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Chapter 38- Seek More Happiness



5’s full name is Tao Ding.

He is one of the heirs of the Tao family.

Among Zhou Beiwang’s group of friends, Tao Ding is a relatively reliable son of a noble family.

He founded his own game company a few years ago, and it is developing quite well.


The reason why Qin Lu knew him was because Zhou Beiwang had brought him out to meet him, and later he cooperated with his game company several times, so the two became friends.


“Brother Qin, the next scene is about to start.” Zhang Ning reminded him when he saw him staring at his phone for a long time, afraid that he might not notice the time.


Qin Lu responded with a hum before putting away his phone and walking out of the studio.

His tall back suddenly became a little more imposing.


Zhang Ning was a little puzzled and always felt that Brother Qin’s eyes seemed to be sharper after a few minutes of rest.


In the following scenes, Qin Lu didn’t even have to take extra roles, but the actor playing the scenes with him became more stressed.

The old actor joked about how his state suddenly became so good in the afternoon, and he almost took it.

Qin Lu couldn’t stop his characterization that quickly unlike before.


When he returned to the RV before ten o’clock in the evening after finishing work, Qin Lu found Tao Ding’s phone number in his mobile phone.

He then dialed it and the call was quickly connected.



Qin, do you have anything to do with me so late”


Tao Ding was surprised.

He was one of the few who knew that Qin Lu was not only a double actor in the entertainment industry but also the heir of the Qinchuan Group.

The Qinchuan Group was much stronger than the Tao family in terms of size and strength.

Not to mention the fact that Qin Lu’s own excellence is also unmatched.


Zhou Beiwang introduced Tao Ding to Qin Lu, and only after getting to know Qin Lu did he learn that the most famous award-winning actor in the entertainment industry has made a lot of investments in addition to making movies over the years.


After working with him several times, Tao Ding realized this more deeply.

He admired Qin Lu just like Dou Binbin, but he admired Qin Lu’s ability even more.


Without the help of his family, he knew that in the same amount of time, he would not be able to reach Qin Lu’s level, and even if he could, it would take longer.


“I just want to ask you something.

When did Zhou Beiwang have his first love, and what happened to him and his first love” Qin Lu looked out the car window, and the lights flickered on the side of the road.


As soon as he heard it, Tao Ding knew that he saw his comment in Zhou Beiwang’s Moments, “Beiwang had his first love when he was in high school.

It is said that they started talking in their first year of high school.

Later, his first love went abroad, and the two met less often.”


Qin Lu asked again, “Zhou Beiwang’s first love is very similar to the person he posted on his Moments today”


Tao Ding: “They’re definitely not the same in appearance.

Jiang Liucheng looks much better than Gu Qing.

But his temperament is quite similar, and he is just as smart.

Gu Qing ought to be the top student in our school at that time.

He can enter the top every time he takes an exam.

He is also good at playing games, but he is better at playing cards and mahjong.”


Jiang Liucheng has only played killing games with them, so he cannot assess whether he is better than Gu Qing.


The reason why Qin Lu introduced Zhou Beiwang to Jiang Liucheng was because he knew that he was just a playboy on the surface, but he didn’t know that he still had a first love.


“Are they still in touch”


Tao Ding: “Gu Qing came back the year before, and I didn’t ask if they had seen each other.

But they interacted in Moments last month, so they should be in touch in private.”


Qin Lu: “Is he not from your circle of friends”


Tao Ding: “He is engaged in art, and our life circles are different.”


He didn’t make it very clear, but those who do understand naturally understand.

Some people look down on the rich second generation, who can only rely on their family and spend their days drinking.

In turn, some rich second generation does not look down on such arrogant people.

He is not a type of person.


Qin Lu was not interested in these and asked for some other things.


After hanging up, Tao Ding thought for a moment and called Zhou Beiwang.


“Where are you now”


When Zhou Beiwang received the call, he was watching Jiang Liucheng walk into the community, “Sending my blind date home, I’m going back now; what’s wrong”


Tao Ding: “I remember you saying before that someone introduced you to a blind date.

Who is this person”


Zhou Beiwang put one hand in his pocket.

The wind was cooler at night, so he didn’t rush back into the car, “Why are you suddenly asking me this”


Tao Ding: “I’m just curious, can’t you tell me”


Zhou Beiwang: “It’s not that I can’t say it.

You know this person, Qin Lu.”


Tao Ding: “…..”


Now he finally knew why the other party made that phone call for no reason and asked so many things about Zhou Beiwang’s first love.


Tao Ding couldn’t help but say, “Why didn’t you tell me before”


Zhou Beiwang, “You didn’t ask me.

I can’t tell everyone that Qin Lu introduced me to Jiang Liucheng.”


Tao Ding: “Then you are serious with him now”


Zhou Beiwang leaned his back against his car and said, “If I wasn’t serious, I wouldn’t have brought him out to let you know.

And being with him really helped me get back the feeling of falling in love like the way with Gu Qing.”


The days in high school are the most unforgettable.

At that time, everyone was carefree.

When they were in love, they were only in love.

However, when they became adults, they contacted more people and gradually lost their innocence.

So even if they fell in love, it is difficult to devote themselves because one way or another, there would be some.


After several exchanges with Jiang Liucheng, he felt a sense of physical and mental relaxation, as if he had returned to the time when he was carefree.


Tao Ding thought to himself: Zhou Beiwang, just ask yourself for more happiness.


Tao Ding thought that today’s excitement was over, but just after they finished chatting, he opened WeChat and found that there was a reminder in his Moments.

He had a little obsessive-compulsive disorder and clicked in to get rid of the red dot.

