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Cheng Qinghua frowned immediately and raised his head in displeased, “What do you mean You’re the one who introduced us to each other, and now you’re saying that we are not suitable”


Qin Lu disagreed, “Jiang Liu Cheng is a very serious person.

He values ​​relationships and family more.

On the contrary, he may not care so much about career.

You are different.

You are a person who values ​​career over family.”


In the beginning, Qin Lu really only wanted to complete Jiang Liu Cheng’s life-saving kindness as soon as possible, so when he introduced Cheng Qinghua, he didn’t think so much of it.


However, during this period of time, he found that his thoughts were a bit simple.


For Jiang Liucl Cheng, love or marriage is a very important thing, not that it can be done in the future.


Even if the other party is a well-known director with a lot of connections in the entertainment industry.

Even if he can climb up and make his career prosperous with the said connections.

Even if it means a lot of resources for Jiang Liu Cheng…


None of that matters. 


Qin Lu felt that Jiang Liu Cheng had never considered these things when dealing with Cheng Qinghua.

The only thing he thought about was whether the two would be suitable or not, and whether they could go on together in the future. 


Cheng Qinghua gasped when he heard the words, which was the most undeniable thing for him.


It is precisely because he can’t pay more attention to Jiang Liu Cheng, so whenever he faces the sincere expression of the young man, he always feels a trace of guilt in his heart.


“But I really like him.

I sometimes have trouble taking care of other things when I’m busy with work, but I’m not always like this.”


Qin Lu said, “This is the biggest difference between the two of you.

You can’t be completely partial, and everyone likes to be favored by those they care about.”


Zhou Wenbin was quite surprised.

Brother Qin had been in the business for ten years, but he had never been in a relationship with anyone.

Even if there was a scandal, it was just someone else trying to rub from his fame.

To think that such a person could actually say something like that.


Cheng Qinghua was indisputable in what he said because he knew that what he said was the truth.


“If you really like him, don’t pester him.” Qin Lu added, “Since you and he are over, I will continue my promise and find him another blind date.”


Cheng Qinghua “…..”


Are you **ing human


His ex-blind date has just broken up with him, and you, the matchmaker, said in front of him that he would introduce the next blind date to his ex-boyfriend.


Zhou Wenbin stared closely at Cheng Qinghua for fear that he would lose control of his emotions and jump up to beat Brother Qin.


“Wenbin will see you off.” Qin Lu said rudely.


“Wait.” Cheng Qinghua said, “Didn’t you just tell my assistant that you would take care of me I just drank a bottle of beer and you are going to kick me out”


Qin Lu: “I’ve already asked what I should know.

I’m very busy now.”


Cheng Qinghua was sent back to the next room with Zhou Wenbin’s help in the process of cursing.

The latter also helped to inform Liu Yangxi, lest the big director gets really drunk tonight and affect the progress of the filming tomorrow.


After Cheng Qinghua left, the room finally became quiet.


Qin Lu stared at the computer screen but couldn’t calm down.


He found that he was actually very curious about that notebook.

Could it be that just by baaing on a few questions about preferences, he could really judge whether the two would be compatible in the future


Qin Lu didn’t know why he wanted to know so much.

When he realized that he couldn’t get into work temporarily, he simply closed the computer.

He picked up his mobile phone and sent a message to Jiang Liu Cheng.


Qin Lu: [Cheng Qinghua just came over and told me that you said that you two are not compatible with each other and wanted to break up with him.

Is this true]


Qin Lu: [I was the one who introduced the two of you to each other, so I have the right to know.

If you are sure that you don’t want Cheng Qinghua, then I can introduce a new blind date for you.]


Qin Lu was very satisfied with the reason he found.

There was nothing wrong with him.

He was a matchmaker, and he was qualified to know the reason.


After the message was sent, there was no reply from Jiang Liu Cheng.


Qin Lu waited for ten minutes, but there was still no news.


He walked to the balcony and looked next door.

He found that the lights had dimmed and realized that the other party might have fallen asleep.


Qin Lu returned to his room and looked at the computer on the table.

Now he has the idea of ​​working again.


Jiang Liu Cheng only saw the message from Qin Lu when he woke up the next morning.


He slept early last night, probably because he ate fried chicken during the day and had a stomach ache, which consumed most of his energy.

In addition, he ate less last night, so he didn’t recognize the bed this time.

He fell asleep shortly after lying in bed. 


Jiang Liu Cheng didn’t reply immediately after reading the news.

Discussing it over the mobile phone is inconvenient.

It happened that Qin Lu was next door.

He thought it would be better to say it directly when he met him.


Just as he was thinking about it, he heard a knock on the door.

And as soon as the door opened, he heard a familiar and deep voice.


“Why didn’t you reply to my message”


Standing outside the door was Qin Lu.


Jiang Liu Cheng snorted.

He didn’t expect that he would take the initiative to come to find him, so he quickly explained, “I originally wanted to find you and talk to you face to face.”


Upon hearing this, Qin Lu’s eyebrows softened, “Then do you want to go down to eat a meal together”


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Jiang Liu Cheng nodded, “Okay.”


Jiang Liu Cheng went back to his room to get something.

And after coming out, he went downstairs with Qin Lu.


The crew also contracted the hotel’s cafeteria, so usually, no one would come over except the hotel’s waiters.


When they got to the restaurant, the two found a corner.


“Don’t Emperor Qin have a scene to shoot today” Jiang Liu Cheng found that it was a bit late.

He didn’t rush over immediately because he had no role in the morning, but Qin Lu was the protagonist.


“Well, although I am the protagonist, I don’t need to get up early to film every day.

Besides, I have to rest occasionally.”


Jiang Liu Cheng glanced at his plate and found that today’s food was different from yesterday’s, and his breakfast seemed to be different every day.


“Did you break up with Cheng Dao because the questionnaire he filled out was unqualified” After sitting down, Qin Lu mentioned the matter again.


“Yes and no.” Jiang Liu Cheng answered.

“Actually, after getting along with Director Cheng Qinghua in the past few days, I felt that we might not be looking for the same people.

I asked him to fill out the questionnaire later just to confirm my conjecture.”


Qin Lu was even more curious about what kind of questionnaire it was.


Cheng Qinghua took a photo of it that day.

It only had the first page, and it was all about his preferences.

Now he knows there must be other questions later, which may be the key.


“In that questionnaire, apart from your preferences, what other questions did you write”


Jiang Liu Cheng said, “It’s just some simple questions.”


Qin Lu “Like what”


Jiang Liucheng: “For example, what is your ideal living state, what is your ultimate goal, and what do other people think of him.

And then what does he think of these evaluations, how does he evaluate himself, and finally I asked him what he likes What kind of people does he hate, what do they usually do when they are alone, etc.”


Qin Lu frowned and thought these questions didn’t seem to be big problems, “Is he not right”


Jiang Liu Cheng smiled and said, “Nothing counts as a wrong answer.

His answers are actually right.”


Qin Lu: “Since he answered everything right, why did you tell him that the two of you are not suitable for each other”


Jiang Liu Cheng: “If you look at each problem separately, it is like a normal slam book.

However, when you combine all the problems, you will find that his plans are more about career.

From a psychological point of view, he is a person who values ​​career more than family members.”


Qin Lu learned that psychology could also be used for blind date objects for the first time.


When Cheng Qinghua showed off his notebook to him that night, he probably never imagined that every question in the notebook that seemed to be simple had hidden psychology underneath it.


He was not wronged at all.


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