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Meanwhile, Wang Jiajun is said to have been taken away by the door-to-door policeman while playing video games at home.

The news spread in several WeChat groups.

It was working hours during the day, and many tenants were busy working, but they took the time to eat melons one after another during their break times.

“Does anyone know what happened to Wang Jiajun”

“I have heard that he had gotten himself too drunk with his friends.

They were so drunk that they maimed the people who passed by, and bullied the girls outside the bar.

I heard that someone had called the police on them, and they’re knocking on them door to door.”

“I also heard that the matter is quite serious.

Wang Jiajun might go to prison this time.”

Everyone had only bits of the news.

They didn’t discuss it deeper, but anyone could tell that they were a little bit enthusiastic about the situation.

It’s just for the reason that Wang Jiajun likes to pretend that he is a trigger simply because he is the son of the landlord.

And because of this, many tenants have been annoyed with him.

Most especially the female tenants.

These beautiful ladies have been receiving harassment from Wang Jiajun whether they have boyfriends or not.

Some even went ahead to complain to the landlord, but the landlord can’t particularly control his son how to behave like a real man.

Many people thought that something would happen sooner or later because of his virtue, but they didn’t expect it to come so soon.

The news in the group brushed through very fast.

Jiang Liu Cheng is also in the group, but he usually shields the group’s notification.

He only takes a look at it when the landlord has some important notice for them.

He didn’t go to see the group chat today either and for that, he doesn’t know what happened.

He has other things to do today.

The last time he told the matchmaker the result of his blind date, he rescheduled him and sent another location for his next blind date to his mobile phone yesterday.

Jiang Liu Cheng came to the address which ends up being a restaurant.

The matchmaker said that the restaurant was specifically by his blind date. 

He came early, and it can only be expected that his blind date is not in the building yet.

Nevertheless, he sent him a message and Jiang Liu Cheng quickly received a message saying that his blind date was already on his way.

Out of courtesy, he did not order immediately.

He waited for nearly an hour, half an hour after the time they had agreed on.

Jiang Liu Cheng once again took out his mobile phone to look at the time. 

As if on cue, four people came in through the door and finally came in Jiang Liu Cheng’s direction.

As they approached, the four suddenly looked at each other, and one of them whispered, “it’s not just a filter.

He is really good-looking.”

“Hello, are you Mr.

Jiang Liu Cheng” One of them came up and asked.

Jiang Liu Orange stood up, “I am.

Are you Miss Chen”

The girl immediately laughed, “I am.

These three are my best friends.

Do you mind if I bring them along”

Out of a man’s gentlemanly demeanor, Jiang Liu Cheng replied that he didn’t mind.

Meanwhile, a familiar black car was parked outside the hotel.

Qin Lu is sitting in the back and is looking into the hotel through the window.

The hotel is covered with transparent glass on this side of the road, and people outside can clearly see what’s going on inside.

However, because it is a little far away, he can only see the figures inside, but he can’t see their faces clearly.

“Are you sure the person is in there” Qin Lu asked.

The agent affirmed.

“He is in there, and he seems to be on a blind date.”

After he made a mistake once, the agent knew that could never commit a mistake again.

Else, it’s going to be goodbye already.

Getting the affirmative answer, Qin Lu got out of the car directly.

Today, he is wearing a silver-gray sweater and a pair of black trousers.

It’s on his list to dress casually.

In order to avoid attention and cause some unnecessary trouble, he wore a pair of sunglasses and a cap to cover most of his face.

Despite of this, his presence still caught the passerbys’ attention.

They could not help but glance at him a few times than normal.

The agent followed him out of the car and the two of them entered the restaurant.

The agent did the scanning and his eyes fell on the four people on the table near the corner of the wall.

The man of interest is facing them with his back.

“Brother Qin, he seems to be in that corner.”

Qin Lu nodded over to the agent and started walking.

It seems to him that his boss is going to directly confront Jiang Liu Cheng, but he walked past them and sat at the next table.


Jiang, we’ve already ordered.

