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After saying this, he found that the people around him didn’t say a word.

Zhou Beiwang turned to look at Qin Lu and found that the other party’s expression was very strange.

It’s as if there was even a hint of disgust in his eyes.


“Why are you looking at me like that” Zhou Beiwang thought that there was something on his face, so he eventually touched his cheek.


“It’s disgusting for you to speak such a remark.” Qin Lu rode away after speaking, promptly ignoring him.


Qin doesn’t really have a connection with Jiang Liu Cheng, to begin with.

But ever since Jiang Liu Cheng sent him alot of quotations, he could not help but think about it when he heard Zhou Beiwang’s remark.

With that, he only felt both middle-aged and disgusted.


On the other hand, Zhou Beiwang had a puzzled expression on his face.

There was a sudden anxiousness in his heart as well.

What was wrong with what he had said 


Zhou Beiwang immediately chased after him on a horse.

He must make it clear to Qin Lu.

How could he be disgusted by him


Qin Lu was disgusted, and now he doesn’t want to talk to Zhou Beiwang for the time being for fear that he will be forced to recall the time when he was dominated by Mr.

Ba’s quotations.

However, Zhou Beiwang didn’t know this, so he chased after him.

It was a fast chase out between the two.


Meanwhile, because it was Jiang Liu Cheng’s first time riding a horse, he felt relatively fresh at first.

But after riding for a while, he felt a little tingling sensation on both sides of his thighs, so he slowed down and made the horse walk slowly.


A gust of wind blew from behind him, and the footsteps of horses’ hooves quickly approached in his direction.


After a while, Qin Lu ran past him while riding on the tall black horse.


Not long after, Zhou Beiwang also rode over from behind.

When he saw Jiang Liu Cheng, he slowed down.


The three of them rode for nearly two hours.

Finally, because the sun came out and the sun became sunnier, everyone lost interest in continuing to ride horses and decided they all should return to the rest area instead.


When they got to the rest area, they saw a group of people in the distance.


Zhou Beiwang came to the horse farm with his friends to relax.

All of his friends went to ride horses before Qin Lu and Jiang Liu Cheng arrived.

But because he was waiting for the two of them, he stayed in the rest area.


With that, their presence also caught the attention of the men and women in the lounge area.


“Beiwang said before that he would stay and wait for someone.

I suppose those two people are the ones he was talking about”


Due to the distance, they couldn’t see the appearance of the two men clearly.

But when they managed to narrow down the distance, making Qin Lu’s appearance clearly seen, they all took deep breaths.


“I’m not mistaken.

It seems to be Qin Lu, the two-star actor in the entertainment industry.

Does Zhou Beiwang know him”


“Knowing that Zhou Beiwang knew him, I asked him to ask Qin Lu for an autograph for me.

I am his loyal fan.

I have seen all his movies, and I have collected the posters and surrounding merchandise of each movie.”


Needless to say, everyone knew that every time Qin Lu’s new movie came out, Zhou Beiwang would invite everyone to watch it.

But they didn’t expect Zhou Beiwang to know Qin Lu.


After a while, the three walked into the rest area under everyone’s gaze.


When the fan saw Qin Lu got off his horse, he couldn’t wait to walk over as if he was about to slip and kneel in front of him in the next second, “Idol, I’m your fan, can you sign an autograph for me”


The enthusiasm and excitement in the eyes of the other party is completely different from Mo Yi’s poor acting skills.

At first glance, it is a love from the heart.


Qin Lu usually doesn’t reject such sincere fans, so he promises to give an autograph for him.


The other party immediately asked the staff in the rest area for a pen, then took off his clothes without hesitation and asked him to sign it.


Zhou Beiwang is a rich second-generation, and the friends he makes are all people at the same level.


Except for this star-chasing friend, the others were just curious and stopped paying attention to Qin Lu.

Their attention then fell on Jiang Liu Cheng because Zhou Beiwang was actually introducing them to the youth.


“These are my friends.

His name is Jiang Liu Cheng, and he is an actor.”


Zhou Beiwang introduced Jiang Liu Cheng to them again.


Everyone couldn’t help looking at each other when they saw this scene.

They basically knew the children of the noble family in this circle.

Zhou Beiwang actually introduced him to them, indicating that this person should be from the same circle.

This is such a young man.



Jiang, who is my father” a young man asked tentatively.


Jiang Liu Cheng said, “He may have changed his name, so I don’t know now.”


Young Person, who asked: “…..”


Everyone basically: “…..”


Everyone looked at the serious answer on his face.

It didn’t seem like he was joking.

It’s just that he didn’t know what to express on his face for a while.


It’s not that Qin Lu couldn’t see what these people were thinking.