He accidentally saw that Gu Qing replied to his comment on Zhou Beiwang’s post.


Gu Qing replied: [Do I really look like him, Tao Ding]


Gu Qing: [Who is he He is quite handsome.]


Tao Ding had a toothache for a while and didn’t want to answer, so he exited the platform directly.

Only to find that there were new prompts on the app, so he had to click in again.

But he didn’t expect that Zhou Beiwang would reply.


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Zhou Beiwang replied to Gu Qing: [My blind date.]


Gu Qing replied to Zhou Beiwang: [What a surprise.

When did you have a blind date Why didn’t you tell me]


Zhou Beiwang: [I’ve just had it recently.]


Gu Qing: [Bring him out to meet me next time.

Just so I can see if he is like me like Tao Ding said.] 


Zhou Beiwang replied to Gu Qing: [I am not sure.

I have an appointment with him tomorrow.]


Because of his obsessive-compulsive disorder, Tao Ding was forced to watch the entire conversation between the two.

When he saw Gu Qing’s words, he instinctively frowned.

Gu Qing’s words made him a little unhappy.


The next morning, Zhou Beiwang came to pick up Jiang Liucheng.


Jiang Liucheng just finished work and was relatively free before participating in the group reading, so they also made an appointment to see an art exhibition today.


The venue is the International Exhibition Center in Yunshi City, where several large-scale art exhibitions are held every year, involving many aspects.  Because of this, it attracted people from many regions or countries each time.


Zhou Beiwang didn’t plan to come, but when he learned that Jiang Liucheng has a wide range of hobbies, he immediately thought of this art exhibition.

It is said that there are many categories on display this year, which can be called the largest art exhibition in Yunshi despite its spectacle in recent years.


When they arrived, it was indeed very lively outside the exhibition center.

There were a lot of vehicles coming in and out.

Most of them came to participate in the art exhibition.

In addition to the natives, there were also many foreign friends who were dressed very formally.


“Today’s art exhibition includes a lot of content, including oil paintings, sculptures, works on paper, photography, digital art, etc.

Among them, the most famous is Bogu Gallery, which is also the most famous project of this art exhibition.

Many people are rushing for this Bogu Gallery.”


When the two were lining up to enter, Zhou Beiwang, who knew the information about the art exhibition in advance, explained the deeds of Bogu Gallery to Jiang Liucheng.

He thought that Jiang Liucheng didn’t know much about these matters.


Jiang Liucheng didn’t say anything.

He just quietly listened to him.


After entering the venue, Zhou Beiwang took him to the Bogu Gallery.

Most of the men who came in and out of the venue were in suits and leather shoes.

Even the women were dressed up in fancy dresses.

Only a few wore casual clothes.


Bogu Gallery is one of the top galleries in China.

He can tell the name and origin of almost every painting exhibited here.


“Do you love to draw”


Jiang Liucheng seemed to understand Zhou Beiwang quite well, but he hadn’t heard him talk about it in the chat before, and he didn’t look like someone who would like art.


Zhou Beiwang smiled and asked, “Do you think I like it”


Jiang Liucheng saw that he took the initiative to ask, and after thinking about it, he said, “I think you just understand it.

You shouldn’t say you like it very much.”


Zhou Beiwang was surprised, “Why are you so sure”


Jiang Liucheng “People who like art pay more attention to the charm of art itself.”


Moreover, when Zhou Beiwang talked about these paintings, he would be more accustomed to using the price to measure them, but he felt that it was not good to say it so bluntly, so he didn’t say it.


Zhou Beiwang found out yesterday that he is very good at observing and figuring out other people’s psychology, “You’re right, I really can’t say I like it very much.

It’s just because I have known it before and know a little.”


The two walked inside while chatting.


Just then, an unexpected voice interrupted the harmonious atmosphere between them.


“Look at your North.”


“Gu Qing, why are you here” Zhou Beiwang was also surprised.

He didn’t expect to see Gu Qing here.


“I didn’t expect it to be you.” Seeing that it was him, Gu Qing immediately walked over and said with a smile, “Why can’t I be here Have you forgotten that I am an artist But you, you didn’t like this kind of place in the first place.

It was because of me that you came to know about it, and I thought that you would never come to a place full of art like a gallery in the future.”


Zhou Beiwang raised his eyebrows, “That’s all in the past.”


Gu Qing nodded and smiled and said, “That’s what I said.”


Zhou Beiwang “Let me introduce you.

This is my partner, Jiang Liucheng.”


Gu Qing stretched out his hand to Jiang Liucheng and said very politely, “Hello, I’m Gu Qing.

I don’t know if Beiwang has told you about me.

I’ve known him since childhood.”


Jiang Liucheng replied hello before saying, “I didn’t hear him talk about you.”


Gu Qing narrowed his eyes, “Maybe it’s because I went abroad later.”


Jiang Liucheng: “Yeah.”


A click.


In the gallery where people come and go, this sound is not very conspicuous, and there are many people in the gallery who take pictures of the paintings on the walls, but no one finds out that this person is not taking pictures of the paintings on the walls.


As one of the most well-known agents in the entertainment industry, Zhou Wenbin never thought that one day he would be able to do this kind of thing.  AKA secretly stalking others.


He wanted to refuse at first, but thinking about the annual salary he got every year, he couldn’t refuse the boss’ money.


Good luck manager: [Jiang Liucheng and Mr.

Zhou were visiting the gallery when this strange man suddenly appeared and was eager to say hello to Mr.


It seemed that he was an acquaintance of Mr.



After sending the photo of the three of them, he looked at the picture and added the text.


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