally got home and called them down.

When they went downstairs, they saw the familiar black BMW.

“If busy people get off their work earlier than usual then that means that they’re really busy.” Guo Qifan joked as soon as he got into the car.

Jiang Liu Cheng sat in the side seat to prevent others from thinking that Lao Zheng was their driver.

Lao Zheng looked at Jiang Liu Cheng with a smile plastered across his face.

“Since I want to celebrate Jiang Liu Cheng’s arrival, we should be early, and that only means my work is done no matter what.”

Lao Zheng is categorized as the richest of the four swordsmen in their dormitory.

Not only did he come from a rich family, but he also started a company when he was in college.

Although the company is not very large, it is said that the income is good. 

After graduation, Lao Zheng left his house near the university and moved to live in Simming Community.

However, the rich will always be different from the commoners.

Instead of renting, they ought to buy the house or the property as a whole. 

“How about we go eat hot pot this evening” Lao Zheng asked as he drove the road.

Neither of them has a problem with it.


Just as they were eating hot pot, someone previously found that the video on the Internet had been fermented for a period of time and accidentally got the tail of a hot search on the home page.

The reason is that Qin Lu attended an event where a reporter suddenly asked who the young man in the video was when he was asked a question.

Before Qin Lu opened his mouth, the agent, Zhou Wenbin, quickly jumped out and interrupted, leaving the reporter to ask only questions related to the activity.

Other people think it’s okay, but Qin Lu’s fans are keenly aware that there is a problem since their husband is not a newcomer in the industry.

This kind of interview has been done countless times, but the agent interrupted him so anxiously still.

Is he afraid that their husband would say something he shouldn’t have

I have to say that fans really know too much about their idol’s agent.

Zhou Wenbin is afraid that Qin Lu will reveal something he should not disclose when he is happy.

Because of his unobtrusive behavior, he stirred up the fans’ interest.

If it was just curiosity at first, it’s serious now.

As a result, this group of people searches for people with similar angles that will hopefully match the mystery guy’s face.

It’s just that there are too few pictures of Jiang Liu Cheng showing his face to the public.

Even if he occasionally gets a good part in a set, he will be cut off for fear that he would be stealing the spotlight from the main character.

Thus, they didn’t find out who the man was across Qin Lu.

Just when Qin Lu’s fans are getting restless, no one knew who it was but someone posted a photo of Wang Ye on the top stream, saying that his side face was a bit like the young man across Qin Lu and there’s a bit of a chance that it was him.

And then, several marketing groups reposted it making its rounds all over the net faster than normal.

The post and its shares naturally aroused discontent from Qin Lu’s fans.

Do they really think Qin Lu needs Wang Ye for publicity His fans are not yet dead.

And so the fans from both sides tore each other apart

Qin Lu’s fans speculated that Wang Ye is so shameless that he obviously bought a marketing account to advertise him as the person across Qin Lu just so he could share the limelight.

Meanwhile, Wang Ye’s fans defended that Wang Ye doesn’t need the traffic from Qin Lu.

His fanbase alone is enough to keep him relevant and famous.

And so as the quarrel began, the popularity of the video also reached new heights since some people also wants to see if the young man really looks like Wang Ye.

However, if anyone would take a closer look, they will find out that only the angle is similar, but the posture and the curvature of the face are more than different from each other.

Xiao Wang, an employee of Zhongmian Entertainment, is responsible for following popular searches on Weibo and some developments on the Internet.

She accidentally saw the topic and went in with the mentality of just jumping on the bandwagon.

When she got into the post, she realized that there were still people in the comment area arguing about who is the young man across Qin Lu.

When she took a closer look, her whole body froze.

Why is this man so much like an artist in his company

Because this is only a hunch and she is not sure, she thought that it may not be a big deal.

After all, that person does not come to the company too often.

He has been signed for a year but hasn’t had that much of a breakthrough.

Xiao Wang thought that it can’t be the person.

If he knew a big shot like Qin Lu, then he wouldn’t need a small company like theirs to hone him for a year. 

Because it was no big deal, she didn’t take it to heart and didn’t tell the company.

Meanwhile, the agent informed Qin Lu that the video about him speculated more drama than they expected and suddenly became hot in a blink of an eye.

“I called the marketing agency to take advantage of the loophole, but I didn’t expect this.”

The agent was very annoyed.

He complains about how the fans were so sensitive as they quarrel about who is hotter between Qin Lu and Wang Ye.

Qin Lu paid him no mind as he continued reading the document in his hand before signing his name on the last page afterward.

“How are you doing with the thing I asked you to do”

The agent was stunned for a moment as he thought of his progress.

He remembers that Brother Qin told him to do something yesterday, but it was a day later.

He didn’t realize that it was supposed to be on his list of top priorities.

“Time is a little tight.

I already found a candidate that is the most suitable, but you need to give me more time to find out more.”

Qin Lu: “…..”

“Director Chang Qinghua, a 32 years old man.

He has no bad habits and has been single to date.

It has been said that he prefers to date a man.”

Zhou Wenbin originally wanted to find an ordinary partner for Jiang Liu Cheng, but Brother Qin asked him to look from his circle of friends, so he immediately thought of the said director.

Qin Lu and Cheng Qinghua worked together on a film, which was Cheng Qinghua’s debut.

Later, he had won more than a dozen of awards that Cheng Qinghua became the hottest young director at the time, making the two of them old acquaintances.

Besides, it was not only long ago when Cheng Qinghua approached and hoped to collaborate with Qin Lu again, so this is very timely.

He is planning to do his second film, but he doesn’t have a leasing actor yet.

He always thought that Qin Lu is very suitable for it.

It’s just that Qin Lu hasn’t picked up any movies for a year, so he didn’t agree when he came to the door before.

The agent has not mentioned it today, mainly because he knows that once they go to Cheng Qinghua, the other party will certainly mention that Qin Lu should play the leading role in his new film.

Qin Lu also guessed this but still said without hesitation, “Contact him and say I’m going to invite him to dinner.”

As soon as the agent heard this, he knew that Brother Qin had made up his mind, and hesitated to say “but” again and again.

Qin Lu interrupted him, “There is nothing to say.

Since Cheng Qinghua is suitable under Jiang Liu Cheng’s requirements, we should contact him.” He said with all finality.

The agent had to swallow all of his unspoken words.


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