See what else would you like to eat.” His blind date handed the menu to Jiang Liu Cheng, and then said sheepishly, “We may have ordered a little too much.

I hope you don’t mind.”

Jiang Liu Cheng felt something vaguely when he heard this sentence.

Just then, there was a low and beautiful voice behind him.

“When you go on a blind date, will you be happy if your blind date brings a bunch of companions to eat”

Only the other person replied, “No.

Gosh, there are people who are so thick-skinned nowadays.”

Jiang Liu Cheng only knew that there was a table behind him, but he didn’t expect them to speak.

He glanced sideways and happened to see a pair of long legs with nowhere to be placed under the table.

The four girls sitting opposite him realized that they were mocking themselves.

Despite such small thoughts, their face scrunched up a little when they were told to their faces.

“Who are you talking about” one of the tough girls stood up and held her ground.

Qin Lu and his agent next door just glanced at her and did not speak.

“You know these people, don’t you You wanted to embarrass us on purpose.

I just wanted to test you.

It seems that now it makes sense why you go on so many blind dates and nothing works out with you.

There is no need for this blind date to go on.

Let’s go, girls.”

Jiang Liu Cheng’s blind date hasn’t really had the chance to say anything since they got there.

And it seems like she doesn’t have a say in this either.

As soon as her best friends finished, they all left together. 

The agent did not expect that they would spoil their blind date as soon as they came, and they were a little afraid to look at Jiang Liu Cheng’s expression.

When Qin Lu first opened his mouth, he actually wanted to complain that he had never seen a blind date as rude as them, but instead, he took the initiative to apologize.

“I’m sorry to mess up your blind date and get you misunderstood.” Qin Lu took a look at the boy and then bowed his head slightly.

Jiang Liu Cheng shook his head.

“Don’t apologize.

I didn’t think it would work.”

The girl he is on a blind date with doesn’t seem to have any thoughts of her own.

She only listens to everything her best friends tell her to. 

“My name is Qin Lu.” Qin Lu revealed his name. 

The agent on one side stared at Jiang Liu Cheng to see how he would react when he heard the name.

Jiang Liu Cheng immediately recognized him, “So it’s you.

I know you are the actor Qin Lu.”

Qin Lu “If you know me, then you remember that you saved me last November.”

Of course, Jiang Liu Cheng remembers, but the other party left quickly.

First, he didn’t really know that he was Qin Lu.

But after some time when he saw him on TV, he recognized that he was the same person that he saved.

He turned around and looked directly at Qin Lu.

The real person was indeed more handsome than on TV.

Qin Lu looked at the man in front of him, and the man in the photo was nothing compared to when you are seeing him up close and in real life. 

The young man has crisp short hair with a pointed nose.

The outline of his face is also exquisite.

Then there‘s also his overall facial features that are just so perfectly assembled.

To be honest, it’s hard to distinguish whether he is a man or a woman.

But within an angle,  his jawline seems to be able to cut anything.

His facial features assemble him to be a heroic and vigorous man, to say the least.

At first glance, it seems that you can’t tell the difference between gender, but at a second glance, you will never admit your mistake again.

He is the epitome of perfection. 

“Well, you saved me.

I owe you a favor.  If you have any wish, then I could help you with it.”

Qin Lu felt very at ease.

He felt like this young man in front of him is like his savior- his knight and shining armor to some extent.

Actually, no.

He believed that if other people had passed by there at that very moment, they would’ve come to rescue him too, so it’s not much of a big deal.

“I don’t like to owe favors, that is all.” Qin Lu added.

The two men looked at each other. 

“I have some resources, maybe I can help you with anything.” He insisted.

Jiang Liu Cheng was very surprised that the movie star would eventually introduce him to a blind date.


Author’s Note:

Qin Lu: I have some resources, maybe I can help you with anything.

Jiang Liu Cheng: Okay.

May I make a request

Qin Lu: Fire away.

Jiang Liu Cheng: I’m fine whether it will be men or women.

Qin Lu: ……..


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