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Their company also wanted to win Xie Fei’s role for them at the beginning.

Still, because there were too many people competing and wanted it,  they were not selected.


If the role was taken by a rich second-generation with a deep background like Mo Yi, they would not dare to say anything.

After all, their backgrounds are indeed a very large aspect when it comes to landing the roles.


The entertainment industry is all about fighting with their background.

Whoever has a deeper background can get a better role.


But in the end, it was taken by someone like Jiang Liu Cheng, who had no background or family background.

Thus, they could not help but feel dissatisfied.


Jiang Liu Cheng has played the brother role so many times.

But right now, obviously, his acting skills are not very good.

Maybe he had used all of his luck yesterday when his scenes went so well. 


Thinking about it this way, some people feel even more unhappy about the situation.


Soon, all the scenes that could be filmed in advance were finished.


Cheng Qinghua called Jiang Liu Cheng over.

He looked at him and said, “Are you ready If you are ready, start over.”


Director Cheng Qinghua, who worked hard, did not lower his requirements just because he already had a good impression of Jiang Liu Cheng.


If Jiang Liu Cheng’s acting is still not on par with his requirements, Director Cheng Qinghua will still scold him.

He will scold him and will not treat anyone special.


Jiang Liucheng nodded, “I’m ready.”


Cheng Qinghua: “That’s good.

Let’s go.”


Jiang Liu Cheng walked up to Qin Lu, who gave him an encouraging look, “Don’t be nervous.

Just act as you understand it to be.”


“I’m not nervous.” Jiang Liu Cheng said.

To him, it’s like an exam.

After all, preparations are complete, and there is nothing to be nervous about in an examination.


However, others do not know his mental thoughts.


The field record board was snapped.


Cheng Qinghua said the start cue, and all the machines on the scene started running at the same time.


Compared with the unnaturalness of his acting at the beginning, the emotion on Jiang Liu Cheng’s face was finally correct this time.

When the camera finished shooting his personal shot, the director did not shout.


Then came the rivalry between him and Qin Lu.

This part was smoother, and the incident that others thought did not happen again.


This scene in the hospital was filmed five times in total.


However, the problem this time was not with Jiang Liu Cheng.

Director Cheng Qinghua felt that there was a problem in other places, so they reshot it again.


Also, the other actors did not perform well, so they had to take another two or three times.


The people who originally wanted to see Jiang Liu Cheng make a fool of himself looked at each other.

They had to come down to the fact that it might have been some tricks that Qin Lu had taught him before.

Otherwise, how could he have been enlightened all at once.


Cheng Qinghua called him over, “You did a good job this time.

Keep working hard for next time.”


Jiang Liu Cheng: “Thank you, director.

I will.”


Cheng Qinghua nodded and asked him to prepare for the next scene.


Today, due to a little delay, the closing time is two hours later than yesterday.

But these are the normal conditions of the crew.

Most of the time, the closing time may be in the middle of the night.


Jiang Liu Cheng’s role had already ended, but he didn’t leave until after watching Qin Lu’s last scene.

Afterward, he patted his butt and followed everyone back to the hotel.


When taking the elevator up, Jiang Liu Cheng heard that the assistant beside the star was arranging things for him for the evening and for tomorrow.


Seeing that Jiang Liu Cheng was alone, the agent did not come to acknowledge him since there was no assistant beside him.


“Why didn’t Mr.

Jiang arrange an assistant for himself You are an important male supporting character in our movie, but you don’t even have any words for an assistant.” Cai Ze said in a sarcastic tone.


//This fan-translation is brought to you by cinnaroll from https://tamagotl.com/series/after-the-actor-made-a-match-for-me-he-died-out-of-jealousy/


Most of the stars have assistants.

The companies behind them will assign a life assistant to their stars.

After joining the group, the assistants will arrange everything for them clearly.

So that the stars only need to focus on filming.


So if an actor doesn’t have an assistant, it’s either the company he is in can’t do it or he can’t afford an assistant.

Anyone who has known him knows that Jiang Liu Cheng occupies both.


Cai Ze was also one of the people who were dissatisfied with Jiang Liu Cheng.

Now that he was alone and there was no one else in the elevator, he couldn’t help but sneer.


Jiang Liu Cheng glanced at him and said, “There is no need to spend this money.

I have hands and feet, so I can take care of myself.”


It took two seconds for Cai Ze to realize that the other party was mocking him for being helpless.


Just as he was about to speak, the elevator door dinged open.


They arrived at a floor, and people kept coming in.


Because of others’ presence, Cai Ze didn’t dare to say anything to counter Jiang Liu Cheng’s statement.

Thus, he has no choice but to go out with a sullen expression on his face.


Back in his room, Jiang Liu Cheng went to wash up and put his phone on the bedside table.


When he came out of the shower, he saw that his phone had received a lot of new messages.


A lot of the messages came from their small group of four.

Since Jiang Liu Cheng joined the group, Guo Qifan has become more active in the group and often asks him about things related to the entertainment industry.


Jiang Liu Cheng glanced at it briefly and then opted to answer a few questions.


Guo Qifan didn’t show up right away.

Maybe he was taking a shower at this time, but Zheng Kailin and Qiao Mei had emerged into the conversation.

Knowing that he was filming today, they all urged for him to go to bed earlier.


Jiang Liu Cheng didn’t sleep immediately after responding.

Instead, he opened the browser to search for something.


Today, he was able to quickly solve the constant problem, thanks to Qin Lu and Brother Zhou’s help.

So he planned to repay Jiang Liu Cheng is planning to repay their kindness.


He copied what he found, opened Qin Lu’s WeChat, and then pressed send.


Meanwhile, Qin Lu was in the elevator of the hotel.

When the elevator door opened, his mobile phone in his pocket also rang.


He took out his mobile phone and glanced at it.

There, he found that there was a message from Jiang Liu Cheng.

Qin Lu raised his brow and opened WeChat to check it out.


[Damn it, you are my woman.]


[This is the business empire I built for you, are you satisfied with what you see]


[Woman, are you playing hard-to-get]


[What am I going to do with you, you rubbish little thing]


[The self-control I’ve always been proud of crumbles in front of this goddamn little woman.]


Qin Lu’s eyelids twitched fiercely.


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