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Chapter 17- It’s All About Love


Cheng Qinghua’s new movie has just started, and the photo was taken by the crew, so no one doubts his motive for posting this photo.


Zhou Wenbin has been with the group, and he knows how Cheng Qinghua is.

If it was just appreciation, the other party would not have posted this on his circle of friends.

Besides, he was somewhat resistant to blind dates before.


Making movies is Cheng Qinghua’s lifelong dream; coupled with his pursuit of art, he will put twelve percent of seriousness and energy into each film.


In fact, at the beginning of this year, the film Paradise can already be shot, but he had not found the male lead in his mind.

He knows the film will be perfect, and it ought to be.

But because the leads that came up were not as suitable or not perfect as his ideals, it caused a delay in the production for almost half a year.


It shows that he is stubborn in certain matters.

So it is also because of Qin Lu that he promised to have a blind date with Jiang Liu Cheng.


Zhou Wenbin didn’t have to think about it to know that when Cheng Qinghua was making a movie, it was impossible to spend time and energy falling in love with the actor he chose for a role in his film, which was a big taboo in the workplace.


He didn’t expect him to change so quickly, and it wasn’t for the direction he thought.


Cheng Qinghua’s circle of friends is not only praising Jiang Liu Cheng, but Cheng Qinghua is also implying to them that he has accepted the existence of Jiang Liu Cheng as his blind date and intends to be serious.


“It’s strange.

Director Cheng Qinghua still showed a little resistance this morning.

I wonder why he suddenly accepted it.” Zhou Wenbin was a little puzzled.


“It’s not surprising.” Qin Lu returned his phone to him and sat down again, “Jiang Liu Cheng is so good.

He won’t look down on him unless he is blind.”


Zhou Wenbin thought about it too.

If he is a straight man and is on a blind date with someone as good-looking as Jiang Liu Cheng, he would probably want to bend.

Not to mention a man like Cheng Qinghua, who was already one.


“Director Cheng accepted it.

It’s a good thing.

If they make it work, then you can retire with success, Brother Qin.”


Retire after winning merit.


Qin Lu thought of Jiang Liu Cheng’s one-year blind date experience.

He is afraid it is not so easy.


Cheng Qinghua is the director, so he is destined to be very busy with the crew.

But Qin Lu forced him to send a message before.

After seeing the right eye this time, he will take the initiative to send a message without Qin Lu mentioning it.


Cheng Qinghua is also very fortunate.

If Jiang Liu Cheng was not on the set and Jiang Liu Cheng was not an actor, he might not know what to talk about.

However, directors and actors are different.

If they want to speak, there are still various topics for them to cover.

It’ll be a long way road ahead.


Cheng Qinghua: [It is very late.

If there is anything you don’t understand, you can come to me at any time.]


Jiang Liu Cheng: [Director Cheng]


Cheng Qinghua: [You don’t have to call me Director Cheng next time.

I am older than you, so you can call me brother.

Better yet, just call me by my name.

You don’t need to call me Director Cheng in the future.

I’m older than you.

You can call me brother, or just call me by my name.]


Jiang Liu Cheng: [I’ll call you Director Cheng around the crew and while working.]


Cheng Qinghua wanted to get closer to Jiang Liu Cheng, so he wanted him to address him casually.

But he is right; it’s really not suitable to be called like this around the crew.


Cheng Qinghua: [It is fine; you can call me by my name in private.

I still have something to do.

You should  go to bed first.

There are a few important scenes tomorrow.]


After chatting with him, Jiang Liu Cheng cut it out and left their conversation, only to see the message Guo Qifan sent him.


They have a small group of four, and since his blind date with a man was known by only two of his friends, the last one of them could not be shocked.

Especially because of the fact that Jiang Liu Cheng is not even hiding it.


Of course, the one who was most shocked here was Qiao Mei, who was far away from his hometown and didn’t know about it.


When Guo Qifan said it in the group at first, Qiao Mei thought he was joking, but after Zheng Kailin confirmed it, Qiao Mei finally believed it.


Guo Qifan: [Jiang Liu Cheng, how did it feel to be filming with the crew on the first day today]


Guo Qifan: [How did you and Qin Lu get on the hot search Have you seen it His fans are so amazing, you have gained a lot of fans because of it.]


Guo Qifan: [What does Qin Lu look like in real person You two are both eye-catching when you stand together.

You are amazing.

Everyone looks at the two of you in admiration.

And on top of that, no one is comparing you to him.]


Maybe Guo Qifan had said a lot of nonsense already that Qiao Mei, who was full of doubts, finally couldn’t stand it any longer.


Qiao Mei: [How are you getting along with that director, and how is the progress of your blind date


Zheng Kailin: [I’m serious.

Do you think that director is suitable for you]


Jiang Liu Cheng directly ignored Guo Qifan’s questions and replied to the other two instead.


Jiang Liu Cheng: [He is very serious about his work and is very responsible.

We are still in the stage of getting to know each other.

Thus, I am still not that sure whether he is suitable or not for me yet.]


Qiao Mei: [That’s good, but why did you suddenly want to have a blind date with a man I didn’t notice that you have this tendency before.

You rejected all of our seniors and juniors that confessed to you before.]


Jiang Liu Cheng: [When I’m serious about studying, I just want to focus on studying, so I don’t want to fall in love.]


Qiao Mei: [Are you being serious] 


Jiang Liu Cheng: [Look at my name then.]


Qiao Mei: [Okay.

I got it.]


Guo Qifan: [I told you earlier, Jiang Liu Cheng really felt that way.]


Guo Qifan: [To the people who confessed to Jiang Liu Cheng, they would’ve never imagined that if they confessed to him after graduation, they would end up having a chance.]


Qiao Mei: [But now Jiang Liu Cheng has gone to be an actor.

If he falls in love, it will be bad for his publicity.

Fans don’t like their idols falling in love.]


Guo Qifan: [That is right.

This will pose as a problem.

Seeing that Jiang Liu Cheng’s career is getting better and better.

If his relationship with a man ought to be revealed, will it affect his career]


Zheng Kailin: [Jiang Liu Cheng, what do you think] 


Jiang Liu Cheng: [It’s all about falling in love.]


Guo Qifan: […..]


Qiao Mei: […..]


Zheng Kailin: […..]


Qiao Mei: [You are still the Jiang Liu Cheng that I know.

Do what you want and let other people die out of jealousy!]


Jiang Liu Cheng: [If you have something to do, I’ll still help you first.]


Qiao Mei: [I better go.

I don’t want to verify this matter.]


Guo Qifan: [Hahahahaha]


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