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Chapter 22- Jiang Liu Cheng: We Are Not Very Suitable


Cheng Qinghua pulled down his neckline.


He was wearing an ordinary t-shirt, but he felt like suffocating even if it wasn’t strangling his neck.


He opened his mouth, and after a while, he returned to his senses and asked, “Why do you want me to fill out this questionnaire”


Jiang Liu Cheng replied, “I’ve thought about it… Your crew is so busy that we don’t have time to get along well and get to know each other well.

To avoid wasting your time, you can use this method.”


Cheng Qinghua thought that Jiang Liu Cheng was too empathetic.

Not only did he not complain that he was too busy that he couldn’t even reply to him on WeChat in time, but he would come to him when he was not busy without delaying him.


Where can he find such a good person If it was someone else, they might have long since complained that he couldn’t even reply to WeChat in time.


The most important thing is that Jiang Liu Cheng is obedient and well-behaved without being pretentious.


After getting along for the past few days, he had never seen him cross the line, even after knowing the director and the lead- actor of the film he was working on.


His occupation is rather particular, and he will definitely get busier as he becomes more famous in the future.

He doesn’t want his future partner to be clingy, and Jiang Liu Cheng fits that requirement no matter what.


The more Cheng Qinghua thought about it, the more he felt that Jiang Liu Cheng was his ideal partner.

When he looked at the young man, his face involuntarily became a little more doting.


“Okay, I will fill in every question carefully.

Can I leave it to you tomorrow morning”


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded, “Of course, you can.

If you have something to do, you can do your own business first.

I’m not in a hurry.”


Cheng Qinghua smiled, “Liu Cheng, you are so kind.”


The young man smiled at him, his smile full of sunshine.


Later, whenever Cheng Qinghua recalled the conversation tonight, he wanted to giggle like a little girl and throw dog food at everyone.


While the test paper from Jiang Liu Cheng, ah no, it was a questionnaire… Cheng Qinghua dismissed Liu Yangxi.

After returning to his room, he couldn’t help but be excited that he had taken a photo with his notebook.


He first sent the photo to his circle of friends and then added a text fragment.


‘This is love.’


Not long after this, his friends who saw his post quickly sent many likes and inquiries.


They don’t know why a notebook is associated with love.


The only one who knew the truth, Liu Yangxi, silently praised Director Cheng Qinghua.

He didn’t know whether it was love or not, but if it was him, he would not be willing to write papers after graduation.


Meanwhile, Cheng Qinghua inside his room seemed to think it wasn’t enough, so he sent this photo to Qin Lu.


After a while, Qin Lu replied with a question mark.


The next second, another photo was sent.


This time it’s the first page of the notebook.


Cheng Qinghua: [Liu Cheng gave this to me.

He knew that I was busy every day and we didn’t have much time to get along, so he sorted out these questions and wanted to get to know me this way.]


Cheng Qinghua: [Emperor Qin, I really want to thank you this time for introducing me to such a good person.]


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When Qin Lu saw the first sentence, he thought of what Jiang Liu Cheng had said last night about how to get to know each other quickly.

It turned out to be a questionnaire.


He was not surprised at all and even thought it was something that the youth would do.


Qin Lu: [I already knew that.]


Cheng Qinghua: [How did you know]


Qin Lu: [Why won’t I know]


Cheng Qinghua suddenly felt embarrassed that he had shown off to the wrong person.

Qin Lu was their matchmaker, so he shouldn’t be looking for him.

Jiang Liu Cheng must have told him.


Jiang Liu Cheng didn’t see it.

He didn’t know that Cheng Qinghua posted the notebook to his circle of friends.

Besides, he received a call from Li Qiu, getting him preoccupied.


“Liu Cheng, I have good news for you.” On the phone, Li Qiu’s voice was full of excitement.


“What good news”


“I have sent you a lot of resumes recently, and a few have responded.” Li Qiu said.

“There is a food company that thinks you have a good image and intends to let you endorse their products.

This company was quite famous more than ten years ago.

Yes, it seems that because of the reluctance to spend more on promotion fees, they were gradually replaced by new products on the market.

But because you are good-looking and cheap, they want to test the waters.”


Jiang Liu Cheng said, “I’m afraid it won’t have any effect since I’m a fool who doesn’t have any fame.”


Li Qiu held back a smile and said, “Didn’t you go on a hot search with Qin Lu before I guess they also took a fancy to this.

Maybe they were thinking of picking up leaks.

Some companies do this.

If you become popular, they will make money.


Jiang Liu Cheng was noncommittal, “Regardless of this, will their product quality pass the test, and will there be no food safety issues”


Li Qiu immediately sternly said, “I’ve checked, and there would be no problem with that.

The actual reason for this company’s gradual loss of market is that its production costs are relatively high.

Because of this, their price is higher than similar products.

It used to be really popular, though.

Yes, maybe you’ve eaten their food like XX potato chips.”


Jiang Liu Cheng was a little surprised when he heard the words.

He really ate it in college.

But he didn’t buy it out of his pocket since it really was pricy.

It came from his roommate back then.


“Well, the food quality of this company is excellent.”


Li Qiu didn’t find his tone too optimistic, “In addition to this food company, I also received audition invitations from several crews.

I’ll send you the relevant information later.

Are you interested If you think it’s okay, we will just find a time to audition.

You only have Cheng QInghua’s new film.

If the filming goes well, it will take half a year.

The time is too long.

To maintain exposure, you need to run a few more projects.

Since you are not that famous now, you can use some announcements to raise awareness.”


Jiang Liu Cheng “No hurry, I’ll take a look at it at night.”


Li Qiu knew that he didn’t take the issue of being popular too seriously, and he didn’t force it too much.

This kind of thing itself depends on luck.

It can’t be obtained by force, and it has only been two years.

Li Qiu believes that Jiang Liu Cheng can afford it.

Nonetheless, some agents have worked hard in the entertainment industry for ten years but have not seen any improvement.


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