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Chapter 34- The Former Blind Date Inquires About The Current Blind Date


“The next scene is more important.

Xie Bing’s mentality will change a little in this scene.” Cheng Qinghua said, but then suddenly realized that Qin Lu was not listening.

He seemed to be distracted, which surprised the director.


“You actually get distracted.

I thought this kind of thing would never happen to you.

What are you looking at”


Cheng Qinghua followed his gaze, but there were many people around that he could not pinpoint where he is looking exactly.


Qin Lu looked back at Cheng Qinghua, “It’s nothing.

You can continue what you were saying.”


Seeing that Qin Lu didn’t utter a reply the first time he said it, Cheng Qinghua had to repeat his statement.

The latter nodded and suddenly asked him, “How many roles does Jiang Liu Cheng have still”


Jiang Liu Cheng has been in the crew for a long time.

Although his role is not small, if he shoots every day, it will not take long until he finishes all of his scenes.


However, because Cheng Qinghua gave priority to finishing the scenes of the old actors, sometimes Jiang Liu Cheng had to wait a day for a scene.

As a result, he couldn’t progress that much at times.


Cheng Qinghua: “There’s not much left, why are you suddenly asking this”


Qin Lu: “It’s nothing.”


It’s just that time seems to go by a little too fast all of a sudden.


The next morning, Qin Lu’s hotel door was suddenly knocked upon.


He opened the door and saw Jiang Liu Cheng standing outside.

With his right hand still raised, as if he is about to knock on the door again.

Perhaps, he didn’t expect that Qin Lu would immediately get the door.


“What’s the matter” Qin Lu saw that Jiang Liu Cheng lowered his head that he could only see the swirls on the top of his head.

For the first time, Qin Lu discovered that Jiang Liu Cheng actually had two swirls.


“Can you lend me your hat for a while” Jiang Liu Cheng still didn’t look up to face him.


Qin Lu raised his eyebrows, “It’s okay for you to borrow it, but why do you keep your head down”


Jiang Liu Cheng knew that he could not escape, and he was also worried that if he stood at the door for too long, more people would see him.

So, he finally raised his head.


Seeing his face, Qin Lu couldn’t hold himself back.

He laughed out loud under Jiang Liu Cheng’s eyes that knew that this would happen.


“Come in first.” Qin Lu turned himself sideways to make way.

He waited for him to come in and then closed the door before saying, “What’s wrong with your face”


“I tried a snack last night.

Who knew it would be like this the next day.”


When he tried it last night, he only took one bite and felt that it was not right.

He didn’t eat it after that.

Who knew that his reaction to that snack would be delayed He was fine last night, but when he came together in the morning, he found that some red dots around his face all the way to his neck had appeared.


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Jiang Liu Cheng had already taken the medicine that Li Qiu bought before, but it was not quite effective.

That is why he wanted to go down and buy another medicine, but going out with this face would definitely attract the attention of many people, and suddenly thought that Qin Lu had a hat.


Qin Lu shook his head with a laugh, “You know your physique, why did you still eat those snacks”


Jiang Liu Cheng told him that it was sent by the food company that asked him to endorse it.

If he wanted to pick it up, he would definitely be responsible for the fans who bought it, so he wanted to try it for himself.


He originally thought that the person who dared to seek his endorsement should have some confidence.

After all, his nickname has been spread so widely.

Who would have known that there was still a company with a head iron, knowing that the additives exceeded the standard and dared to seek him.


Qin Lu frowned after hearing this, “Knowing your physique, yet they still dare to do this.

It is either because they suspect this is just your persona, or they are doing it  on purpose.”


If it is the former, Jiang Liu Cheng’s failure to test it properly will be equivalent to more sales.

However, since his state is true, if this news broke to others on that matter, the snack corporation would eventually go down like XX’s Fried Chicken.


If it’s the latter, they need to find out why the other party is doing it and what the purpose is.


Qin Lu: “No matter what kind of reason, the other party has no good intentions.

Do you know who is targeting you”


Jiang Liu Cheng thought of that woman as soon as he heard Qin Lu’s question.

He had no grudge against that company, and she was the only one who would want to hide or get rid of him.


“If it’s the latter, I probably know who did it.”


When Jiang Liu Cheng was a child, he was poor and had no chance to eat snacks.

Later, when he grew up, the situation at home was a little better that his grandfather would occasionally buy him some snacks.


The food in those days was different from now as there were not so many additives.


He was so lucky to grow up to be a teenager.

It wasn’t until one time when he ate the snacks that his classmates had given him.

From there, he developed allergy symptoms.

At that time, the woman had long since disappeared from his life with his grandfather, so she didn’t know his body.


Qin Lu actually thinks that it is most likely the former option because the young man’s character doesn’t seem like he will form a deadly vengeance against powerful people.


It is impossible to think of people who use endorsements to target Jiang Liu Cheng and to think they deliberately spend this kind of trouble.

It cannot be an ordinary hatred.


“Can you tell me about it”


Jiang Liu Cheng hesitated for a while.

Only Guo Qifan knew about his family affairs.

He didn’t even talk about this with Qiao Mei and Zheng Kailin because he was not very used to telling others about these things, since he felt like he was selling himself out.


“Then I’ll talk about it later when you want to talk about it.” Qin Lu saw Jiang Liu Cheng’s hesitance, so he didn’t plan on forcing him to spit it out.

He just had an unexplainable feeling in his heart.

This was a strange feeling he had never experienced before, so he didn’t go either to find out what it feels like.


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded, but still didn’t say anything.


Qin Lu took out the hat from his study and handed it to him.


Jiang Liu Cheng took it and put it on.

Unexpectedly, because the hat was a little big on him, it slid down to cover his face 


Qin Lu saw that his entire face was covered by his hat, and there was an inexplicable feeling that the other party was wrapped in his own breath.


“It looks too big, my hat doesn’t fit you.”


Jiang Liu Cheng adjusted the hat again and said in a buzzing voice, “It doesn’t matter.

It’s better if it’s bigger, I won’t be seen by others.”


Qin Lu said, “Why don’t you let Li Lei buy it for you”


Jiang Liu Cheng: “He has already gone to the crew, and he is probably busy now.

I don’t want to trouble him.”


Qin Lu: “Then you don’t have to go.

What kind of medicine do you want to buy I will ask Zhang Ning to buy it for you, so it won’t be troublesome.”


Jiang Liu Cheng told him the name of the drug.


Qin Lu went back to his study.

He took out his mobile phone and called Zhang Ning.


Jiang Liu Cheng said thank you to him and was about to go back to his room to wait when he suddenly saw a printer in his study.

With that, he stopped in his tracks.


“What’s wrong” Qin Lu asked.


Jiang Liu Cheng said, “The crew I went to for an audition with sent me an electronic script.

I want to print it out.

I think you have a printer in your study.

Can I use it”


Qin Lu: “Of course, you can.

Come over anytime you want to print something in the future.

You don’t need to ask.”


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