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Chapter 23- From A Psychological Point Of View


After Qin Lu returned to his room, he did not turn on his computer to work as usual.


Since he started to take over the group’s business, his life has become busier than when he was filming.

During the day, he has to read the contract and sign the contract at night.

On top of that, he sometimes has to hold video meetings.


If he misses one day of work, there will be a backlog of work.

So no matter how late the filming is, he will do all the work needed before going to bed.


Qin Lu poured himself a glass of red wine.

He walked to the window and stared at the night scene outside while drinking.


The opening of the market is no better than that of a big city, and the lights are turned off in many places when it is late at night.


There is almost nothing to see in the night scene.

There’s only the dark that can be seen.


Qin Lu couldn’t help thinking of the two people in the corridor outside, wondering what Jiang Liu Cheng would say to Cheng Qinghua.


Whether Cheng Qinghua passed the test, Jiang Liu Cheng decided to follow his heart and judgement.


When Jiang Liu Cheng opened the door, Qin Lu had managed to take a glimpse inside his room.

He noticed that there was a notebook on his table, which was the one Cheng Qinghua showed him.


Obviously, the young man was reading the questionnaire on the notebook before opening the door for him, and then he said he wanted to find Cheng Qinghua.


He thought that the answers the youth wanted had probably already been obtained from the questions in the notebook, so he asked for Cheng Qinghua.

Maybe he wanted to establish a real relationship with Cheng Qinghua.


Qin Lu didn’t know why he thought about these things, but felt a little irritable in his heart.

He drank the red wine in his glass in one gulp, thinking that it might be because the weather was too hot.


Just then, there was a knock on the door outside.


Qin Lu put down the wine glass and walked over to open the door.


Outside the door is not his agent or assistant as he thought, but Cheng Qinghua who he didn’t expect.


“Is something wrong” Qin Lu asked lightly as he arched his brow upwards.


Cheng Qinghua’s expression was a little dull.

And without saying a word, he bypassed him and walked into the room.


Qin Lu could have kept him out, but he was really curious about Cheng Qinghua’s appearance.

So, in the end, he didn’t stop him and closed the door when he came in.


“Aren’t you talking to Jiang Liu Cheng Is it over too soon”


Cheng Qinghua saw that there was a glass of red wine on Qin Lu’s table.

He took several sips directly to the mouth of the bottle, and he drank half of the bottle after a while.

When he put down the bottle, his face was a little red.


“I don’t understand.” He finally said after a long while, “Okay, why did it suddenly change”


Qin Lu frowned, “What has changed”


Cheng Qinghua looked at him, and his reason gradually returned to the cage, “I, I am lost in love.”


Qin Lu frowned, “What do you mean”


Cheng Qinghua took another sip of the red wine and wiped his mouth, “What else would I mean Jiang Liu Cheng said we were not suitable and wanted to break up with me.”


Qin Lu was stunned, “Why”


Cheng Qinghua scolded and said, “I **ing want to know why.

I finally got my heart love again, but he gave up and broke up with me.”


Qin Lu: “You guys haven’t officially dated yet.”


Cheng Qinghua: “In my heart, it’s a formal relationship already, but how long has my relationship started It just died after the past few days.

I played with a little boy in kindergarten, and it ended so quickly.

It only lasted for a week.”


Maybe it was because of drinking red wine, but Cheng Qinghua looked a little crazy.


Qin Lu called his agent.

Before Zhou Wenbin completely left for the night, he learned that Director Cheng Qinghua had been drinking in Brother Qin’s room and immediately brought Liu Yangxi up.


When they came up, Cheng Qinghua had already drunk the rest of the red wine and wanted to find a second bottle of red wine.


“Do you still have any wine You can get me a few bottles.

Liquor is fine.

The stronger the better.” Cheng Qinghua immediately instructed Liu Yangxi to find more alcohol for him.


//This fan-translation is brought to you by cinnaroll from https://tamagotl.com/series/after-the-actor-made-a-match-for-me-he-died-out-of-jealousy/


“But director, you have to make a movie tomorrow.” Liu Yangxi didn’t understand how the director seemed to be a different person all of a sudden.

When he saw him upstairs, the director was in a good mood.


Cheng Qinghua hesitated when he heard that he was going to make a movie tomorrow, “Then go to the waiter in the hotel and ask them to bring me some beer.

Also, make them cook some hangover soup for me.”


Liu Yangxi looked confused.

What happened to the director that he still had to drink “Director, do you really want to drink”


After speaking, Cheng Qinghua gave him a blank look, “Nonsense, hurry up.”


Liu Yangxi had no choice but to go down to the hotel waiter, who soon brought up two dozen beers.


Cheng Qinghua said nothing.

He opened a bottle of beer and drank it.


Liu Yangxi was a little worried, not knowing what had happened to the director.


“You can go now; we are here.” Qin Lu said to Liu Yangxi.


Liu Yangxi was a little worried.

But since Qin Lu said so, he could only oblige and say, “If the director troubles you or you need anything else, call me up at any time.”


Qin Lu nodded slightly and gestured at Zhou Wenbin.


Zhou Wenbin closed the door when Liu Yangxi went out.


Cheng Qinghua drank the entire can of beer in one gulp, “I really regret it now.

If I knew that if I had filled it out, we would have broken up… If I had known, I would not have filled out that questionnaire.”


Qin Lu leaned against the table and asked calmly, “Did he tell you about the questionnaire”


Cheng Qinghua opened another bottle of beer, “Isn’t it obvious He said that we have different ideas.

I said why.

There are so many subjective and objective questions in the questionnaire.”


Zhou Wenbin was at a loss.

He didn’t understand the questionnaire at all, but he understood the breakup.

This meant that Jiang Liu Cheng broke up with Cheng Qinghua.


Qin Lu sighed, “Since you two called it quits, it is better to get yourself together.

You’re not even in a formal relationship yet to start with.”


Cheng Qinghua denied it, “No if I don’t like him, that’s fine.

But now that I like him so much… It’s too hard for me to end this before it even started.”


Qin Lu: “I think he’s right.

You are really not suitable for each other.”


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