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Chapter 16 – Heartbeat 


Qin Lu took the towel off of his face, revealing his handsome facial features with a smile in his eyes.

With that, there was no sign of Xie Bing anymore.


Zhou Wenbin also heard laughter from him and was a little surprised to see Brother Qin do so.

It was also the first time he had seen Brother Qin play out of the character so quickly when he played such a role with strong inner feelings.


“How did your agent find you this kind of role” Qin Lu stretched out his hand to Zhou Wenbin, who immediately brought a bottle of unopened water to his grasp.


Jiang Liu Cheng looked at Zhou Wenbin.

“Not every agent has the strength of Brother Zhou.”


“Do not overpraise me.

I’m just your average agent.”


Zhou Wenbin was delighted to hear this.

Why did this man’s mouth suddenly become so sweet


Qin Lu glanced at him, “The main thing is that the artists are more competitive.”


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded his head.

“It’s really me that is the problem.”


Qin Lu:  “I didn’t say that it’s you.”


Jiang Liu Cheng: “I know.

But what I’ve said is also true.”


Qin Lu looked at the youth’s serious face and gradually fell silent.


When Zhou Wenbin saw brother Qin speechless for the first time, he flashed a thoughtful expression toward Jiang Liu Cheng.

He could not help but respect him.

He had a premonition that he might see more firsts in the future because of this youth across from him.


Jiang Liu Cheng’s takes ended early.

Cheng Qinghua understood that he was a newcomer and did not have much experience in the crew, so he did not arrange more roles for him on the first day.


But instead of leaving, he stayed with the crew and watched the others play until the sun went down.


On the other hand, Qin Lu has more scenes.

He is the main protagonist of the film, after all.

Plus, he is the one who can work more, regardless of the workload.

So the first day for him is an endless shot of his scenes.


The good thing is that the movie emperor is more than capable that by eight o’clock in the evening, the shoot was finally wrapped up for the day.


Cheng Qinghua finished watching the last shots taken for the day as he nodded in satisfaction.

He was about to say something when he suddenly noticed Jiang Liu Cheng move and sit next to him. 


Because he was too absorbed with work, he did not notice him at all. 


“Why are you still here” Cheng Qinghua asked softly.


“I was waiting for you.” Jiang Liu Cheng replied.


Cheng Qinghua didn’t react much: “Why are you waiting for me”


“Aren’t we on a blind date just recently We should spend more time with each other and decide whether we are suitable for each other or not.” Jiang Liu Cheng said as if reminding him.


Cheng Qinghua: “Right…”


“It is necessary to spend time with each other, but you’re so busy at work during the day that we don’t have the chance to interact even with the tiniest of bit.”


‘Is that why you are trying to catch me off work’ Cheng Qinghua asked mentally.


His expression is just indescribable as he eyes Jiang Liu Cheng.


“What’s wrong” Qin Lu came over as if on cue.


“We-” Jiang Liu Cheng was just about to speak when the other party cut him off in mid-sentence.


“Jiang Liu Cheng and I are going to have dinner.

We have been so busy all day that we didn’t have time to talk.

Would you like to come and join us”


Qin Lu, the matchmaker, was delighted to say: “I decline.

You should go and eat together.”


Cheng Qinghua: “…..”


And so, they went to eat dinner.

They have the crew’s dinner set, but they both share the same table as they munch on their food. 


When the crew saw them sitting together for dinner, they were all a bit weirded out.

It seemed that Jiang Liu Cheng took the initiative to fond and dine with Director Cheng Qinghua.

Still, the director didn’t seem annoyed or anything about that at all.


“I have never seen such a brave actor climb his way all the way to the director in such a straightforward manner to build connections.

And surprisingly, Director Cheng Qinghua doesn’t even look bothered by it. 


“I remember back when we were filming The Bottom One.

Several actors wanted to take advantage of the director, since they thought the film would eventually be a big hit.

They were not wrong about that in the long run.

So they tried smooching off Director Cheng Qingua as they tried to get into his good side.

Unfortunately, an actor came under fire, and Director Cheng Qinghua scolded him bitterly.

He stated that the actor’s line of thought should be devoted solely to filming and not other ulterior motives.

He also added that the actor is only wasting everyone’s time and effort.

Director Cheng Qinghua scolded him so badly that the actor wanted to dig a hole in the ground.”


“Can I also try to catch Director Cheng Qinghgua’s good side” A young actor stepped into the conversation, itching to get his hands on the opportunity the director might be able to provide him to further up his career.


“Well, if you have a face like Jiang Liu Cheng, then you’re more than welcome to try.” 


“Excuse me.

I think I will go then.”


On the other hand, Jiang Liu Cheng did not know that he had once again become the protagonist in everyone’s mouth.

While opening the plasticware, Cheng Qinghua watched Jiang Liu Cheng.


The young man was the best-looking man he had ever seen and had a talent for acting.


The only thing he did not expect was for this such young and handsome man to be so adamant about going on blind dates and doesn’t see as if anything was wrong with it. 


“How did you feel about filming today Is it different from what you are normally accustomed to” Cheng Qinghua habitually asked with the same tone he uses when he is directing. 


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded: “It’s different.

In my previous plays, the director seldom shouted.

They also wouldn’t mention to the actors what they didn’t do and should’ve done.

It’s mostly a smooth shoot as it’s easily get wrapped up as well.”


“It’s possible that the directors themselves are not strong or good enough to tell whether the acting is good or bad.

This kind of thing is normal in every industry and profession.

Some actors have good and bad acting skills.

This also applies to directors.

If you want to make a magnificent film, the director and the actors must complement each other.” Cheng Qinghua said calmly.


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