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Chapter 35- Preference


Two days later, the crew changed the filming location again.

This is Jiang Liucheng’s last scene.

After filming this, he is officially finished with this project.


Before the time had come, the entire crew spun like a cog as everyone was busy up and down.


Jiang Liucheng’s role was in the afternoon, but he came early in the morning still.


It was still Qin Lu’s makeup artist who styled him.


Today’s show is quite special.

The makeup artist girl followed almost the whole process because she may need to touch up makeup at any time.

Jiang Liucheng asked Li Lei to help him buy something to eat and then gave it to the makeup artist girl.

He thanked her for helping him during his time on the set with his makeup.


“No, no, this is what I should do.” The makeup artist hurriedly waved her hand to refuse, “If you must thank me, you should thank Brother Qin.

He is the one who paid me, and he asked me to do your makeup for you.”


Jiang Liucheng was stunned for a moment and immediately realized what had gone wrong.

Cheng Qinghua’s orders were simply Qiin Lu’s orders to him.

And yet, Qin Lu didn’t say anything.

He thought it was Director Cheng Qinghua who was helping him when it was Qin Lu all along.

“I’ll thank Qin Lu next time.

Please take these, and I won’t trouble you anymore.”


The makeup artist girl saw that the selection of food in the plastic was her favorite one to eat.

She was surprised that the artist could remember such trivial things and finally accepted them.


The sun was hot at the end of July as they filmed every day.

The concrete floor was so baked that an egg could be cooked.


Today’s luck seems to be good.

In the afternoon, a vast dark cloud floats in the sky, and it appears that it will not disperse for a while.


Although it was cooler, it was also a pain for the photographers and lighting engineers of the crew because the angle and the light had to be readjusted.


Everyone just hopes that this dark cloud doesn’t dissipate too quickly.

Otherwise, they will have to remake the set again.


When they finally got it done, the field recorder came to Jiang Liucheng and told him that he could now play and shoot the scene.


The props were all prepared, the scene was recorded, and the noise disappeared instantly.


“Lights, camera, action.”


Xie Fei, tied to a chair, was kicked down and smashed heavily to the ground.


He was kidnapped because Xie Bing would fight a significant lawsuit today.

In order to make him fight against the mouse, the second rich generation had Xie Fei and wanted Xie Bing to give up in court.

But the result was not as the family of the second rich generation had expected.


So the family of the second rich generation lets people beat Xie Fei to vent their anger without killing Xie Fei.


//This fan-translation is brought to you by cinnaroll from https://tamagotl.com/series/after-the-actor-made-a-match-for-me-he-died-out-of-jealousy/


This is also Jiang Liucheng’s only action scene in this drama, but he is the one who was beaten.


After Xie Fei was pushed to the ground, he was punched and kicked by several kidnappers.


Jiang Liucheng fell several times.

There were several times when the action was not done well and had to be restarted.

There were also a few times wherein there was a problem with the lighting, so they ought to start again.

The dark clouds dissipated, and the light was shifted and needed to be readjusted.


Although the punching and kicking movements were fake, Jiang Liucheng faintly felt that his hands and feet were bruised after falling so many times, but he still held back and didn’t say anything.


He didn’t know how long it took until he heard a click from the director all the way outside the venue: “Congratulations on finishing.”


The crew immediately burst into applause, congratulating Jiang Liucheng for completing his scenes.


A hand stretched out in front of Jiang Liucheng.


Jiang Liucheng raised his head and saw Qin Lu’s concerned expression.


“I’m okay.”


Jiang Liucheng held his hand without much force, and the latter pulled him up.

But it just happened to be where he fell, causing him to frown involuntarily.


Qin Lu noticed that there was a bruise on his exposed arm and took him aside.

He just wanted to ask Zhang Ning to get some medicine for bruises and falls.

Because he often filmed, he would get hurt from time to time, so his assistant was always prepared for injuries from various drugs.


However, Li Lei had obviously thought of this.

After Jiang Liucheng came out, he came over with a medicine bottle for bruises.


“I have medicine here.”


Qin Lu naturally took medicine from Li Lei’s hand.


Li Lei was stunned.

He originally wanted to help Jiang Liucheng with the medicine, but he was taken over by Qin Lu.

He watched Qin Lugently roll up Jiang Liucheng’s sleeve.

As an assistant, he could only step aside.


Qin Lu was often injured during filming, so his assistant also learned some relevant knowledge for this, such as what medicine to use for injuries, how to massage to relieve pain, and there will be no sequelae the next day, so his experience in this area is also very rich.


Jiang Liucheng was still wearing the clothes he used for filming, and it was already a little tattered.

Qin Lu rolled up his sleeves and trousers legs, only to find out that it already turned out to be a blue-purple color.

His arms were better, but there were some abrasions still.

Nonetheless, his legs were not, which is a little startling.


His two legs, which were originally relatively clear, now had some fine small wounds due to friction against the ground, blood beads were still oozing out, and there were bruises underneath.


Qin Lu fell down and rubbed it with his elbow.

The irritating pain made Jiang Liucheng’s arm shrank subconsciously.


After a while, Li Lei also got a wet towel, which had just been soaked in ice water.


He has been in the crew for a long time, and he often sees pictures of some artists dealing with bruises.

He knows that when the injury first occurs, if a blood vessel ruptures, cold compresses must be applied first to promote vasoconstriction and blood coagulation.


“Why don’t I do it” Li Lei asked tentatively, Qin Lu really didn’t seem like someone who would do such a thing.


“It’s okay, I’ll do it.” Qin Lu put the towel on Jiang Liucheng’s leg.

Eventually, the cold feeling brought double stimulation.


Jiang Liucheng took a deep breath to try and resist.

When the application was almost done, Qin Lu took off the towel, smeared medicine on his legs, and gently massaged the wound with his ten fingers.


This scene attracted the attention of many people in the crew.

It was hard for them to imagine that one day the actor Qin Lu would condescend to give others a massage.


Someone secretly filmed this scene.


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