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The crew member who took the video poked himself.

She wanted to post it on Weibo very much, but she was afraid that it would not be good to post it without consent, so she could only post an update, saying that she did not expect that Emperor Qin Lu would squat down on one knee and give rubbing medicine to his junior, which is a very kind act.


But it was these words that somehow touched the point of view of Qin Lu’s fans.


Someone went to the blogger’s Weibo and said she was spreading rumors and asked her to delete this Weibo immediately.


Fans feel that even if a male god rubs medicine on others, it is impossible to squat down on one knee.


The blogger didn’t care anymore after posting on Weibo.

She didn’t know that someone was arguing over this Weibo.

It was only at night that she discovered that the Weibo she posted during the day exploded, and some people quarreled for entertainment.

It is already a hot search on the plate.


After she saw the hot topic, she was utterly dumbfounded.


She remembered that she clearly said that the actor squatted down on one knee, but somehow, she was passed down as the actor and knelt down for others.


Realizing that she might be in trouble, the blogger quickly sent another Weibo to clarify.


But at this time, there were more people fishing in the muddy waters.


Someone said in her Weibo comments that there are no pictures so it couldn’t be the truth.

If she won’t be able to send any photographs, then it will only be a rumor.


The woman had never experienced this kind of battle before, so she was a little scared, and she didn’t dare to send out the photos casually.

So she had to go to the director and take the initiative to explain the situation.


Cheng Qinghua saw that she just posted a sentimental Weibo, and didn’t send the photo.

It was not a big problem, but seeing that she was a little scared, she helped her to call Qin Lu.


“Let her come to the dressing room.” Qin Lu had already learned of this from Zhou Wenbin, and after the hot search, the agent notified him immediately.


The little girl came to Qin Lu’s dressing room and apologized to him the first time they met, promising that she would never make the same mistake again in the future.


Qin Lu: “Can you show me that photo”


The little girl thought that the actor asked her to come here to teach herself a lesson, and she was stunned for a few seconds when she heard this sentence until Qin Lu asked again before she recovered.

From there, she quickly tried to find the photo on her mobile phone.


Qin Lu took her phone and looked down at the photo above.


The little girl waited for a while without seeing any reaction from him.

Just when she was about to bear the quiet atmosphere, she suddenly heard him speak.


“Can you send me this photo”


The little girl was stunned for a moment, then said of course.

She then sent him the photo, adding Qin Lu’s WeChat account for this.


After she was politely invited out, she was a little surprised that she had become one of Qin Lu’s WeChat friends.


The farce on the Internet ended with a Weibo post from Qin Lu’s agent.

Zhou Wenbin asked everyone not to speculate anymore.

Qin Lu just helped a junior who was injured in filming to wipe some medicine.


Not long after his Weibo was posted, Qin Lu, who had not updated his Weibo for two years, suddenly posted a Weibo with only four words and a photo attached.


Qin Lu: [He did a good job.]


The fans cried with joy.

They could still see the male god post on Weibo in their lifetime, thinking that he would never post again in the future.


But when they saw the photos posted by the male god, they were collectively stunned.


In the photo, the young man is sitting on a chair with lowered eyebrows.

His fine hair covered his forehead as it falls on the side of his face.

With a soft and delicate feeling, Qin Lu is half-squatting in front of him, and lying on the ground is a bottle of medicine.

Qin Lu’s hands were placed on the young man’s fair and slender legs, with his thumbs gently pressed around the wound.


Meanwhile, Qin Lu was wearing a suit for filming, not the kind of meticulous, neat, and tidy like the image of a perfect elite.

His white shirt exposed his wrist and looked a little bit dirty.

His hair was also a bit messy, and on top of that, the side of his face captured by the camera had a trace of stains.

It’s like he had just been through a little fight.


His posture is like kneeling on one knee in front of the more tattered young man.

It is obviously just an ordinary scene as he rubbed medicine on Jiang Liucheng’s wound, but it adds a pious atmosphere.


Fans immediately guessed that the male god was responding to the content of the rubbing medicine from the blogger named Soft Sweet Girl.

They have to admit that the atmosphere of this photo is really amazing.

Qin Lu posted this on Weibo, so what else can they do Of course, they can only lick it.


So Jiang Liucheng, who was only on the hot search some time ago, was sent to the hot search again.

And just like that, the number of his Weibo followers rose up again.


