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Chapter 18- Learn About Brotherhood


When Jiang Liu Cheng was putting on makeup in Qin Lu’s dressing room, Qin Lu, who had already been styled, came outside. 


“What’s going on Filming is about to start.

Why hasn’t the stage set been set up yet What are the people in the props group doing”


As soon as he came out, he heard Cheng Qinghua scolding people while holding a loudspeaker in his hand so that the sound would reach out all the way from outside.

It was so loud that even the passers-by could not help shrinking their necks when they heard it.


As expected, directors worldwide are all the same, and they are just as terrible when scolding people.


The props team didn’t dare to say a word.

They could only speed up their movements and quickly set up the stage.


Assistant Liu Yangxi quickly handed the thermos cup to Cheng Qinghua.

The director opened the lid and took a sip of hot water, enough to make him stop cursing even for a moment.


The crew was only left with busy murmurs among themselves.

They’re afraid to hit a nerve with the director again, so no one even dared chat.


Cheng Qinghua only saw Qin Lu when he turned around and was about to sit down.

He let out a sigh and said in a cursing manner: “On the second day of our shooting, these guys only gave me too many mistakes to even count.

To think that I was expecting the filming to be finished within three and a half months.”


“Don’t you have enough funds I will transfer more in.” Qin Lu, the star and investor, came to him.


Cheng Qinghua immediately grinned, “I like your generosity.

If any movie investor were like you, domestic movies and TV dramas wouldn’t be so bad nowadays.”


These days, finding an investor who pursues quality and will not interfere in film production is challenging.

Most want to see projects that can make money, but how can they make good films without a budget to start


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Qin Lu said noncommittally, “Are you done”


Cheng Qinghua heard something in his words like a poison dripping out of nowhere.

“What’s the matter”


Qin Lu pondered for a few seconds, “I saw the Moments you posted last night.

You are being serious now, huh”


Cheng Qinghua paused, “It’s not suitable to talk about this kind of topic right now.

We are about to start filming.”


Qin Lu raised his eyebrows, “Your investor is not in a hurry.”


Cheng Qinghua: “Okay.

So long as you are not in a hurry.

Of course, I am serious.

I have thought about it.

Xiao Jiang is indeed a very suitable candidate.”


Qin Lu: “Then how much do you know about him”


Cheng Qinghua thought for a moment and said, “He is good-looking, serious in his work, neither arrogant nor impetuous.”


Qin Lu: “Are you choosing actors for your film”


Cheng Qinghua: “Of course not, but it is undeniable that these are all outstanding qualities that he possesses.

People with these qualities will definitely not be bad as a lover.”


Qin Lu glanced at him and said nothing.


Cheng Qinghua always felt that Qin Lu’s eyes seemed to have other profound meanings.

When he was about to study in detail, he was interrupted by an employee.

As a result, his attention was diverted just like that.


On the other hand, thanks to Qin Lu’s makeup artist, Jiang Liu Cheng’s styling was finished on time.

Jiang Liu Cheng being himself, did not forget to say thank you to the makeup artist.


The makeup artist is a girl who looks soft, cute, and also a little shy.

After Jiang Liu Cheng looked at her, her cheeks turned red as she hurriedly said, ‘you’re welcome.’ 


And with that, Jiang Liu Cheng went out.

There was a group show today, but he didn’t have any part or scene in it.


Xie Bing, the character Qin Lu play, walked out of the court after helping the bad guy get out of the crime.

He was surrounded by reporters who came to hear the news and asked him why he wanted to defend the wealthy second-generation murderer.

It’s a high-profile case that made Xie Bing became famous for this.


Because of this, Xie Bing embarked on the road of helping the wicked to defend themselves and find ways to get rid of their crimes.

He is no longer the young and talented lawyer everyone praises but the kind of person everyone despises.


People who know him mention him with disgust and gloat, unlike before when they could only sing praises to him while dying in envy inside.


This level of play is not difficult for Qin Lu.

In fact, he can play it in one go.

But this scene was still shot thrice due to the fact that there were too many actors involved.

Not to mention Cheng Qinghua’s relatively high requirements; if there is a little flaw, they have to start from the top.


After the scene was over, Qin Lu had almost no expression on his face, and others thought he was angry.


The actor, who caused the repeated takes, was also very uneasy in his heart and even came over to apologize to him.


Jiang Liu Cheng, who was standing by the side, heard this and couldn’t help but glance at Qin Lu.


The latter suddenly met his gaze and involuntarily remembered the sentence he said yesterday, “Woman, you have successfully caught my attention”.

And in almost a second, he came out of Xie Bing’s state.


Zhou Wenbin has been with Qin Lu for many years, so he is more or less familiar with his antics already.

Thus, he was a little shocked to find that he had returned to his normal state directly.


But when his eyes followed Brother Qin’s line of sight to see Jiang Liu Cheng, he suddenly understood.


“Look what I’ve just done.”


Jiang Liu Cheng found that the two of them looked at him strangely.


Qin Lu laughed, “It’s nothing.

It’s just that I seem to have found a way to leave a character’s persona quickly.

I have to thank you.”


Zhou Wenbin thought to himself.

Who would have thought that the best way to make Brother Qin leave his role persona is actually a quotation from a newbie.


Jiang Liu Cheng immediately thought of the sentence he said yesterday, “That sentence is very useful.”


Qin Lu had to admit, “It does work.”


Jiang Liu Cheng “I see.”


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