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Jiang Liu Cheng enumerated a few things, and everyone took out their mobile phones to record it very exaggeratedly.


Cheng Qinghua heard the movement over there long ago and couldn’t help but glance at him, “He is quite popular in the crew.”


Qin Lu said, “When he wasn’t filming before, he often helped everyone, don’t you know”


Cheng Qinghua thought that he had heard it wrong.

Why did Qin Lu hear a sense of superiority, especially from his last sentence, “You know, what’s there to be proud of”


Qin Lu looked at the smiling young people in the crowd and a little smile appeared on his face, “This is not me being proud, it is being gratified.”


Cheng Qinghua’s mouth twitched, “Are you his father”


Qin Lu: “I am his matchmaker.”


Cheng Qinghua relied on what he had said, “Is the matchmaker amazing Where does the sense of superiority come from”


After getting rid of everyone’s enthusiasm, Jiang Liu Cheng walked toward Qin Lu and Cheng Qinghua.


“Director Cheng, sorry for causing you trouble these past two days.”


Cheng Qinghua heard that he is being so polite to him, which made him a little depressed.

“It didn’t cause me any trouble.

In fact, It’s a good thing since the crew is now popular, thanks to you.”


Qin Lu, who was on the side, said, “You should be busy these days.

You don’t have any of the scenes today.

Take a break for half a day and start shooting tomorrow.”


After he finished speaking, Cheng Qinghua glared at him.

This seems to be his line.


Jiang Liu Cheng: “Okay.”


Then he moved to a small bench and sat next to the camera, ready to observe the actor’s acting skills up close.


When Qin Lu saw this, of course, he had to show 120 percent of his strength, which made it hard for the actor who played against him.

Fortunately, the other party was also an experienced veteran, so the two simply started the show.


As the scene continued, there were more and more people watching.

Everyone couldn’t take their eyes off of them.


Until the director shouted ‘cut’, there was a burst of applause.


“You all played really well.”


Everyone silently looked at Jiang Liu Cheng who was applauding and always felt that it seemed a little embarrassing to applaud together, but it was even more embarrassing not to applaud.


Isn’t the actor’s performance not good Then why don’t you applaud


So in order not to be embarrassed, they also applauded and successfully kidnapped their own morality.


In fact, passers-by thought something was going on here.


After watching the performance with satisfaction, Jiang Liu Cheng saw that it was already half past twelve, so he went to Li Lei.


“Brother Li, are you free I’ll treat you to dinner tonight.”


Li Lei didn’t expect that he still remembered this, and quickly said, “I really don’t need it, I didn’t help much.”


Jiang Liu Cheng, “You are too modest.

If you hadn’t helped me run this trip, my matter would not have been resolved so quickly.”


Seeing his insistence, Li Lei had to say, “Actually, I didn’t manage to get the food inspection sheet.

But Qin Lu I asked me to give it to you.

He said that I don’t have to tell you if you didn’t ask.”


Although Jiang Liu Cheng didn’t ask, he couldn’t take credit for some who couldn’t dare do so.


Jiang Liu Cheng was surprised, “How could he know”


Li Lei added, “When you called me the night before, he had looked for me and asked me if you were looking for me.

I didn’t expect that after a night, he would give me the food inspection sheet the next morning.

I don’t know how Qin Lu knew about it.”


Jiang Liu Cheng guessed it after thinking about it.

Obviously, Qin Lu thought about it with him and knew what he was going to do.


Having someone in sync with your mind doesn’t seem like a bad feeling.


The opening of the night was not too cool, and the weather was getting hotter as July arrived.


On a windless night, the air is still sultry.


Hearing the sound of the door opening from the next door, Jiang Liu Cheng immediately opened his door and walked out.


Before Qin Lu entered the door, he smiled when he saw him, “Looking for me”


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded, “Thank you for that food inspection sheet.”


“Come in and talk.” Qin Lu walked in first.


This is the first time that Jiang Liu Cheng has come to his room.

The layout is the same as his room, but the atmosphere is different.

Just like if a room stays for a long time, it seems to be stained with the owner’s breath.


Jiang Liu Cheng saw that there were computers and some materials on the desks such as in a study room, and it seemed that Qin Lu often worked there.


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Filming finishes late during the day, and Qin Lu has to return to work at night.

If time goes on, he is afraid Iron Man won’t be able to stand it.


“What do you want to drink” Qin Lu brought him a pair of disposable slippers.


Jiang Liu Cheng walked into the room after changing it, “No, I just want to say thank you to you.”


Qin Lu still poured him a glass of water and also poured a glass for himself.

He has a lot of lines today, which made his mouth very dry.

“It’s easy to raise your hand.

This time, you are calmer than I thought.”


Jiang Liu Cheng said modestly, “It’s just the first time I’ve been on a hot search, and I don’t know how to do it.”


