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Chapter 21- Cheng Qinghua: I Am Panicking


Jiang Liu Cheng did not feel embarrassed to be seen changing and simply continued the action of changing clothes just now.


Just as Qin Lu was about to speak, the phrase, ‘You stubborn little kid, what should I do with you’ came to mind involuntarily.

His expression was unnatural for a moment.

Ever since that thought, he had been in the same place for a few seconds to try and calm himself down.


Qin Lu came over, glanced at Jiang Liu Cheng’s upper body again, and coughed lightly, “I can see that you are the kind of person who is confident when taking off his clothes because he looks skinny.”


Jiang Liu Cheng’s back is covered with a thin layer of muscle.

When he raised his hand to put on his top, his muscle layer became obvious and looked good.


“When I was in college, I often played basketball with the people in the dormitory.

I used to run a half marathon too.” Jiang Liucheng explained calmly.


Qin Lu was even more surprised, “You’ve run the half marathon before”


Jiang Liu Cheng: “I was the only one who completed it.

When I was a child, I lived in the mountains and often ran up and down on it.

Because of this, my endurance was relatively strong.

Unlike others who would not be able to do it.

I can most likely be able to run a four-point marathon.”


Qin Lu sincerely praised, “Then you are terrific.

If you are not a professional player yet, you can finish half of the run, then you are powerful.”


The corner of Jiang Liu Cheng’s lips bent upwards, “But it may not work now.

After graduation, I have been busy and don’t have as much time to exercise.”


The two chatted for a while, and the makeup artist girl who left returned.


Zhou Wenbin was finally able to enter the dressing room as well.

He looked back and forth between Qin Lu and Jiang Liu Cheng as if guessing what had happened in the room just now.


When he saw Jiang Liu Cheng’s clothes on the sofa, he was sure what was going on and couldn’t help but look at Qin Lu.


When he found Jiang Liu Cheng in the middle of changing clothes, why did Brother Qin’s first reaction was to keep himself inside the room and shut him out


Shouldn’t he just leave himself out as well


Qin Lu didn’t know the little confusion in Zhou Wenbin’s heart as the makeup artist girl was putting makeup on him.


Meanwhile, Jiang Liu Cheng stood by and watched.

He didn’t leave after changing into his costume.

The new background board was still being built, and his role was not yet needed for the early scenes.


Qin Lu’s facial features are relatively deep, and the folded angle of his lower jaw adds a bit of sharpness to the outline.

He exudes the great charm of a mature man.

It is no wonder that he obviously still has more fans than the active stars in the industry, even if he hasn’t played a role for more than a year now.


Of course, after a few days of contact, Jiang Liu Cheng is aware that Qin Lu’s success was not only because of his face, but more importantly, the reason behind it is his strength and seriousness in acting.


Qin Lu opened his eyes and looked through the mirror to meet Jiang Liu Cheng’s gaze, “Why are you staring at me like that”


Jiang Liu Cheng hardly hesitated, “I just think men who work hard are handsome.”


Qin Lu was stunned for a moment.

But after he recovered, he asked with a smile on his face: “Really”


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded seriously, “It’s true.”


Qin Lu felt happier.


Looking at the atmosphere between the two, Zhou Wenbin always felt that pink bubbles were about to pop out.


Is it because he’s out of his mind, or is he just so tired lately that everyone looks like a couple


He doesn’t think so.

At least when he watched Jiang Liu Cheng and Director Cheng Qinghua, he always felt that they were not in love at all.


After Qin Lu’s makeup was done, the on-set staff informed them that he would be needed soon, saying that the background had been set up and shooting could begin immediately.


Qin Lu still has a lot of scenes today.

After filming the scenes in group A, he still has to go to the next group B for a few scenes.


While Jiang Liu Cheng’s roles are all on Group A’s side. 


After Xie Fei was admitted to the hospital, he saw his brother Xie Bing and found that it was only his wishful trust.

He fainted again later.

When he woke up again, he was determined to be discharged from the hospital and would not listen to any doctor’s advice.


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As a last resort, the doctor called Xie Bing over and wanted him to persuade Xie Fei again.


But Xie Fei didn’t want to see Xie Bing.

He said that the brother he admired would never help the bad guy file a lawsuit.


Unfortunately, these words happened to be rushed over and impulsive, and Xie Bing, who was standing outside the door, heard it.


This scene is not one shot to the end, so while Qin Lu is filming in Group B next door, Jiang Liu Cheng’s scene will be filmed first.

They will just add Qin Lu’s scene later.


If it’s not related to family, Jiang Liu Cheng can finish it quickly.

Even if it takes more than one, it won’t take as much.

At most, it is two to three times. 


This disappointed Cai Ze, who wanted to see him make a fool of himself.


Jiang Liu Cheng ridiculed him in the elevator last night.

He still remembers how infuriated he felt.

He wanted to give him a look in the dressing room this morning, but who knew he didn’t show up until the shooting started.


Cai Ze thought that the other party was late and would be scolded by the director.

However, when he came out, he saw Jiang Liu Cheng coming out of Qin Lu’s dressing room.

This made his mood even worse. 


When it was his turn to play, he played a simple scene six or seven times in a row because he was a little absent-minded.


“If you don’t want to shoot the scene, you can tell me.

I don’t mind finding someone else for your role.” Cheng Qinghua’s face was cold, and his eyes had no warmth.


Cai Ze’s face turned pale, and he quickly apologized, “I’m sorry, director.

I felt a little uncomfortable this morning.

Maybe I had a bad stomach.

I’m sorry for taking everyone’s time.

I promise to adjust my state as soon as possible.”


Cheng Qinghua was expressionless, “I’ll give you half an hour to adjust.

I won’t be giving any more extensions.”


Cai Ze: “Thank you, Director.”


Unexpectedly, he was the one who became an embarrassment in the end.

Cai Ze returned to his nanny’s car with a sullen expression, no longer thinking about Jiang Liu Cheng in his mind.


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