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“Our advertising content is relatively simple.

That is, if you eat something bad and become allergic, you will feel better after eating our new product.

It’s roughly like this.

It’s very simple.

You can take a look.” Ye Fang said.

At that time, she didn’t notice Jiang Liu Cheng’s surprised expression and only noticed it when she finished speaking.


“What’s the matter Is there any problem If there is a problem, you can communicate it with me.”


Jiang Liu Cheng shook his head and said that there was no problem.

If he hadn’t known that this was a bit exaggerated, he would have thought that Fatty Foods had investigated him.

The content of this advertisement is simply tailor-made for him.


Thinking so, he didn’t intend to say it because it is useless to say it.

Besides, this kind of thing is not suitable for gimmicks; otherwise it may be counterproductive.


Because of his own personal experience, the progress of the commercial shooting was exceptionally smooth.


Both Ye Fang and the photographer thought that it would take at least half a day to finish the advertisement.


Who knew that the whole process was over after only two shots.

The first time was because the lighting in some places was not properly placed.


If they didn’t know that Jiang Liu Cheng was performing, they would have thought that the other party was really allergic and acted as if it were real.


“This is the first time I’ve shot a fast and smooth commercial; it’s so silky smooth.” The advertising photographer said sincerely.


Ye Fang on the side also nodded affirmatively, “No wonder the director of The Bottom chose you  for a character to make his new movie.

Your acting skills are really good.”


Not to mention, Li Qiu was also very surprised.

He knew that Jiang Liu Cheng’s acting skills were not bad.

He had watched his previous TV series and knew that he was improving every time, but he didn’t expect him to be able to make a commercial so realistic.


It’s as if it was his own personal experience.


Saving time is equivalent to saving money.

The senior management of the company learned that they were shooting soon, and they had a good impression of Jiang Liu Cheng because his talent fee was cheap.

But now, the impression is even better.


“I’m going to the toilet.” Jiang Liu Cheng to Li Qiu as he wanted to remove the makeup from his face.


“Then go.

I’ll wait for you here.”


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded and went to the toilet under the guidance of the staff.

Because there is no assistant around, he carries a bottle of makeup remover with him.


The makeup artist didn’t put heavy powder on him since his skin is good.

Besides, food advertisements don’t need heavy makeup, so he simply put a layer of powder on him.


“I thought the company was about to go bankrupt.

The news I heard before was indeed a rumor.

I initially thought the advertising project was impossible.

It turns out, although our company has hardly made any profit in recent years, it has not lost much.”


“The company is going bankrupt Who told you that”


“A friend of mine said that his relative is in the management of our company.

He accidentally leaked information, saying that our company was going bankrupt since his relative is worried and is now looking for another job.

Once I heard it from my friend, I could not speak.

I thought it was true at the time, but he told me a few days later that someone was going to buy our company.

Unfortunately, our boss disagreed, so the other party bought some shares instead.” 




“Of course it’s true, It is said that the investor came over this morning, and our boss is receiving him personally.”


The voices of two employees came from the door, and then they walked away.

With that, the voices gradually became inaudible.


Jiang Liu Cheng washed his hands, walked out of the toilet, and came back to find Li Qiu.


“Fatty Foods Company invited us to eat in their cafeteria.

It was almost time for dinner, so I agreed.” Li Qiu told him.


 Jiang Liu Cheng doesn’t mind.


The two went to the cafeteria.

At this time, there were not many employees in the cafeteria, and most of them had not yet finished getting off work.

Therefore, there were many dishes in the cafeteria.

As soon as they came in, they smelled the aroma of the food, and their stomachs groaned in time.


Jiang Liu Cheng looked at Li Qiu.


Li Qiu smiled awkwardly, “I only drank a bowl of porridge in the morning.”


As the two of them were eating, more and more people came in at the entrance of the cafeteria, but the two sat in the corner and not many people noticed them.


Until there was a commotion at the door, a group of people walked in for a short while.

They’re all in suits and leather shoes.

There is an elderly middle-aged man walking in, surrounded by those men.

They seemed to be respectful and polite to the man.


The man wears a suit and a pair of gold-rimmed glasses.

He looks serious and very elite.


Jiang Liu Cheng glanced at him for a moment before retracting his gaze, guessing that this man was the one who invested in Fatty Foods.


Just then, a girl came over and stopped in front of their dining table.


