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Back at the banquet hall, the farewell party was almost over.


In order not to delay tomorrow’s work, everyone did not dare to get too drunk.


When they went back, Jiang Liucheng also told Cheng Qinghua about Li Lei.


Cheng Qinghua didn’t care.

Not to mention the fact that Li Lei hadn’t signed a labor contract under him.

Even if he did, he wouldn’t stop him.

There are many migrant workers like Li Lei in the entertainment industry, but it’s not that easy to find a good assistant.


The next morning, the hotel was empty, and everyone went to the crew to start working again.


Jiang Liucheng and Li Lei packed up and went downstairs, preparing to take a taxi to the airport.



Jiang, here.” As soon as they got downstairs, they saw Zhang Ning sitting in a car and waving at them.


Jiang Liucheng stepped forward in surprise, “Why are you here”


Zhang Ning said, “Brother Qin said that I should take you to the airport so that you won’t be late for your flight.”


Jiang Liucheng knew that the other party didn’t give him room to refuse, so he didn’t say anything.


After getting in the car, he sent Qin Lu a few messages.


Qin Lu asked the makeup artist to help him before.

He wanted to thank him, but who knew that before he could even thank him, Qin Lu would send a car to take him to the airport.


Jiang Liucheng: [I’ll be waiting for you to come back to Yunshi; I’ll treat you.] 


When he was about to arrive at the airport, Jiang Liucheng received a reply from Qin Lu.

Qin Lu did not refuse, and replied with the words “Okay”.


In the crew, Qin Lu just finished filming a scene and replied to Jiang Liucheng.

As if on cue, his phone rang.

It was from Zhou Wenbin.

He was very efficient.

He had just checked the matter in one night, and yet he already had some news.


Qin Lu got up and walked outside.


“The person who instructed Zhou Sheng Entertainment to hide Jiang Liucheng is Mo’s Entertainment.

It’s very strange.

I initially didn’t find out that Jiang Liucheng and Mo’s Entertainment had any connections with each other.

Jiang Liucheng entered the entertainment circle by accident.

Before that, he was just an ordinary student who had just graduated.”


When he first found out about this, Zhou Wenbin was surprised even though he had a hunch already.

Why does Mo’s Entertainment target Jiang Liucheng so much


“Also, the person who owns the most shares in Mo’s Entertainment is Mrs.

Mo, Mo Yi’s mother.

She is the one who instructed Zhou Sheng Entertainment to hide Jiang Liucheng.”


Qin Lu asked, “Why”


Zhou Wenbin “I haven’t found any connection between them.

As a member of the Mo family, Mrs.

Mo’s circle of life obviously cannot overlap with Jiang Liucheng’s circle.

It stands to reason that they should not know each other, and neither through Mo Yi.

Mo Yi studied abroad before, and he even entered the entertainment industry half a year earlier than Jiang Liucheng.”


This is also where Zhou Wenbin is confused about.

If there is a cause, there must be an effect.

But he can’t find out where Jiang Liucheng’s connection is with them, which makes him very puzzled.


Qin Lu suddenly remembered that he heard the word “life experience” yesterday, “What else did you find out about this Mrs.



In order to find out the connection between them, Zhou Wenbin did check a little bit, “This Mrs.

Mo, who married the president of the Mo family more than 20 years ago, is said to be a very skilled person who has dealt with many mistresses.

The reason for targeting Jiang Liucheng might be because-“


Qin Lu interrupted Zhou Wenbin before he finished speaking, “No, don’t guess.”


Zhou Wenbin: “Do you want to continue the investigation”


Qin Lu: “No need.”


Zhou Wenbin: “Okay.”


Three hours later, the plane, in which Jiang Liucheng is in, landed at the airport in Yunshi.


Jiang Liucheng and Li Lei walked out of the airport.


Jiang Liucheng suddenly stopped, and Li Lei didn’t know why.

“What’s the matter”


Jiang Liucheng: “It seems that someone is following us.”


Li Lei: “Ah.”


He looked back and found that several girls were secretly looking at Jiang Liucheng beside him.

He suddenly felt a sense of crying and laughing.


Seeing that they were discovered, several girls trotted over immediately.


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Just as Li Lei thought, they were Jiang Liucheng’s fans, and they ran to the airport to see him from nowhere to learn the news of his return today.


