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Zhang Tao laughed and said, “Do you understand it if you’ve only seen it a few times a year Many actors who work in more than a dozen crews a year don’t necessarily know how the crew works.”


Jiang Liu Cheng: “I have a good memory.”


Zhang Tao laughed again, “Actually at first, I thought you were a hard-to-approach person.

You are so handsome and clean.

At first glance, you look different from those of us doing manual work.”


Jiang Liu Cheng disagreed, “I grew up in the country and did a lot of physical work when I was a child.

I just don’t get tanned easily.”


Zhang Tao nodded, and he saw that the young man was not afraid of suffering.


The scene under the curtain had just finished filming, and the two chatted casually.


An RV came over, Cai Ze’s assistant, and another person with an unfamiliar face got out of the car.

Then they brought a lot of food from the car.


“Cai Ze has asked the crew to eat.

Let’s go, let’s eat too.

Make sure not to be taken up.” Zhang Tao glanced at him and immediately pulled Jiang Liu Cheng to squeeze in.


Jiang Liu Cheng is not very interested in the food, but Zhang Tao is very enthusiastic into getting one for him.

In fact, the other crew members he helped were also excited about having him with them.

When they saw them coming, they helped him get two sets of the meal, and then they surrounded him in a corner inside the shooting area.


“I finally have something to eat within a few days of starting the machine.

Devour it and don’t eat it for nothing.” Someone urged Jiang Liu Cheng, who was not moving.


“That’s right, there are drinks and other snacks.

It’s estimated that it costs a lot of money to invite the whole crew to eat.

Cai Ze is only playing a small role.

It is estimated that his role will be finished in a few days.

He delayed the progress of the filming, so he received a scolding from the director.

It’s probably why he decided to feed the crew.”


Zhang Tao said with emotion, “Every time this happens, we are always in pain and happy.”


“But actually, this is normal in filming.

Sometimes the director of a scene feels that it is not good enough, even if it is repeated a dozen times.”


“Yes, it is common to delay progress.

When you encounter it, it is a kind of welfare.

If you don’t eat for nothing, you won’t eat for nothing.”


“Yes, yes, I still remember when filming Director CHeng QInghua’s first film.

At that time, Emperor Qin often invited the crew’s staff to eat, but unfortunately, I was not in the crew then.”


“Paradise has just started filming, and it’s still a long time before we finish.

With Qin Lu’s character being the lead, he will inevitably invite people to eat later.”


“Hey, that’s what I thought too.”


Jiang Liu Cheng listened to their chat and found it very interesting.

All walks of life have different perspectives, and you may never know if you don’t get in touch with them.


//This fan-translation is brought to you by cinnaroll from https://tamagotl.com/series/after-the-actor-made-a-match-for-me-he-died-out-of-jealousy/


“Eat it quickly.

Don’t wait for it to get cold, or else it won’t taste good.” Zhang Tao shouted when he saw that the food Jiang Liu Cheng was holding didn’t move.


“Okay.” Jiang Liu Cheng didn’t want to spoil everyone’s happiness, so he ate it.


Now is the break time.

Many people are either chatting or playing with their mobile phones after eating.


Jiang Liu Cheng was eating and drinking when he suddenly felt his phone vibrate in his pocket.

He took it out and saw Guo Qifan sending messages to the group.


Guo Qifan: [I have a lot of things to do today.

Clients always ask to change this and that.

I have changed it five or six times.

It’s so annoying.

I really want to rest.

I really want to eat.

Who is here Chat with me.]


Jiang Liu Cheng took a photo of the thing in his hand and sent it over.


Guo Qifan: [I’ll go there! Your crew is so well-fed.

You even have drinks and fried chicken.

I really want to eat it too.]


Jiang Liu Cheng: [How will you be able to eat them]


Guo Qifan: [Hh, let me go.

I can definitely go there.

By the way, is it alright for you to eat this stuff]


Jiang Liu Cheng: [It shouldn’t be a problem, I just took a few bites.]


Guo Qifan: [That’s not necessarily true.

As far as your picky eater’s stomach is concerned, it’s better to be careful.

Don’t wait for a stomachache.]


Jiang Liu Cheng didn’t take it too seriously.

He only took a bite or two, so it shouldn’t be a big deal.


After a half-hour break, the crew restarted.


Jiang Liu Cheng saw that everyone was busy, and got up to deal with the unfinished drinks and fried chicken.


At this moment, Cai Ze suddenly stood in front of him.

He glanced at what he was holding and smiled kindly, “Why did you eat such a small amount Even if it doesn’t suit your taste, you can’t throw it away; it’s a waste of food.

It’s not good.”


Jiang Liu Cheng glanced at him, “Then do you want to eat it”


A look of disgust flashed across Cai Ze’s face immediately, “If you really don’t like it, you shouldn’t have taken it at the time.

If you don’t eat it now, it’s such a waste.”


He turned around and left.


Jiang Liu Cheng felt that this person was really strange.


“Where is he Did he return to the hotel already” Qin Lu finished filming the 16th scene, and when he was resting, he found that Jiang Liu Cheng, who was still on the crew this morning, had disappeared.


Zhou Wenbin was explaining what was going on behind him to his new assistant.

Upon hearing this inquiry, he looked around and found a figure squatting on the side of the road.

“He seems to be there.”


Qin Lu followed his line of sight and saw Jiang Liu Cheng’s back.

He saw that he had been squatting without moving, “What is he doing”


Zhou Wenbin was also surprised to see him there.

Although the roadside wasn’t getting shone over by the sunrays, the sun was so big and hot now.


“He seems to be a little uncomfortable.” Assistant Zhang Ning said hesitantly, and he wasn’t sure if he was wrong.


Qin Lu immediately stood up and walked outside.


“What’s the matter with you” Qin Lu came behind the young man and asked.


Jiang Liu Cheng turned around, his face looking a little scrunched.

“It’s okay.

I just feel a little sick in my stomach.

I’ll just go to the toilet.”


When he said that, what he thought in his heart was Guo Qifan’s crow’s mouth.

He ended up being right…


Qin Lu frowned, feeling that he didn’t look like he could get better by going to the toilet.

Hence, he immediately called Zhou Wenbin over and asked the latter to take him to the hospital.


“It’s really not necessary.” Jiang Liu Cheng shook his head firmly.

He had many experiences in this situation, so he wouldn’t have to go to the hospital unless it was excruciating.

He didn’t want to be called by the doctor to do all sorts of things. 


Qin Lu saw that he insisted, and it didn’t seem like it was excruciating.

Thus, he didn’t insist on letting him go to the hospital, “Well, if there is any problem, you can tell Wenbin and let him help you.”


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