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After breakfast, Jiang Liu Cheng picked up the notebook and followed them to the crew.

He walked behind and listened to Qin Lu and Zhou Wenbin talking.


Zhou Wenbin said that since they received Cheng Qinghua’s film, they have received a lot of invitations for big productions, and many people thought that Qin Lu was coming back.


Of course, Zhou Wenbin couldn’t say the real reason why Qin Lu accepted the film.

He could only reject them one by one.


Jiang Liu Cheng had seen news like Qin Lu was going to retire on the Internet before and thought it was fake at the time.

In his opinion, Qin Lu was still very young to retire.

But after listening to them, it seemed to be true.


His eyes fell on Qin Lu’s back in front of him.

The man was tall and broad-shouldered.

Walking behind him, he blocked most of the dazzling sunlight.


Because he was a little absorbed, he didn’t notice that the man stopped suddenly.

With that, Jiang Liu Cheng almost hit Qin Lu’s back.

But fortunately, he stopped in time.


“Emperor Qin, I’m your fan; can you please sign this for me” A shy young voice suddenly sounded.


“Sorry, I’m rushing to the crew.”


Due to the short distance, Jiang Liu Cheng seemed to hear the vibration of the man’s chest, but his voice was full of politeness and alienation.


“Ah, is that it… I’m really sorry for wasting your time.

Then, can I get your autograph next time I- I really like you, and I joined this industry because I watched your play.”


The young voice didn’t seem to want to give up, but Qin Lu politely refused again.

He just said thank you.


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Not getting the answer he wanted, the young man seemed very disappointed.

He stepped aside and said with an embarrassed expression, “Then I won’t disturb you for now.”


Qin Lu nodded and continued to walk forward.


As soon as he left, Jiang Liu Cheng, who was standing behind him, had no cover from the sunlight anymore.


He saw the appearance of the young man, and the latter saw him.

His eyes suddenly widened, “Jiang”


As soon as he uttered a word, he quickly stopped.

And the next second, his face became extremely ugly.


“What’s wrong” Qin Lu, who was walking in front, realized that Jiang Liu Cheng hadn’t followed him.

So he turned back and called him.


Jiang Liu Cheng quickly followed Qin Lu’s footsteps while the young man was still staring at him.

Jiang Liu Cheng ignored the young man, but the other party seemed to know him.

He didn’t miss the word just now, and the other party blurted out his surname.


After catching up, he could still feel the young man’s unusually hot eyes falling on his back.

It was a bit difficult to ignore, and he was once again sure that the other party knew him.


“Isn’t that person Mo Yi just now” Zhou Wenbin wondered, “Mo’s young boss, who was born with a golden spoon in his mouth.

He was escorted by a giant ship as soon as he entered the entertainment industry.

And then he ran in front of you as if he doesn’t have any resources, saying he is your fan.”


Qin Lu was not impressed with the name “Mo’s young boss.”


Zhou Wenbin replied, “After two years of debut, he has no good projects.

He simply relied on Mo’s resources.

He doesn’t have any real materials, and his temper is bigger than his fame.

Speaking of which, he almost became your younger brother for this film.”


Zhou Wenbin didn’t have a good impression of this person.

After only two years of debut, he heard a lot of the other side’s deeds playing big names.


Qin Lu said, “He is not my brother.”


Zhou Wenbin “Yes, yes, Mr.

Jiang is your brother.”


Qin Lu glanced at Jiang Liu Cheng, who was following obediently behind him.

He didn’t mind having such a younger brother.

As for Mo Yi, who claimed to be his fan, he could see through the greed and calculation in his eyes at a glance.


As if thinking of something terrible, his expression suddenly became cold, and his eyes became intense.


Jiang Liu Cheng didn’t know who Mo Yi was at first.

Still, when he heard Zhou Wenbin talking about Mo, he suddenly understood why the other party was so hostile to him.


That woman was also called Mrs.

Mo; he didn’t think it was a coincidence.


When he was frozen in stagnant by Zhou Sheng Entertainment, he guessed that it might have something to do with those two people, but he didn’t know whether it was one of them or both.


Now that he knows the existence of this Mo Yi and the sudden hostility of the other party, he can almost be sure that the person who instructed Zhou Sheng Entertainment to hide him is probably Mrs.



The three soon came to the crew.


Qin Lu went to do the styling.


There was no role for Jiang Liu Cheng in the morning, so he looked for Zhou Wenbin.


“Brother Zhou, I heard that Xie Fei had a candidate for the role.

Is that the Mo Yi you are talking about today”


Zhou Wenbin “Yeah.

You’ve only just known now”


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded, “Well, I don’t pay much attention to this news.

I only knew that many people wanted this role.”


Zhou Wenbin sighed with emotion, “So you are fortunate.

Mo Yi has Mo Shi behind him, and Mo Shi is willing to spend money on him.

To get him the role of Xie Fei, she also wanted to invest in the crew and become an investor.

But obviously, the motive was impure, so Director Cheng disagreed.

Besides, Brother Qin has already invested in this film, and then there’s Mo Yi’s reputation… It is not very good, and Director Cheng doesn’t want to have a fool come in.

Why did you suddenly care about this”


Jiang Liu Cheng looked down before replying, “Just asking…”


Zhou Wenbin didn’t think too much of it, “It’s good for you to know this Mo Yi is not as harmless as he looks on the surface.

You’ve got the role that he didn’t get.

He might have some bad ideas brewing in his heart, so it’s better to be careful when you see him later.



Jiang Liu Cheng: “Thank you, Brother Zhou.

I will pay attention.”


After a while, a crew member came and said two people were outside looking for Zhou Wenbin.

The other party claimed to be Qin Lu’s assistant.


Zhou Wenbin said to Jiang Liu Cheng, “I still have something to do.

I’ll talk to you next time.”


Jiang Liu Cheng, “Brother Zhou, go ahead.”


Jiang Liu Cheng doesn’t have many scenes today.

As a supporting role, he can’t have scenes every day like the leading role.


After making up a scene in the morning, he has nothing to do in the afternoon.


Jiang Liu Cheng didn’t go back to the hotel.

He was in the crew watching how other actors acted.

And when he was free, he helped the crew members, which inadvertently attracted the goodwill of many people.


It’s summer, the hottest time of the year.


Filming in this season is not only a kind of torture for the actors but also for the crew members.

They must work every day until they are sweaty, smelly, and tired.

Sometimes they will be scolded if they move slowly.


Fortunately, there is someone to help.

Although they’re still tired, at least they will not be scolded by the director.



Jiang, you don’t look like an actor at all.

I’m not saying that you don’t look like a star, but you seem to have a good understanding of the crew’s operation.”


Zhang Tao, who had just been helped by Jiang Liu Cheng, wiped the sweat from his chin, and the latter handed over a towel.

He took it and said thank you.


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