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Chapter 19- Kind Qin Lu


A strange atmosphere spread between them.


Jiang Liu Cheng rarely encountered this kind of waterloo.

He silently turned off the video and pretended that nothing had happened.


Qin Lu kept all of Jiang Liu Cheng’s actions in his eyes.

He didn’t actually feel much, but a smile appeared on his face when he saw how he acted.


Jiang Liu Cheng found that he was laughing at himself.

He thought for a while and explained, “This video was only posted in fragments.

That’s the reason I didn’t understand the full essence of it.”


Qin Lu nodded, “You’re right.

It’s all the author’s problem for posting only this part of the video.

If he hadn’t misled you, you wouldn’t have mistaken the concept of brotherhood.”


Jiang Liu Cheng was not comforted.

He always felt that when the other party came to the sentence of the brotherly love, he seemed to have deliberately increased his tone.


When Qin Lu saw that he bowed his head slightly, the smile on his face was finally no longer hidden.


Zhou Wenbin also laughed.

Indeed, suppose you don’t know the whole narrative, especially the reason behind the act, and would just look at the process of these few lines of dialogue… In that case, you will indeed have a little doubt.



Jiang, are you an only son” Zhou Wenbin suddenly remembered his purpose for coming here.


Jiang Liu Cheng paused, “That’s right.”


Zhou Wenbin looked puzzled, “I see.

How come, though”


Jiang Liu Cheng: “My parents are remarried.”


Qin Lu looked at the young man and didn’t expect this answer.

He suddenly thought of what Cheng Qinghua had said.

When the other party heard it, he didn’t know how he felt.


Zhou Wenbin was also surprised.

Jiang Liu Cheng’s information looked like the kind of child that kind parents would be proud of.

No one would expect that his parents would have been divorced long ago.


Zhou Wenbin regretted asking this question a little.

He would not have asked if he had known this was the case.


“But I have a grandfather.

Although he has passed away, he was very kind to me when he was there.”


As if knowing that they were a little uncomfortable, Jiang Liu Cheng suddenly explained again that he never actually felt sorry for himself.


Compared with those who have been abandoned since childhood and have no one to love, he is already happy enough because he still has a grandfather.


Jiang Liu Cheng suddenly had a flash of inspiration, and he looked at Qin Lu, “Although I don’t know what the relationship between brothers and sisters is like… Can I imagine you as my grandfather My grandfather was a very kind person.

He is very good to me.”


Qin Lu: “…..”


‘Do I look that old’


‘Do I look kind’


Zhou Wenbin couldn’t help laughing.

To think of Brother Qin as a kind grandfather, huh


Jiang Liu Cheng looked at him silently, “Can’t I”


Qin Lu pondered for a moment, “It’s not impossible, but the relationship with brothers is still a bit different.

Do you have any friends”


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded, “Yes.”


Qin Lu said, “You can combine these feelings with what you feel with your grandfather.

The elder brother is like this.

He is both your family and your good friend.

You grew up together and depended on each other.

The relationship is better than that of ordinary friends.”


Jiang Liucheng thought about it, “It feels a little clearer now.”


Qin Lu said, “You can also find some more clips about the real brotherhood and try to understand it in a much better and deeper lighting.”


Jiang Liu Cheng was a little silent when he thought of the clip he had just found.

He was afraid of finding similar clips again.


Qin Lu knew what he was thinking by looking at his expression.

He coughed lightly and said with a smile, “Then let Wenbin help you find it.

He knows more TV series or movies than you.

He knows better than you do.”


Jiang Liu Cheng felt like he had deliberately added the last sentence.



Zhou Wenbin really knew better than them and quickly found clips of several movies for Jiang Liu Cheng.

This time, he made sure that it was much more typical than what Jiang Liu Cheng found himself.


One of the clips was also one of Qin Lu’s scenes that he played.


//This fan-translation is brought to you by cinnaroll from https://tamagotl.com/series/after-the-actor-made-a-match-for-me-he-died-out-of-jealousy/


This was when he first debuted.

Qin Lu was still relatively young at that time, so he just played a relatively young role.

In this movie, he also exists as a younger brother.


However, the older brother of the younger brother, Qin Lu played as, has passed away.

This film is not about brotherhood but about mother-son love, which is more profound and complicated.


Jiang Liu Cheng had also seen this one when he watched Qin Lu’s movie before.


Zhou Wenbin noticed his gaze and explained, “Family love is actually interconnected.

You can feel it when you watch it.”


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded, “Thank you, Brother Zhou.”


Seeing him say thank you in such a well-behaved manner, Zhou Wenbin smiled and said, ‘you’re welcome.’


After that, Jiang Liu Cheng studied several videos given by Zhou Wenbin.

He watches while thinking of a small composition in his mind.


Because it would be his turn to play soon, he couldn’t write them all down one by one.

So, he could only think about them first.


But not everyone knew what he was doing.

Some people saw that he was still playing with his mobile phone and thought he didn’t take today’s drama to heart.


“This rookie actor is really brave.

Relying on the director’s favor, he doesn’t even care about the director’s critics just now.”


“Without thinking about how to play the next scene, he is still browsing on his cell phone there.

I’ve never seen such a person before.

He really is still just a newcomer.”


“If they start filming his scene later, he will probably be scolded by the director again.”


Several young actors gathered together and whispered as they could not stop gloating.


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