Jiang Liu Cheng had been in the crew before, and this was the first time he had been chased as a star in an open and honest way, and only then did he realize that they were not following him.


Seeing the idol up close, several little girls were a little excited.

The idol looked more beautiful than the photo, “Can you help us sign your name here”


Jiang Liucheng didn’t refuse, “Okay, where should I sign”


One of the girls immediately took out a stack of photos and a marker.


Jiang Liucheng saw that the top photo was when he and Qin Lu participated in the opening ceremony, and later went on the hot search together.

There were also his personal makeup photos and some snapshots.


However, when he signed in at the back, the photo that caught his eye made him stunned for a moment.


This photo is also of him and Qin Lu.

In the picture, he is sitting on a chair while Qin Lu is half-squatting and helping him with his injured knee.

Unexpectedly, someone took this scene.


Under the warm yellow light, the man’s eyes were focused and gentle, and he didn’t seem to notice anything wrong with his posture.


Several girls saw him staring at this photo and didn’t respond.

They looked at each other a little, “Is there anything wrong with this photo”


Jiang Liucheng came back to his senses, “Why do you have this photo”


A girl replied, “Don’t you know Emperor Qin Lu posted this photo and, it was on the hot search yesterday.”


Jiang Liucheng signed the rest of the photos with his name.

His signature was not like a symbol like most celebrities.

His handwriting was not only beautiful, but anyone could also tell that it was his name.


After saying goodbye to the few girls, they walked out of the airport and got into the car that Li Qiu rented to pick them up.


After getting in the car, Jiang Liucheng turned on his mobile phone to search for Qin Lu’s Weibo account.

And from there, he saw his latest Weibo post.

He then understood the situation.


Some people said that he was trying to clarify the rumor that he did not kneel, but Jiang Liucheng felt that Qin Lu posted this so that he would not be scolded by his fans.


In addition to this photo, he also saw several photos with the same background, one of which was when Qin Lu looked up at him.


He remembered that Qin Lu was asking him if it hurt or not.


From the perspective of others, Jiang Liucheng knew that Qin Lu was looking at him with such eyes.


Just as focused when he massaged his feet.


He didn’t save the photo that Qin Lu posted, but he kept it involuntarily and followed Qin Lu’s Weibo.


After returning to Yunshi, Jiang Liucheng began to work non-stop.


During his filming, Li Qiu helped him discuss several jobs and set time for each and everything.


After filming the commercial, he have to go to the previous crew that adapted the novel script to participate in the script reading.




A week later, the filming of several food advertisements that had been set before was finally completed.


Shooting the advertisements is still very fast.

It only took two or three days to complete the advertisement, and the official announcement was made quickly.


Facts have proved that this company is very prescient.

Jiang Liucheng is still very popular among the people.

The netizens who follow his Weibo may not have many die-hard fans, but there are definitely many mothers who are willing to spend money.


When his die-hard fans didn’t have such a strong organization and appeal, he could easily break tens of millions of sales just by relying on the fans who followed him to buy spontaneously, which was unprecedented in the entertainment industry.


It’s not that no one has questioned that this is only his character design.

In fact, some people took the things he endorsed to test as they tried to prove that his character design was falsified.

But instead, this helped his nickname to be more firmly locked on him.


After the official announcement of the new advertisement, Jiang Liucheng also forwarded it on his own Weibo.

His Weibo forwarding was not so formulaic in the official language, but the evaluation of the products he had tasted was far more than better.

Looking at the official blog of the food company, some new netizens would even think that Jiang Liucheng is a food blogger.


[It’s funny, there are still so many people who believe in the character of a star these days.

And for a star who has no work can still become popular, the entertainment industry is really hopeless.]


There are also disappointing comments like this.

At first, fans were quite angry, but later they found out that some people fell into the pits of hell vertically, so they ignored it.

They would even bet on it if how long until that happens.


Jiang Liucheng didn’t know what happened on the Internet since he was so busy.

He and Zhou Beiwang made an appointment to meet in the afternoon, and the latter said that he would take him to a place.


He is already on fire now, and Li Qiu was afraid that he would be photographed dating someone else.

That is why he bought him a hat and told him to wear it all the time.


At the gate of the community downstairs, Zhou Beiwang leaned against his sports car and waited.


The next moment, the familiar figure of the young man appeared.


He is wearing a pair of glasses and a black cap.


He almost thought he saw Qin Lu.


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