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“Jiang Liu Cheng, when did you know about this”


Mo Yi stepped on the brakes and asked sharply.


Jiang Liu Cheng glanced at him condescendingly, “It doesn’t matter when did I learn about this.

Do not bother me again.

I am not interested in you at all.”


“Impossible.” Mo Yi’s face was gloomy, “Since you already know, then I’ll leave it here.

You’d better quit the entertainment industry.

Otherwise, I will be forced to keep away you from being in the entertainment industry myself.

I still have a few tricks up my sleeves.”


Jiang Liu Cheng’s response was to leave him as he stared right back.


After a while, a sharp whistle sounded behind him.


Mo Yi punched the steering wheel.

He immediately took out his mobile phone and called his mother, telling her that Jiang Liu Cheng knew their identities already.


Li Lei suddenly remembered that it might be difficult to get a taxi from the hotel, so he borrowed a car from the crew and drove over to pick up Jiang Liu Cheng.

Sure enough, he saw him on the way and hurriedly picked him up.


“I’m sorry Liu Cheng, I was negligent.

I should have come to you directly.”


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“It’s okay, you also have something to do in the crew.

It’s normal to be too busy.

I forgot to tell you that I was still at the hotel.” Jiang Liu Cheng said sincerely.


Li Lei knew that he was not angry.

If it were another artist who had a little bit of a celebrity attitude, he might have lost his temper with him.

He felt again in his heart that he was all red now, and he didn’t have the slightest air.


Jiang Liu Cheng’s Weibo followers have risen to more than 4 million.

It only took about a month for Jiang Liu Cheng’s Weibo fans to grow from nothing.

The speed of his popularity is so fast that he was not found in the entertainment circle a month ago, and he became popular a month later. 


Someone has studied his popularity process and wanted to copy it.

In the end, it was found that the movies that the director and the actor filmed are easy to recreate, but the walking humanoid food safety detection machine concept cannot be copied.

This is what made him known in the entertainment industry.

That was the real reason for his breakthough.


Just ask, who can refuse an idol who can let him eat healthy snacks


Jiang Liu Cheng has no shortage of audiences.

People who know him in the future will definitely think of his label, which can leave a deep impression on the audience.

He already has the foundation of an artist’s popularity.


“Brother Li, how many years have you been working in the crew” The voice from behind suddenly interrupted Li Lei’s thoughts.


Li Lei came back to his senses, “It’s been six years.

I’ve been on several production crews for the first two years, and then I joined Director Cheng’s crew.

Because of this experience, Director Cheng asked me to come back.

Director Cheng said that I should work seriously.

I also wanted to sign a long-term labor contract for myself.”


Although it doesn’t seem very good to dig into other people’s corners, Jiang Liu Cheng feels that if he really wants to get involved in this business, it seems that he really needs an assistant.


“Then are you interested in being my assistant”


Li Lei was stunned and a caution came from behind.

He quickly turned his attention back to driving as soon as he quickly recovered.


Jiang Liu Cheng: “You can think about it.

You don’t need to rush to answer me.

If you are afraid that Director Cheng will have an opinion, I will be the one to inform him after you agree.”


Li Lei: “Okay, I’ll think about it first.”


When he arrived at the crew, Li Lei returned the car keys to the field manager, and then pulled Jiang Liu Cheng to do makeup.

When the styling was done, the time was just right.

Luckily, he avoided being scolded by the director.

Li Lei breathed a sigh of relief.


It is not difficult to make up the lens, and it will be done quickly.


Cheng Qinghua called Jiang Liu Cheng over after filming, “You don’t have many scenes left.

I will try to finish filming the rest of your scenes in the next two or three days so that you can finish it earlier.”


He knew that Jiang Liu Cheng was getting more and more popular, and he had more work.

If he didn’t finish filming earlier, he would have to ask for leave later.


Jiang Liu Cheng doesn’t mind it and said, “Okay.”


Cheng Qinghua looked at the well-behaved appearance of the young man in front of him, and couldn’t help but ask, “How are you and your blind date now Do you also think that the other party is not suitable for you”


It was the first time that Jiang Liu Cheng heard his former blind date inquire about his progress with his current blind date.

But it was only a surprise for less than half a second.

He had met blind date partners who regretted and wanted to continue talking before.


“We have only met twice, and there is not much contact in reality.

There is indeed a sense of distance.”


Cheng Qinghua immediately said, “Then you have to be careful.

Many rich second generations look like normal people, but most of the time their private lives are special that the only people in their circle are relatively exclusive.

To interact with such people, you need to know a lot.”


Upon hearing this sentence, Qin Lu glanced at Cheng Qinghua.

He seemed to be concerned about Jiang Liu Cheng, but he was actually just spying.

Only the young man didn’t recognize it, thinking that he really cared about him.


Jiang Liu Cheng: “Thank you Director Cheng for your concern.

I was planning to contact him a few more times after finishing the project, and then get to know him better.”


Cheng Qinghua “Okay.”


Can he take back the words that he would make him finish filming sooner



Translator’s Note:


For the next following chapters, the name of the protagonist Jiang Liu Cheng will be changed to Jiang Liucheng.

Thank you. 


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