On the other hand, Jiang Liucheng, who was unaware of this, was sent back to the hotel after finishing the process.


There was a finalizing banquet in the evening, which was a farewell banquet specially organized for him by the crew in order to celebrate his finalization.

For this reason, Cheng Qinghua especially gave everyone a half-day leave.


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In the evening, Jiang Liucheng followed his assistant to the farewell banquet.

Fortunately, the banquet was held in the hotel.


Jiang Liucheng’s knee injury has been a little scabbed, but there is no way to make big movements when walking.

Otherwise, the skin will easily be torn and bleed yet again.


Li Lei knows that he will be leaving tomorrow.

He is an assistant to some artists most of the time in the crew.

No matter how diligent he is, there will be no room for improvement unless he wants to be a director, but he does not have such a big dream.

He is just an ordinary man.

Since he is an assistant in the crew, and also Jiang Liucheng’s assistant, it would be better to try another way, so he agreed to the young actor’s proposal earlier.


At the finale banquet, many people had already arrived, and the banquet hall was very lively.


As soon as Jiang Liucheng arrived, he was immediately pulled to the director’s table.

Qin Lu didn’t seem to have come yet, and after looking around, he couldn’t find him.


When the banquet was about to start, the door of the banquet hall was finally pushed open again.


Qin Lu, who had changed into casual clothes, walked in with one hand in his trouser pocket.

He was tall and straight like a model on a runway show, but his temperament was more outstanding than that of a model.


Qin Lu came over, saying hello to everyone at the table.

And then he looked at Jiang Liucheng, “Is your knee injury better”


Jiang Liucheng nodded and said, “It’s nothing serious, it’s already crusted.”


“That’s good.” Qin Lu said as he pulled out the chair next to him and sat down.


Some people thought he was going to sit in the spot with the greatest view, so they already pulled that chair out for him.

But who knew he was going to sit next to Jiang Liucheng


It was a rare opportunity to relax and play.

At the final banquet, everyone let go, and many people got drunk.


As the protagonist of the banquet, others will inevitably insist for Jiang Liucheng to get drunk.

The first person to act is the producer.


“Congratulations on finishing all of your scenes.” The producer saw him pick up the wine glass with juice and said, “You are the protagonist of tonight’s banquet; how can you drink juice You have to drink some real booze.”


After speaking, he took a new wine glass, poured a full glass of wine, and asked others to hand it to Jiang Liucheng.


As a result, the wine glass was held down by his hand when it was passed to Qin Lu.


“He is injured, and it is not suitable for him to be drinking today.”


Just when the atmosphere was getting stiff, Cheng Qinghua broke the atmosphere, “That’s right, what if he gets another wound accidentally when he’s drunk Besides, he’s going to take a plane tomorrow, it’s not good to be drunk.”


Seeing that Qin Lu and Cheng Qinghua were both speaking for Jiang Liucheng, the producer had to give up and the atmosphere eased a lot.


Jiang Liucheng’s popularity in the crew is good.

Halfway through, several waves of people come to congratulate him.

Everyone seems to know that he has such a good relationship with so many people on the crew.


Zhang Tao and the others originally saw that there were so many big people at Jiang Liucheng’s table, and they didn’t want to come over, but they thought that Jiang Liucheng would be leaving again tomorrow, so they came over and bid their farewells.


After drinking so much juice, Jiang Liucheng felt that his bladder was protesting, so he got up and went to the bathroom.


After releasing his hands, he turned on the faucet and washed his face.


Because of the injury at his elbow, his arm is not easy to bend.

So, he can only wash it with another hand that is not scratched.


In the mirror, the water poured down his cheeks and wet the hair between his forehead.

He hadn’t participated in such a lively banquet for a long time, and he didn’t hate it.

He even felt that he had been on the crew for more than a month, and he was delighted working with all of them.


Grandpa is right.

There are only a few bad people.

There are very few bad people in this world, and there are more good people who always hold kindness to others.

This job may not be as bad as the outside world thinks.


Just then, his phone in his pocket rang suddenly.


Jiang Liucheng took out a piece of tissue, wiped the water off his hands, and then took out his mobile phone.

The caller ID was an unfamiliar number.


If this was before, he would not have answered such a strange number.


However, since taking on many new jobs, he occasionally receives some unfamiliar numbers, so he can no longer hang up directly like before.


“Hello, who is this”


“It’s me.”


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