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Guo Qifan immediately went to read the message, and after reading it, he could not help but burst out, “**, why is the villain the first to complain”


It is already natural that whenever he would tell the introducer that the blind date failed, he would not ask any other questions.

We would even tell him that they’re not really suitable for each other.


But this time around, the introducer was so angry that he even wondered if all this time the reason he couldn’t match with anyone is because Jiang Liu Cheng’s friendliness is disguised.


Jiang Liu Cheng tried to explain, but he was unsure of what the woman told the presenter.

Nonetheless, the introducer favored the other side and said that he will not set him up on a blind date in the future anymore.


“She believed what the woman said Even after you sent proof Well, that’s plain favoritism.”


Guo Qifan is very angry.


“People have more faith in the first person to complain.” Jiang Liu Cheng replied, but he is not angry at all.

“It doesn’t matter.

Even if we don’t talk in the future, I must go one and find myself another date.”


“After all this, you are still planning on going on blind dates” Guo Qifan complained.

“You have been going for a year now.

Don’t you find anything wrong with it”


Jiang Liu Cheng frowns.

“What do you mean”


Guo Qifan: “Girls need to be taken care of.

And some of them are sensitive than the other, meaning you will have to spend more time getting to know them or taking care of them in general.

Every girl has different preferences and different things they are fond of.

Even if it’s a blind date, they are still hoping that the other party will eventually be sweet and would take list of these things.”


Jiang Liu Cheng still didn’t fully understand what he meant.


“I know.

I hope to get along with them and get in touch frequently, so that we can understand each other.”


Guo Qifan: “And then”


Jiang Liu Cheng: “And then what else And then I’d ask them to talk.”


Guo Qifan snorted: “You’re just going to ask them to keep talking Don’t you know how to romance girls and sweep them up their feet”


Jiang Liu Cheng doesn’t know much about that topic at hand.


Even if Guo Qifan hadn’t been in love that much, he knew how to please a girl in some ways.

He has no idea that Jiang Liu Cheng is this hopeless.


“You said you have been on a blind date.

If you still hadn’t figure it out, then it’s all for nothing.” While complaining, Guo Qifan can probably understand that Jiang Liu Cheng’s idea of romance is different than ordinary people.

After all, girls chase him when he was still a student, but as a student, he thinks that he should put his studies first.

That’s why he has never been inlove.

Later, he began to go on blind dates after graduation.

That must be the reason he keeps on failing on his blind dates because he, who rarely spends time alone with girls are now fishing for them as if it’s that easy.


Jiang Liu Cheng frowns.

“So I’ve been doing it the wrong way.”


“You shouldn’t start the first date with an opening line of getting married.

You will just scare the girl off.

In fact, some girls only go on blind dates to fend off their parents who are urging them to get married already..

It’s normal to be scared when you’re still this young.” Guo Qifan feels that what he said is quite reasonable.

Jian Liu Cheng is only 23 years old while most of the girls he get set up with are relatively young, so marriage is at most out of the question.


At this point, Guo Qifan half-complained, half-jokingly said, “In your case, why don’t you try and match yourself with a man If it’s a man you’ll have more common topics to discuss with.

It may eventually do the trick.”


As soon as Guo Qifan has finished, he was expecting a rebuttal of somesort but all that welcomed him was silence. 


“Why aren’t you talking I am just kidding.” 


“I know.” Jiang Liu Cheng answered calmly from the other side of the phone.


“Then what will happen if the matchmaker won’t introduce you to another blind date What are you going to do Do you still want to find another matchmaker” Guo Qifan asked.


“I was just about to talk to you about this.

I already found a new matchmaker for a time being.

He said that he is going to introduce me to someone.

If it still doesn’t work out, then I will find a new one later.” Jiang Liu cheng explained.


“Your friend”


“Someone I’ve helped before.

He said that he wants to return the favor.” He explained.


Qin Lu is a celebrity and would be easily recognized, but when he searched about the car accident in the internet, there was no news about it whatsoever.

By analyzing this, he thought that Qin Lu purposely suppressed the news, so he did not mention the situation to his friend thoroughly.


After their call ended, Jiang Liu Cheng got up and left.


Once he returned to Yunhua District, he herald that Wang Jiajun was taken by the police.

The landlord is looking for the people who filed the case against his son.

Meanwhile, the other tenants are talking about it.


Some people in the group said that they bumped into Wang Jiajun at the entrance of the stairs when he came back from work yesterday.

At that time, he looked very flustered and kept saying something that shoud not happen.

Today, something happened and suspected that he might have offended someone.


Somehow, Jiang Liu Cheng remembered that a mysterious car picked him up yesterday.

He wondered if his case has something to do with the pwner of the car.


As soon as the idea struck to his mind, the faster he debunked it away.


Jiang Liu Cheng went back to his rental room and tidied up his things there.


Although Wang Jiajun has been taken to the police station and no one would pester him to leave anymore, he has no plans to continue renting the room here for he had planned to change places as soon as his contract expires.




A few days later, he received a phone call from Qin Lu’s agent, asking him if he was free.

He said that Qin Lu had recently finished his work and wanted to invite him for dinner and talk about introducing him to a blind date.


Jiang Liu Cheng agreed.


It has been several days already since he last had news from the other guy.

He even thought that Qin Lu must be bluffing about repaying his good deed and would not keep his promise.


If that was really the case, Jiang Liu Cheng already readied himself to find a new matchmaker, but luckily Qin Lu finally contacted him.


Qin Lu’s agent arranged the place they would meet and dine in at.

As soon as he was sent the address, Jiang Liu cheng rushed over only to find that he had arrived ahead of time, so he had no choice but to wait for him. 


Today, Qin Lu is dressed in formal clothes and looked as if he had just gotten out from an event, which is very different from what he was wearing the first time they met again.

The outline of his eyebrow and eyes look more fierce while his aura is also stronger than before.


When he saw Qin Lu walk towards him, he pulled a chair out for him out of him being gentle.

Qin Lu sat down and proceeded on explaining as soon as he settled.


I’ve been a little busy lately.”


“It doesn’t matter.

It’s fine,” Jiang Liu Cheng said out of understanding.


Qin Lu smiles in return.6


The agent on one side began to order the food to be served, and because he didn’t know what Jiang Liu Cheng would like, he ordered all of the restaurant’s signature dishes that embodied the whole restaurant itself.


Qin Lu and Jiang Liu Cheng were not in a hurry to talk, so they eat their meal in peace.


More than half an hour later, Qin Lu noticed that Jiang Liu Cheng is almost finished with his meal, so he began to ask: “Do you have any other requirements for your blind date such as appearance, height, age, and so on”


Jiang Liu Cheng wiped the corner of his mouth with a paper towel as he thought about it.

“May it be anything”


“Of course.”


“Can it bee a man” Jiang Liu Cheng asked.




The agent who was drinking his water sprayed it all over his table. 



Author’s Note:


Jiang Liu Cheng’s gates have finally opened thanks to his good brother.


Guo Qifan: No, not me.

I did not.


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