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At this time around, Jiang Liu Cheng has just finished his part.


Cheng Qinghua did not arrange too many performances for him on his first day with a fear that Jiang Liu Cheng was still not used to working with such heavy intensity since he was a newcomer.

So, he planned to increase the workload as the shoot progressed. 


“How are you feeling today”


Qin Lu saw the young man drinking water, so he went to talk to him.

He ignored other people gawking at them.


Jiang Liu Cheng drank the whole water bottle.

He turned it down when he heard Qin Lu’s voice nearby.

“It is quite enjoyable, unlike when I was filming before.

Everyone here is outstanding too.”


“Director Cheng Qinghua has relatively high requirements for actors.

If you don’t act well, you will be scolded.

Wait a few more days, and you will know that most directors have a bad temper when they shoot.” Qin Lu said with a smile.


Jiang Liu Cheng had a slight mishap in the shoot earlier.

Did Qin Lu just ask him to be more considerate of Director Cheng QInghua “It’s alright, I understand.

It’s not that easy to make a good movie.

Besides, Director Cheng Qinghua is also working very hard.”


Qin Lu: “If everyone else present here is like you, then everyone would be happy.”


At the other side of the studio, Cheng Qingua suddenly sneezed.

He then glanced over at Qin Lu.

He did not understand why he made the matchmaker actor angry again.


Nonetheless, Jiang Liu Cheng was through for the day.

They were to shoot Qin Lu’s parts.

Even so, Jiang Liu Cheng had chosen not to leave just yet.


Although Jiang Liu Cheng has a lot of theoretical knowledge, he still lacks practical experience.


The crew also watches and analyzes, Qin Lu’s strong performance.

Not only does Jiang Liu Cheng, but also the young actors cherish this opportunity.

Everyone stared at the distance even if their roles on the set are through.


Jiang Liu Cheng looked at Qin Lu shrouded in the spotlight.

When he had met him for the first time, he didn’t really get the chance to properly look at him.

The great Qin Lu, huh


When the man is under the spotlight, his deep facial features became even more structured.

When he frowns, the momentum that comes from him will only make his audience feel more frightened as they get too emersed and sympathize with the emotion he is projecting.


This feeling is not due to the suppression of the superior to the lower but a simple fear of those who do not want to be killed on set.


But for Qin Lu, it is a different experience.


In reality, although Qin Lu’s performance and charisma are more powerful, he always senses the silence on the other side as if he is always walking in a quiet deep alleyway alone.


In this scene, Xie Bing, a lawyer played by Qin Lu, goes against his will for the first time to help an evil man out of guilt, who not only pays handsomely but also promises to find the most suitable heart source for his brother.


Looking at the smiling face of the other party, Xie Bing, who was obviously disgusted in his heart, was forced to bow to reality, that kind of forbearance and reluctance, as well as complex emotions such as guilt in the face of the plaintiff’s family.


It is tough to act, but if Qin Lu does not project it correctly, the depth of the character will be destroyed.

It’s a good thing that a mishap like this won’t ever happen to Qin Lu.

His performance is always spot on.


At sunset, Xie Bing gazed at the rich second generation, who left with laughter.

His pupils were as black as night as the figure was gradually swallowed by the night.


Obviously, both mentally and physically, he hated to do such a thing.

However, he still became the kind of person he once disliked the least.


It was not until the director shouted a cut that everyone seemed to return back to reality.


When Qin Lu came over, a group of people immediately gathered around him.


“As expected of Emperor Qin.

He hasn’t acted for two years straight and yet, he is still the most magnificent.” An old actor praised sincerely with a smile on his face that seemed to have a feeling that the back waves of the Yangtze River pushed the front waves.


“You’re still so precise about the details.”


Qin Lu said thank you, but there was not much expression on his face.

Others didn’t feel anything.

Everyone who has worked with him knows that he does this every time he finishes such a scene. 


Cheng Qinghua worked with Qin Lu once, so many members of the crew knew this, and no one bothered him after that.


Qin Lu walked out of the set and sat down on a chair.

Zhou Wenbin immediately brought him a warm towel to cover his face with it.

Qin Lu remained motionless after.


The noisy voice of the crew seemed to die down slowly.


Just then, Jiang Liu Cheng came over.


Zhou Wenbin saw him and made a whispered gesture.


Jiang Liu Cheng, as he expected, whispered, “Has he always been like this”


Zhou Wenbin: “Yes.”


Jiang Liu Cheng glanced at Qin Lu again, and continued to ask in a low voice, “Then why don’t you change the acting method”


Zhou Wenbin opened his mouth but could not say anything.



How does he know that there is an acting method that can be changed just by saying so


Jiang Liu Cheng seems to see through his mind, “I have tried this immersive acting method before.”


Zhou Wenbin: “And then what”


Jiang Liu Cheng sighed.

“Is there a method to get out of the scene easier”


Zhou Wenbin:  “Ah, this kind of acting is generally complicated to get out of the scene, right The entertainment industry has many actors using the immersion style of acting, eventually leading to their need to spend more time to get out of the scene.”


Jiang Liu Cheng gave him a deep look and said, “That’s a shame.”


Zhou Wenbin always felt that his expression was a bit strange, “But most of their entry into the scene is usually not that deep enough.”


The actual fact is that you can find many people who cannot get into the business because of this.


Jiang Liu Cheng was stunned for a moment.

“What you said is a little reasonable.

From this point of view, Emperor Qin Lu is very powerful.”


Zhou Wenbin: “Of course, my Brother Qin Lu is very powerful.

He is magnificent in every role he plays, even if the difficulty level is too high.

After all, he is really emotionally involved.”


Jiang Liu Cheng.

“I couldn’t do something like that.

There are times when I could not even say some lines in a play.

Such as: ‘Woman, you managed to get my attention.’”


Zhou Wenbin was stunned.


How do you want to play this kind of line


There was a muffled hum from the side, like a low laugh that couldn’t be kept in.


Qin Lu went out in a second.


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