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Chapter 30- A Picture


A small video, if there is no behind-the-scenes driving force, is impossible to quickly hit the trending search an hour after its release.


Many netizens did not know that under the guidance of some marketing accounts, they quickly condemned the people in the video.


It’s impossible for a small video to hit the top of the charts an hour after it’s released without someone pulling the strings behind the scenes.


[I heard that this is a small artist from the 18th tier, but he is already playing roles with and for big names now]


[In the old days, everyone knew that every grain of food is hard work.

But nowadays, celebrities are really getting worse and worse.]


[Cai Ze is right, if you don’t like it, don’t eat it.

He even threw it away.

If the person doesn’t even know how to cherish food, his moral character is probably no better.]


[This man is not only unethical, but he also has no compassion.

He would rather throw food in the garbage than give it to a dog on the side of the road.]


[Am I the only one who recognizes this young artist from the 18th tier I think his name is Jiang Liu Cheng.

He was in the news with Emperor Qin a while ago.

Suddenly, I have no reasonable doubt that this young artist paid a lot of cash to get that news to spread around.]


[How can someone like that steal a role from Mo Yi, the prince of Mo’s family Especially if he is supposed to be a minor artist He must have great connections from his background.]


[I can’t believe our Little Yi was robbed of his role by such a person, it’s so annoying.]




Public opinion became more and more unfavorable to Jiang Liu Cheng.

The marketing accounts led the passerby to express their opinions, resulting in being able to whitewash Mo Yi at most.


While Li Qiu habitually opened Weibo, intending to check the latest news on the Internet.

But when he saw the hot search on Weibo, he almost spits out the food he was chewing and choked several times.


“What’s wrong” Jiang Liu Cheng suddenly became very alarmed when he saw him looking at his phone.


After coughing, Li Qiu hurriedly said, “You are on the hot search.

Let me see what happened first.”


He entered from the hot search point and first saw marketing accounts accusing Jiang Liu Cheng of wasting food, disrespecting labor, disrespecting the working people, immoral behavior, and then implying that he got Xie Fei’s role through connection.


Then he saw the video clipped with it.

Without watching it, Li Qiu had already vomited blood from these nonsense marketing accounts.


Jiang Liu Cheng also saw the hot search.

He didn’t read what the marketing account said but just clicked on the video.


In the video, the conversation between him and Cai Ze was first recorded.

The other party was not far apart when recording, so Cai Ze could be vaguely heard.


After Cai Ze left, the video continued.

In the picture, he threw the fried chicken that Cai Ze invited everyone to eat into the trash.


In the video, a dog on the side of the road was also captured while looking at the fried chicken in his hand.

Its tongue was sticking out and drooling as it started at him.


Jiang Liu Cheng remembered that he also saw the dog at the time, but the dog could not eat things with too much hormone content.

Otherwise l, he would give the dog fried chicken at that time.


“This Cai Ze is too insidious.

He must have photographed it on purpose.

He also asked people to put it on the Internet.”


Li Qiu also watched the video and cursed in anger.

In his opinion, fried chicken is such greasy food.

Some people don’t like it after a few bites.

And you can’t actually give others your food leftovers.


If it wasn’t for Cai Ze looking after the marketing accounts to deliberately guide public opinion, this kind of thing would not have happened at all.


Many people at home, if they ended up not liking their food, would eventually throw it away.


“These people are simply speculating and being utterly ridiculous.

They don’t throw anything away for dogs to eat either.

Besides, haven’t they thought that you might have not been able to see the dog!”


Jiang Liu Cheng: “I’ve seen the dog.”


Li Qiu: “…That’s also true.

It’s okay.

No one stipulates that what you don’t eat should be given to the dog.”


That’s some double standard over there.


Jiang Liu Cheng said calmly: “There is a reason why I didn’t give it to the dog.

That fried  chicken has excessive hormones, so it is not suitable for dogs to eat in the first place.”