The girl and her colleagues have long noticed the existence of Jiang Liu Cheng, but they did not remember that the company has such a person.

If there is such a good-looking person in the company, they must have known,


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“You two are not from our company, right “The girl asked the two of them, but her eyes were looking at Jiang Liu Cheng alone.


Li Qiu was not surprised by this scene anymore.

Every time he came out to talk about business with Jiang Liu Cheng, this kind of thing often happened.


Jiang Liu Cheng shook his head: “No.”


It was the expected answer. 


So the girl said bluntly: “Can I add you on WeChat”


Li Qiu knew that it was his turn to talk and said with a smile: “Sorry, in our company, we do not easily allow others to add our artists to WeChat.” 


When the girl heard the word “artist”, she realized that Jiang Liu Cheng was a star, and suddenly remembered that the company was going to shoot an advertisement today.

A little disappointed.

Some stars really won’t easily add passer-by’s WeChat.


Li Qiu used this trick to help Jiang Liu Cheng block many people who were looking for him to ask for WeChat.

Most of the girls were very reasonable, and they stopped bothering when they heard the rejection.


After she left, Li Qiu remembered one thing: “Speaking of the company, after you and Qin Lu were on the hot search before, several brokerage companies contacted me.

They all wanted to sign you, but they were all small companies.

You are not as famous now as some 18th-tier stars, so big companies will not be interested, but there are quite a few small companies.”


Jiang Liu Cheng swallowed his meal: “I won’t sign a contract.”


Li Qiu knew that after what he experienced through Zhou Sheng Entertainment, he guessed that Jiang Liu Cheng would not want to sign contracts with those small companies now.


“Now you don’t have to worry so much.

When you gain some popularity, you can think about it again.

It’s not good if you don’t sign a contract.”


Many resources in the entertainment industry are in the hands of most companies.

Artists want to get these resources.

Unfortunately, signing up with a brokerage company is almost impossible if you’re only a small fry artist.


Meanwhile, Jiang Liu Cheng’s situation is relatively good.

After he terminated his contract with Zhou Sheng Entertainment, Li Qiu left with him.


Without Li Qiu, he would have to do everything by himself, and it would be difficult for him to develop his career on his own.


There are very few cases like his, so most artists still choose to sign with a brokerage company.

Even if they know that they will be subject to the company, they still have to sign.


Unless they become popular in the future, and  have capital to negotiate with the company, it is impossible to leave the company.


Now, although many big stars have established their own studios, they have not completely left their respective companies and will still have some cooperation with the company.

It is because the company will not easily let go of its own cash cow.

It goes without saying, the companies will cultivate one person, and spend a lot of money, manpower, material and financial resources, but all to make money out of that person.


Without tearing up with the company and affecting their future development, artists who are big hitters will choose to enter into another win-win partnership with the company.


This is the case with top-tier stars, not to mention the lesser stars who have little fame.


“Yeah.” Jiang Liu Cheng didn’t refuse directly.

It’s hard to say what will happen in the future.

If Maybe the certain company would agreed with him to change some parts of the contract.


After dinner, they left the Fatty Foods Company.


Jiang Liu Cheng did not return to Siming Community right away as Li Qiu took him to interview with a few more drama groups.


The audition for that last crew was tomorrow, but he had a few spares.

So although he might not get an audition, he certainly still went just for exposure.


Just when they were about to leave the Fatty Foods Company, an elite man came out.


When the elite man was about to get inside his car, he started to call what seemed to be his boss.


“President, Fatty Foods is really reluctant to sell their company, so I  proposed to invest as you said, and the boss readily agreed.”


“In fact, in my opinion, they can only delay for a while.

Fatty Foods is still alive since they’re not taking losses on the surface but once their rival companies take their market away, it will only be a period of time before they file for bankruptcy.

By then, they won’t be able to disagree with us buying the whole company, leaving them with no choice.” The elite man added.


“I don’t like to wait.” The man’s indifferent voice came from the phone.


The elite man heard the words and did not continue to say that it is not a big deal to acquire or not to acquire the food company.

At most, it is only a matter of one or two hundred million.


Although the profit of the food company is relatively high, it is only a drop in the bucket for their group.

He just doesn’t understand why the president is suddenly interested in a food company.


On the other hand, when Jiang Liu Cheng and Li Qiu were interviewing between several drama crews, a video suddenly spread on the Internet, and it became a hot search in less than an hour.


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