Qin Lu slightly shook his hand holding the water glass, and then saw the young man’s sincere expression on his face, which was really modest of him since he handled the issue very well.


Qin Lu also said, “This time there is a lot of noise on the hot search, do you have any thoughts”


‘Is this a test for me’ Jiang Liu Cheng thought to himself before speaking, “The fuse is Cai Ze, but there is such a big fuss behind it, so I think there should be other people involved.”


At the beginning of the hot search, Cai Ze’s goal had been achieved, and he had no reason to continue targeting him.


Qin Lu nodded, “Do you know who is targeting you”


Jiang Liu Cheng “I know.”


Qin Lu’s original intention was to remind him that Cai Ze was not the only enemy in his face.

With Cai Zhe’s energy, he didn’t have the ability to keep Jiang Liu Cheng on the hot search for quite a long even if he hired some marketing accounts and trolls.


If Jiang Liu Cheng is unaware of this in the entertainment industry then he would remind him sideways to prepare him mentally.


Unexpectedly, he directly replied that he knew.

Obviously, he knew more about the inside story than Qin Lu thought.


Qin Lu said calmly, “Since you are aware, then it’s fine.”


Jiang Liu Cheng also guessed Qin Lu’s intention and caught the surprise flashing in his eyes, but he still pretended as if he had not seen it, and involuntarily showed a smile.


After this hot search incident, Jiang Liu Cheng not only did not lose but even made a small fire for himself.


His Weibo followers easily broke the million mark, and his daily growth rate is much faster than before.


Walking Humanoid Food Safety Inspection Machine, this title has been spread by many people, and even played as a stalk, so that more and more people know that there is an artist named Jiang Liu Cheng in the entertainment industry.


As long as he can eat a few more bites of food and snacks, he is basically safe.


Somehow, the news also spread to the mother circle.


Jiang Liu Cheng opened his Weibo once and found that his private messages were almost full.


He thought it was all sent to him by fans, but he clicked in and took a look.

In addition to fans, there were actually some people who claimed to be a mother.


One of the mothers said that she was a pregnant woman.

She liked snacks very much, but many food additives in the snacks exceeded the standard.

She wanted to know which snacks are free of excessive food additives.


Another mother said that her child likes to eat snacks, especially candied fruit and hawthorn.

They have to eat a lot of them every day.

Because they can’t stop it, and for the child’s health, she also wants to know which candied fruits he has eaten without food additives exceeding the standard. 


In addition to these, some people are also curious if he is only allergic to snacks or all kinds of foods.


Jiang Liu Cheng sent screenshots of the content of these private messages to the group and his three friends in the group chat fainted from laughter.


Guo Qifan: [My stomach hurts from laughing.

I knew that once Jiang Liu Cheng’s psyquie was known to everyone, someone would definitely ask him questions like that.

But I didn’t expect so many people would be sending you private messages to ask.]


Qiao Mei: [I don’t want to laugh unless I really can’t help it.

Jiang Liu Cheng, you have worked hard.]


Zheng Kailin: [Condolences]


Jiang Liu Cheng: [You guys have no empathy.]


Guo Qifan: [hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha my heart is with you.]


In order to prevent more and more people from sending private messages to him, Jiang Liu Cheng thought about it and decided to send another Weibo post.


He has posted more Weibo posted these days than he has posted in the past year.


Jiang Liu Cheng: [Everyone, please don’t send me private messages, especially some mothers.

I rarely eat snacks and snacks from outside since I was a child.

You all know the reason.]


[Hahahaha, forgive me for laughing unkindly.

Last night, I saw a mother in your circle of friends who said that she bought a bunch of Fatty Foods snacks because she doesn’t have to worry about eating snacks with excessive food additives.

She is thanking you for your dedication to the mankind.]


The comment area became hot because of the content of his Weibo post.


Jiang Liu Cheng successfully went into the entertainment circle and was on the hot search again.

This time it was not artificial, but netizens worked together to send him up.


When everyone in the crew saw this hot search, they couldn’t help but look at Jiang Liu Cheng, who was sitting in front of the director and listening to the director’s speech.


This is a blessing in disguise.

An 18th-tier nerd who has only debuted for a year and has no work has succeeded in doing things that many stars have worked hard for many years.


Whether a star can become a superstar or a first-line star, one of the most basic judgments is to see if his name is already known in the entertainment circle already.


Although Jiang Liu Cheng is not yet a first-line star, he has built a ladder for himself.

As long as he does not kill his own popularity in the future, has good looks and talents, and receives more resources, it is only a matter of time before he becomes an A-list.


At the same time, Mo Yi, who created all of this, originally intended to blacken Jiang Liu Cheng out of the circle, but in return helped the other party get a breakthrough.

He was so angry that he almost went crazy.


The most unbearable thing for Mo Yi is that Jiang Liu Cheng has soared to millions of fans, and it is because of his own help that he became popular in the entertainment circle.


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