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Jiang Liu Cheng ought to explain it clearly since Qin Lu didn’t understand it, but he didn’t have the chance to think about it since the next scene is between the two of them.


Yesterday, Xie Fei, played by Jiang Liu Cheng, was provoked by his classmates and was admitted to the hospital.

Xie Bing immediately rushed to the hospital when he heard the news.


When Xie Bing came, Xie Fei had just woken up.

Seeing that his brother was anxious because of him, his expression was full of nostalgia and dependence.

He still didn’t believe that his brother would be such a person.


Jiang Liu Cheng thought this scene would be easy to shoot, but who knew that halfway through the performance, the director suddenly clicked.


“Xiao Jiang, the mood you just acted in was not right, do it again.”


Jiang Liu Cheng calmed down, “Okay.”


Field record board.


Jiang Liu Cheng laid back on the bed again.

At the beginning of the scene, he and Xie Bing had not communicated yet, mainly because of his emotions and feelings for his relatives.


Jiang Liu Cheng acted through it again, but halfway through, Cheng Qinghua shouted again.


“Your emotions are still wrong, and your acting is not natural enough.

You and your brother have to look dependent on each other since that’s what you’ve been doing since childhood.

You know that your brother has sacrificed a lot for your illness.

When others don’t believe him, you still believe that he is just having difficulties.

You love him most than your own life.

My brother, the emotions you must show at this time are your natural feelings of trust and dependence towards your own brother.

And then there would be a hint of slight panic because your brother is being slandered, and you don’t want to believe that what they’re all saying was true.

Do you understand”


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded, “I probably understand.”


Shooting started for the third time, but Cheng Qinghua shouted again not long after.


After that, they kept trying six times in a row, and they were stuck in the first act every time.


Cheng Qinghua was a little impatient, “Xiao Jiang, don’t you know how to play the relationship between brothers”


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Jiang Liu Cheng really didn’t know much about the relationship between brothers and sisters.

Director Cheng Qinghua trusted him to understand, but he didn’t understand the emotion of attachment and dependence.

He had never had this emotion before.


“I don’t know how to express it.”


He has no brothers and sisters, and his grandfather is old.

He must be independent and strong since he was a child.

It is impossible to have such feelings, and he has never had them.

Thus, he does not know how to express them.


Cheng Qinghua frowned and said, “What do you mean by you don’t know how to express this This kind of feeling is the same as the feelings you share with your parents.”


Seeing the young man lowered his eyes and was about to say something, Qin Lu suddenly spoke to Cheng Qinghua, “Let him rest for a while.

Can the next scenes be filmed first If possible, change it.”


Many of the scenes scheduled today use the same set board, so it’s not impossible to shoot other people’s scenes first.


Cheng Qinghua couldn’t understand why Jiang Liu Cheng couldn’t even act in such a simple scene.


“Then we will be shooting other people first.”


When Qin Lu came over after filming a few scenes, he saw Jiang Liu Cheng holding a mobile phone, and a video clip was playing on his screen.


“Why are you so angry”


“Don’t you like me”


A seductive man’s voice came from the phone.


Qin Lu paused and saw a man talking to another man in the video.

The persona within it felt vaguely strange.


“What are you looking at” He walked to Jiang Liu Cheng and asked.


Jiang Liu Cheng said, “I’m learning how to act as a brother.”


Qin Lu glanced at his phone screen again, “What movie are you watching”


Jiang Liu Cheng said the title, “It’s not a movie, it’s a TV series.

In this show, these two people are brothers.

The brother likes his younger brother very much, but I don’t understand… Do brothers talk like this”


Qin Lu pulled a chair and sat down beside him, “What clip are you watching”


Jiang Liu Cheng played it again, “The older brother got up from the bed and then went to beat the younger brother.

The beating was kind of very hard, but the younger brother didn’t seem angry at all.”


Qin Lu frowned, “The younger brother’s reaction is indeed a bit strange.”


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded vigorously when Qin Lu agreed, “Unfortunately, this clip is a bit short, so we could not really tell.

But it is also possible that the younger brother really likes the elder brother, that is why he could not get mad at him even after all the beating.

Maybe this is brotherhood.”


At this time, the agent Zhou Wenbin came over and assumed a serious discussion between the two based on their faces.


“What are you looking at”


Jiang Liu Cheng said that he was learning how to act the concept of brotherhood.


Zhou Wenbin glanced at the screen of the mobile phone at random and suddenly found that the actors inside were a little familiar.

A strange feeling suddenly arose in his heart, which prompted him to ask the title of this episode.


Jiang Liu Cheng said the name of the TV series.


Zhou Wenbin was stunned.

This TV series was from many years ago, and the protagonists are indeed brothers.

But this TV series does not have so much serious brotherhood.


He had heard people speak about this before and was often left shocked.


“That is how you’re planning to learn the concept of brotherhood”


Jiang Liu Cheng wondered, “Yes, is there any problem”


This is no longer just a problem but a big one.


Zhou Wenbin couldn’t help looking back and forth between him and Qin Lu, involuntarily thinking of the kind of ‘brotherhood’ in this TV series getting applied to the two of them as well.


The next second, he immediately threw this thought out of his mind.

He was crazy to think of the two of them as such.


Zhou Wenbin straightened his face, “Are you wondering how strange their brotherhood is”


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded, “It’s a little strange.”


Zhou Wenbin said blankly, “That’s not surprising because the younger brother likes the older brother as a man and a woman.”


Jiang Liu Cheng: “…..”


Qin Lu: “…..”



Translator’s Note:

I laughed so hard while translating this.

Jiang Liu Cheng’s eyes are not so innocent anymore.



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