Li Qiu: “It turned out that the hormone exceeded the standard… No, how did you know”


They had known each other for a year, but Li Qiu didn’t know Jiang Liu Cheng’s physique.


After Jiang Liu Cheng told him the cause and effect of his stomachaches, Li Qiu was speechless for two seconds: “Your physique is really special.”


After speaking, he remembered one more thing, “You have eaten a lot of fatty food in your commercial today.

Why didn’t I see something happened to you”


Jiang Liu Cheng just looked at him as if judging him for being too foolish.


Li Qiu reacted with hindsight, “Aha! I see… It means that the quality of Fatty Foods has passed the test.”


After all, he was an agent, and he quickly thought that this was a good opportunity to stardom.


Jiang Liu Cheng saw what he was thinking and reminded him: “Don’t over-hype it.”


Li Qiu waved his hand, “I know.

Since we want to counterattack, we must have a comprehensive plan, and we ought to hit every shot.”


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded.

The reason why he let Li Qiu continue to be his manager was because he trusted his character, and Li Qiu was also a smart person who knew what was enough.


Because of the hot search, Jiang Liu Cheng quickly received greetings from relatives and friends.


It’s night time, and most people have already left work, or are on their way to get off work.


In their Four Musketeers group, 99 news was swiped in less than ten minutes.


As insiders, Guo Qifan and the others all knew the reason why Jiang Liu Cheng threw away the fried chicken.


//This fan-translation is brought to you by cinnaroll from https://tamagotl.com/series/after-the-actor-made-a-match-for-me-he-died-out-of-jealousy/


It looks like the villain has stabbed a knife in the back, and the other party is prepared.

Otherwise, who would deliberately shoot this kind of video. 


Guo Qifan: [This must be that Cai Ze’s doing.

He even hired marketing accounts to spread it like wildfire.

Else, how can this be on the hot search Ugh.

This pisses me off!]


Zheng Kailin: [@Jiang Liu Cheng, do you need help]


Qiao Mei: [If they can hire marketing accounts then so can we.

Although, I do not think that this is a permanent solution.]


Jiang Liu Cheng: [Don’t worry, it’s a small matter.]


When the three of them saw this sentence, they immediately put down one hundred and twenty hearts.

Every time he said this, there would be basically no problems.


Jiang Liu Cheng left the conversation interface and found that Zhou Beiwang had also sent him a message, also because he saw the hot search.


A rich second-generation like Zhou Beiwang usually don’t pay attention to celebrity news online, but because he is interested in Jiang Liu Cheng, he has paid more attention in the past two days and happened to see this hot search.


Zhou Beiwang asked with concern if he needed help.


Jiang Liu Cheng replied no, saying that he could solve it by himself.


Zhou Beiwang: [That’s good.]


Jiang Liu Cheng: [But what’s in the video is true, I did throw the fried chicken away and wouldn’t give it to the dog.]


Zhou Beiwang: [It is normal for some people not to like fried chicken.

No one stipulates that they must be eaten by dogs either.]


Jiang Liu Cheng: [You’re right.]


On the other hand, with the help of the mastermind behind the scenes, the influence of hot searches continued to ferment on the Internet, and some people went to Jiang Liu Cheng’s Weibo to swear ugly words and hate comments towards him.


[Without love, waste of food, and immorality, people like you should not be popular.



[You have the nerve to snatch Mo Yi’s role.

You are a sinister villain who only plots behind someone’s back.]


After parting with Li Qiu, Jiang Liu Cheng returned to the community.

And as soon as he entered the door, Guo Qifan ran over to him as if he was a little worried about him.


“People on the Internet are too much.

They even go to your Weibo to scold you.

It’s really ugly.

Don’t read it, or you can close the comment area.”


Jiang Liu Cheng changed into a  pair of slippers.

” I’ve read it.

It doesn’t matter.

Those comments don’t affect me at all.”


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