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Jiang Liu Cheng: “By the way, Director Cheng, is there any food you dislike that we have to avoid when eating out”


The topic suddenly shifted, and Cheng Qinghua could only reply silence for a couple of seconds before speaking, “It’s not like we have to adhere to a strict diet when eating out, but I prefer spicy food.

What about you” His last sentence seems a little blunt and shows a lack of interest.


Jiang Liu Cheng glanced at his food, his cheeks reddening a little.

“I am not restricting any food that much either.

I can basically eat anything, but if I have to choose… I am mostly fond of sweets.”


Cheng Qinghua saw how Jiang Liu Cheng answered it so confidently.

Some men would of felt embarrassed admitting that they like sweets.

Most of the time, it will even hurt their faces and ego, so they don’t prefer admitting to eating such. 


“Director Cheng Qinghua.” At this time around, a voice interspersed their conversation. 


The two looked up and saw a young actor coming with a script in his hand.


“I have a scene to shoot tomorrow, but I don’t quite understand how this will play out.

I’d like to hear your opinion about it.

I do not know if you’re free.” The young actor’s name is Cai Ze with an expression of ‘I am not disturbing you.’


Cheng Qinghua frowned slightly.

He knew that this young actor was crammed in by some entertainment company and his acting skills were nothing but average.


“Which scene don’t you understand”


Cai Ze knew that as soon as he heard that from Director Cheng Qinghua, he had chosen the right time.

When he saw that Director Cheng was willing to talk to a newcomer, he felt that the director should be in a good mood now.


he came over with the mentality of giving it a try and didn’t expect that it won’t work out.


“I don’t understand how to express this quite properly.”


Cheng Qinghua took a look and frowned immediately.

The role itself was not too difficult.

Otherwise, he would not have agreed to let investors fill it in themselves.


“Can’t you understand what you are doing Do you have to walk while sleeping on such a simple day”


Cai Ze was so proud of himself that Director Cheng Qinghua acknowledged him that he raised an eyebrow at Jiang Liu Cheng as if to say that not only he can play this game.

But then, he was stunned after hearing the remark the director spats at him.


Cheng Qinghua has long seen that the actor is out of his mind and must have ulterior motives when he comes here on purpose.

This made the displeasure at the bottom of his heart even more apparent.


He looked at Jiang Liu Cheng who silently buried himself on his dinner.

The director then suddenly felt that it was good to go on a blind date with such a person. 


This is the first time Cheng Qinghua has seriously looked at Jiang Liu Cheng.


Young people are very good-looking, and their appearance is among the best in the entertainment industry.


His character is good, neither arrogant nor impetuous.

What is more commendable is that he works very seriously.


He is earnest about dating and acting.

As long as he is determined to do something, he will carry it out to the end.


If you put aside the identity of the director and actor, Jiang Liu Cheng is really a very good date.


Cai Ze, who was reprimanded, took back the script and left gloomily.

It turned out that to talk to the director easily is such an illusion.

Director Cheng Qinghua was still the same as the rumor, but why was Jiang Liu Cheng alright to interact with him


There are a lot of people who ask this question in their heads.


When they saw the young actor interacting with director Cheng Qinghua, they thought that the director had changed.


But when they saw the same young actor, they concluded that the director hadn’t change a bit still.


“Jiang Liu Cheng, do you want some water” Cheng Qinghua felt that Jiang Liu Cheng more pleasing to his eyes.

He also graduated from Q university on top of all of the brilliant things that he already is.

Such a high-quality person should be cherished wholeheartedly.


When he thought about this, Cheng QInghua’s smile became deeper, while the action of handing water to Jiang Liu Cheng was unconsciously more courteous.


When the crew looked among themselves, they were more than confused.

This must be an illusion.

How come the director is the one being polite to the newcomer If ever, it should be Jiang Liu Cheng pouring drinks for him.


“Thank you.” Their meal was not served with soup, so it’s already given that Jiang Liu Cheng must be thirsty. 


It’s very polite of him to say thank you. 


After accepting this person, Cheng Qinghua thought Jiang Liu Cheng was great.

At first, he didn’t know what to think of such a perfect person, but now he doesn’t understand why he would want to avoid this blind date.


Thinking about this, Cheng Qinghua picked his phone and patted Jiang Liu Cheng.


The sound of the camera snap caught the attention of the latter, resulting in Jiang Liu Cheng to look up at the source of the sound.

Only to find out that Cheng Qinghua was trying to take a photo of him.


Originally, Cheng Qinghua only wanted to shoot Jiang Liu Cheng’s side profile, but unexpectedly, the young man tilted his face.

As a result, his clean and flawless facial features immediately appeared on his mobile screen.

Cheng Qinghua blinked twice at the clear photo as he could see his thick lashes.

It’s so thick that it resembles two fans.


Cheng Qinghua’s heart skipped a beat.

He silently put his cell phone away to try and calm himself.

What is happening It seems like his heartbeat is beating a little too fast than normal.

This is a feeling he had not experienced for many years.


“Director Cheng Qinghua, what’s wrong” Jiang Liu Cheng asked.

From the beginning of their meal, he found the director acting a little bit strange.


Cheng Qinghua was a little afraid to look him in the eye.


I just took a picture of you.

Is that something you’re not fond of Should I not do it again”


Jiang Liu Cheng shook his head as soon as he header it.

“No, that’s fine.”


There is nothing wrong with taking a picture.

Many people secretly took photos of him while he was still in college anyway.


However, Cheng Qinghua can always ask him in advance, which he also thinks is a good way to get better photos.

He seems to be a person who respects others.


That night, after finishing work, Cheng Qinghua posted the photo on his moments, accompanied by a text.

‘Modest, earnest, ad studious.

Not to mention very good-looking.

I haven’t anyone as such for a very long time.’


Zhou Wenbin unintentionally stumbled upon this moment’s post.

Surprise, he could not help but say, “Cheng Qinghua finally accepts the fact that he is going on the blind date.

He is now sharing him in public.”


“What did he send” Qin Lu asked as he placed his signature pen down.


Zhou Wenbin handed his phone to Qin Lu.


Qin Lu’s eyes fell on the phone screen.

There’s the photo of Jiang Liu Cheng with his head down while eating.

The first thing he noticed was the fact that he was holding the chopsticks as if his fingers were like an onion root.


Zhou Wenbin and Cheng Qinghua’s circle of friends slightly overlapped.

So they could see several comments underneath asking who the youth was.



Translator’s Note:

A much more regulated posting schedule would be up soon.


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