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Chapter 4


Jiang Liu Cheng thought about it before he came to the restaurant.


He started dating after graduation, and in his plan, he would take a year or two to fall in love, get acquainted with each other, and then get married.

After marriage, he would seriously manage his marriage and develop his career at the same time.


But he got stuck in going through blind dates. 


He had been doing it for a year already, but he would not get the results that he wanted.

If this goes on then he will marry all too late.


Jiang Liu Cheng was confused about why it was so difficult to date until Guo Qifan opened the door to a new world for him.


There is some truth in what Guo Qifan said.

Men understand each other better.

He doesn’t have to go on a blind date with a girl.

He can also go on a blind date with a man.


Although he had never been on a blind date with a man and had never thought of starting a family with a man before, he could still try.

It was not like he had not been confessed by a man when he was in college.


At that time, he thought that only men and women could start a family, without thinking that he can also do so with a man as his partner. 


He is not embarrassed by the fact that he would start a family with a guy for he doesn’t really care what other people think.

He just hadn’t considered it in the past because he simply didn’t have this concept before.


The idea took root in his mind and began to sprout again, but he never told Guo Qifan.


Today, Qin Lu asked him to come out to talk.

Jiang Liu Cheng didn’t think much about it and asked about it.


Qin Lu, who had at least seen the world, said calmly, “Of course.”


The agent was even more shocked when he heard this.

One dared to mention it, and the other dared to accept it.


Don’t the two of them think there’s something wrong with a man dating a man


Why are they taking this normally He seems to be the most abnormal one who makes such a fuss at the said concept.

Besides, the fact that his boss became a matchmaker is shocking enough.

He also now has to introduce Jiang Liu Cheng to another man.

If the news gets out, other media would surely blow this up.


Qin Lu asked him about his other requirements for a blind date, but this time he changed from a woman to a man.


Nevertheless, the inquiries continued on and Jiang Liu Cheng answered everything one by one.


The scene came out to be quite harmonious.

It’s as if they’re talking about a project where they are both gaining.


As for Jiang Liu Cheng, it will be his first time going on a blind date with a man.

He knows how to get along with a good brother, but he is more or less clueless about how to romanticize one.


After thinking about this, he spoke again: “The requirements are the same as before.

I hope he is at the age of maturity where he can handle responsibility.”


Qin Lu nodded.

“Is it okay if he is going to be older than you”


“So long as he won’t be a decade older than me.” Jiang Liu Cheng answered.


He hopes for his partner not to be too young or too old for they might lack a common ground to start with.


At least that’s what people say on the Internet, and he thinks that that makes sense.


“What about career ambition” Qin Lu asked.


“Having a career is fine, but I hope that after we get married in the future, he will put our family first and not neglect it because of his career.” 


Qin Lu understood that Jiang Liu Cheng prioritizes family which is more important to him than anything else.

All his requirements were all based on family.


The agent watched the two men exchange questions and answers as his boss wrote down all of the requests Jiang Liu Chengs has.

He seemed to have listened to them, and he felt that he had gone too far, and once again wondered if his reaction was a little abnormal.


The two talked for more than half an hour until Qin Lu received a phone call. 


When Qin Lu went to answer the phone, the agent looked at Jiang Liu Cheng subtly.


After he had found out that Jiang Liu Cheng is also part of the entertainment circle, he thought that with such a good appearance, it will only take a matter of time until he became a big star.

Well, if only his agency is also taking good care of him. 


But he doesn’t understand why his company is wasting this opportunity and neglecting this starlet.


The fact that Jiang Liu Cheng is only taking small jobs and has little to no resources only means that his company is lazing around.

And now that Jiang Liu Cheng is hopping on from blind dates to blind dates, he will most likely be getting less popular than before. 


Meanwhile, Jiang Liu Cheng is very sensitive to being stared at or looked at since he has been used to it since he was a child.


“Is there something on my face” He asked. 


When the agent came to his senses, he realized that he had been watching him for too long.

For a second, he hesitated, but then asked either way.

“Can I ask you a question”


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded slightly.


“Are you sure you don’t want to be a top-star celebrity You should know that with Brother Qin’s influence on the entertainment industry, as long as you have his help, your career will only develop for the better.

Even becoming an award-winning actor won’t be a problem.”


But unfortunately, he had chosen to waste it to make Brother Qin introduce him to a blind date.


If he uses circuitous means for the purpose of getting to know Brother Qin, he really doesn’t know whether to say he is smart or stupid.


Jiang Liu Cheng simply replied, “Every man has his own needs.”


“Alright.” The agent could not help but answer.


But he still doesn’t believe.

He must have an ulterior motive, and he prefers to believe his guess.


Jiang Liu Cheng should’ve noticed by now that his company is no good, but accepting his Brother Qin’s help would most probably lead to a breach of contract, and it might end up too costly for him, so he can only seek his own way in looking for projects.


But there’s the fact that he never thought that he would be lucky enough to have saved Qin Lu six months ago.


If he agrees to take Qin Lu’s help through project resources and money, then it will be more than enough to start again.


On the other hand, if he chooses to let Qin Lu introduce him to blind dates as an excuse, he will have a reason to bind Qin Lu to him and later on take over Qin Lu’s hype.

And if he is afraid that he won’t be that famous enough, he could use the excuse that he is buddies with Qin Lu.

That would be enough to get a free few more projects at his disposal.


The agent doesn’t want to think that Jiang Liu Cheng is planning a scheme, but his Brother Qin’s identity is special and sensitive.

Too sensitive that he had to hide the car-accident six months ago at all cost.


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