He was a little unhappy at first, but when he heard the young man’s words, his unpleasantness disappeared instantly.


When he was on the set before, the young man said that his parents had already divorced.


At that time, when he said it, his face did not fluctuate greatly as if he was just stating an ordinary fact.

As for now, he did not feel any sadness when he said this either.


Before, he had no intention of inquiring about other people’s past, but now he suddenly became a little curious.


“Okay, stop guessing.

He’s just an ordinary actor.” Zhou Beiwang knew the virtues of these people.

As long as he said it directly, they would not be interested in Jiang Liu Cheng.


Sure enough, when they heard him say that he was just an actor with no background, everyone lost interest in Jiang Liu Cheng.


Although they thought so in their hearts, they didn’t show it on the surface.


But immediately, someone called Zhou Beiwang to play with them.


Zhou Beiwang said, “Today, you can go play by yourselves.

I want to accompany him.”


His friend was puzzled.

How could an ordinary little actor still need to be accompanied by someone like Zhou Beiwang in person.


“Beiwang, we haven’t made an appointment to play for a long time ago now.

And yet, you left us to accompany the two of them.

Wouldn’t that be inappropriate”


Zhou Beiwang said, “I didn’t tell you some time ago, but I also made an appointment with someone else.

Go and play by yourselves today.”


Just as Wang Jingjing was about to speak, Jiang Liu Cheng, who was on the side, spoke kindly.


//This fan-translation is brought to you by cinnaroll from https://tamagotl.com/series/after-the-actor-made-a-match-for-me-he-died-out-of-jealousy/



Zhou, you don’t have to accompany me.

I just rode for almost two hours, and I’m a little tired now.

Brother Qin and I can rest here for a while.

Go and accompany your friends.”


Zhou Beiwang immediately said, “That’s not good.

How can I leave you here alone on our first day of meeting each other This is not what a gentleman does.

Besides, you are still my blind date now.”


As soon as these words came out, everyone in the rest area was stunned.


Wang Jingjing was shocked, “Beiwang, what did he mean by that When did you start dating”


Zhou Beiwang: “It literally means that I will start a blind date from now on.


Jiang is now my blind date.

You have to be careful when you talk to him, don’t talk nonsense.”


Hearing a faint warning in his words, everyone felt even more surprised.


Zhou Beiwang, this playboy, is on a blind date.

More importantly, he seems to value this blind date as he even warned them.


“Let’s go.” Qin Lu took off his gloves and said to Jiang Liu Cheng, who replied okay and followed.


“Fuck, isn’t this actor Qin a big name Isn’t he a show in the entertainment industry”


A young man complained, and before he could fully say the word “player”, he was interrupted by his fan brother, whose face was very ugly.


“What did you say Do you have  the guts to say it again”


The young man realized that he should not say this in front of his friends, but he was a little too embarrassed to admit that he said something wrong.


The smile on Zhou Beiwang’s face disappeared, and he glanced at him lightly, “You better not come in the future.”


The young man’s expression changed, realizing that Zhou Beiwang was trying to kick him out of this circle.

Zhou Beiwang had always been the leader of their circle.

His words had a certain amount of weight.

Although, others thought he was being a little too serious about something that’s too small.


“Beiwang, isn’t this a bit too much Rong Heng didn’t mean to say that.” Wang Jingjing received the other party’s look for help, so he said something to help him.


Zhou Beiwang glanced at him lightly, “I’m not kidding.”


Then he said to Rong Heng, “You should be glad he didn’t hear this sentence.

Remember today’s lesson and don’t underestimate anyone.”


He didn’t say much, and yet he was kicked just like that.


Wang Jingjing, who had just spoken for him, did not dare to speak again after Zhou Beiwang’s glance.


After speaking, Zhou Beiwang ignored them and chased in the direction Qin Lu and Jiang Liucheng left ti.


The two did not go very fast, and he caught up in a short while.


He just heard the conversation between Jiang Liu Cheng and Qin Lu.


“Are you interested in psychology”




“Psychology is a very interesting course.

It can help you read other people’s thoughts, especially in interpersonal communication.

I think you should study it.

Maybe it will be very helpful to you.”


“Why are you suddenly suggesting that I should study psychology”


“Because it’s really interesting, and I think you might need it.”


Zhou Beiwang also saw the youth turn his face sideways and his eyes seemed to glance his way for a moment.

And then his eyes blinked a few more times.

Jiang Liu Cheng’s eyelashes were long like the wings of a butterfly as if they were conveying some sort of hint.


Qin Lu, next to him, said, “Your suggestion is very good.

If I have time, I will study it.”


Zhou Beiwang: “…..”


Did that glance imply that Qin Lu had taken over for him


And why did he suddenly feel a little cold


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