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Chapter 28- Jiang Liu Cheng: Did You Receive My Hint


The atmosphere at the scene became a little too tight and suffocating.

The person in charge of the racecourse and the staff tried their best not to make a sound, lest the distinguished guests be more embarrassed.


They lowered their heads and did not let others see their expressions, lest they be found with the uncontrollable curvature of the corners of their mouths.


After all, Zhou Beiwang was someone who had seen the big world.

He had never experienced any big winds or waves, so he quickly calmed down and even thought that Jiang Liu Cheng was more interesting than he imagined.


“You’re right; it’s human nature to love beauty.”


He originally wanted to say that he was very interesting, but he suddenly remembered the interesting sentence he just said, ‘one in a hundred’.

And Jiang Liu Cheng also mentioned that he is outdated.

Wouldn’t it seem a little obvious when he said it again


“Have you ever ridden a horse” Zhou Beiwang ignored the gazes of others and changed the subject directly.


Jiang Liu Cheng has never ridden a horse before.


Zhou Beiwang immediately laughed, “It’s okay, I can teach you.”


Afterwards, Zhou Beiwang took them to the changing room.


Jiang Liu Cheng was here for the first time.

After Zhou Beiwang asked about his size, he asked the staff to bring a new set of equestrian clothes and boots.


Qin Lu had been to this horse farm before, and the person in charge of the horse farm had already brought his clothes without opening his mouth.


Then they went to the changing room.


Not long after, the two people who had changed their clothes came out.


Qin Lu has long hands and feet, and an equestrian suit shows his perfect height ratio.

He is tall and eye-catching, very handsome, and his plasticity is also very strong.

When he wears this equestrian suit, he has that noble temperament of a gentleman.

Demeanor also arises spontaneously.


Jiang Liu Cheng, who came out from behind him, was no less so.


The white shirt and the black body-shaping vest outline his long upper body.

His two legs are straight and slender against the background of the equestrian boots.

With a delicate and perfect face, he is like a little boy from a century-old family.



Zhou Beiwang heard the footsteps behind him and turned around when he knew that they had changed their clothes.


The young man’s skin was originally white, and after walking into the sun, his skin was even whiter like a crystal clear jade.


Zhou Beiwang narrowed his eyes slightly as if the light was dazzling him too much.


Unexpectedly, after the young man put on an equestrian uniform, the temperament of the whole person became different.


After changing their clothes, the person in charge of the horse farm took them to select horses.


Jiang Liu Cheng didn’t know how to choose a horse.

The person in charge knew that it was his first time riding a horse, so he chose a smaller horse with a docile temper.


On the other side, Qin Lu picked a horse that looked strong and tall.


After the horse was brought to the racecourse, he jumped straight up, and his movements were very smooth.


There is also the reason why Qin Lu did not refuse Zhou Beiwang’s choice of the racecourse as the blind date venue.

He works very hard every day, especially after receiving Cheng Qinghua’s unexpected film, so he also wants to relax.


With a light drink, the black horse carrying the man instantly ran into the distance, and Jiang Liu Cheng was a little envious of the graceful and fluttering figure.


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He also wanted to be able to run with the wind like Qin Lu.

But unfortunately, it was his first time riding a horse and he doesn’t have any skills in horseback riding, so he couldn’t be as unrestrained as the other party.


Zhou Beiwang saw the envy in his eyes and said with a smile, “After you practice a few more times, you can be like him.

I’ll show you a demonstration first.

After watching me, ask me if you don’t understand anything.”


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded, “I’m sorry.”


Zhou Beiwang smiled, and then made a dashing and handsome move to mount.


After a while of showing Jiang Liu Cheng all the essentials, he stopped and looked at him.


“It’s not difficult to ride a horse.

I’ll take you to the horse farm a few more times in the future, and you’ll learn how to do it soon.”


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded in cooperation and then came to his horse.

It was not difficult to mount himself on the horse.

He stepped on it lightly and sat on it immediately.

With that, his field of vision suddenly broadened.


Zhou Beiwang rode his horse towards him.

Just as he was about to tell him that he’d take to guide him first, he saw Jiang Liu Cheng’s legs lightly clamped to the horse’s stride, and he shouted to drive.

With that, the horse under him immediately trotted out.


At the beginning, his speed came dashing in with Jiang Liu Cheng’s not so proficient control.

His speed was exchanging between too fast and too slow.

But when he was returning, his proficiency increased at an astonishing speed.

In fact, the speed of the horse’s running became quicker.

Zhou Beiwang, who was able to keep up, had to show his housekeeping skills to catch up with him.


It didn’t take long for Jiang Liu Cheng to catch up with Qin Lu, who was in front of him.

When he was approaching him, he calmly braked and moved very skillfully.


Zhou Beiwang watched in amazement from behind.

After he stopped, he looked at Jiang Liu Cheng with bright eyes, “I only taught you once, and you already learned so quickly.”


Jiang Liu Cheng, “It’s not difficult to learn the movements.

You will probably get it after a few tries at the beginning.”


Qin Lu, who was beside him, seemed a little surprised to see Zhou Beiwang’s expression, and said calmly, “He is a graduate of Q University.”


Zhou Beiwang regained his expression, “There are more graduates from Q University here.”


Qin Lu continued to say, “There aren’t many scholars at Q University.”


Zhou Beiwang was even more surprised.

It is indeed rare to be a scholar among a group of scholars.

He initially thought that the other party was just a small actor in the entertainment industry, but he didn’t expect that he was a highly educated and intelligent person at that.


Because he likes the feeling of opening a blind box, he prefers to dig out things about Jiang Liu Cheng slowly after contact.

If he knows everything about the other party at once, he may lose interest.

So before meeting Jiang Liu Cheng, he didn’t ask too much about him.


The decision was very prescient, and he now felt like he had opened a blind box of great value.


At this time, he looked at Jiang Liu Cheng’s figure, but his expression became more and more playful.


Seeing his expression, Qin Lu knew that he had a strong interest in Jiang Liu Cheng and suddenly heard him say something.


“If he was deliberately trying to pique my interest, he succeeded.”


Zhou Beiwang was curious at first and didn’t care, but now he is interested in Jiang Liu Cheng.

Although he didn’t know that the young man himself was like this, he deliberately behaved like this in front of him.


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