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Chapter 15 – Trick in a Second





When Boss Zhou suddenly received the phone call, he was startled and almost fell from his chair.


Since Jiang Liu Cheng’s contract termination, he has been hesitant to tell Lady Mo.


The Mo family has the money.

They’re also tied up to a lot of industries involved in entertainment.

With the strength of the Mo family, it only takes a minute to win a person’s popularity.


In fact, Boss Zhou doesn’t understand why Mrs.

Mo would bother with Jiang Liu Cheng, make sure he only gets minor roles, and even hide him when he knew that the Mo family already had a lot of resources to deal with.


When he discovered that her husband was a businessman and an invincible businessman, he naturally thought carefully about it.


Initially, he wanted to cultivate Jiang Liu Cheng so that Zhou Sheng Entertainment would solidify its entertainment industry base.

But since this method with being some gruesome work, he decided to cooperate with Mrs.

Mo and have it all differently.


With the resources the Mo family has given his business, Zhou Sheng Entertainment can reach the height he wants faster than by retaining Jiang Liu Cheng as one of his.

After all, it costs to cultivate Jiang Liu Cheng.

Still, there was no need to use Jiang Liu Cheng to exchange resources with the Mo family, so it worked for him quite well.


Thus, the two sides reached a happy cooperation agreement.


Boss Zhou thought there was at least a year left to play on this agreement, but who knew that Jiang Liu Cheng had so much in mind Now, he is thinking of ways how he could hide it, but only a few days later, Lady Mo has already learned about the situation. 


“Don’t be angry, Mrs.


I did what you said.

I haven’t given Jiang Liu Cheng any job this year.

They are all small roles.

Is there any misunderstanding”



Mo sneered.

Does he think that she doesn’t know anything about the entertainment industry “Do you know who is Cheng Qinghua’s supporting actor in his second film”


“Who is his supporting character” Boss Zhou asked foolishly.


Boss Zhou, of course, knows who Cheng Qinghua is.

He became a new director in the entertainment industry because of one movie, and his second film was also highly anticipated.

He sent the company’s artists over when he was openly casting, but without exception, he was defeated.


“Jiang Liu Cheng is now the supporting character in Cheng Qinghua’s new film.

It’s all over the hot search.

Meanwhile, you, the boss, won’t even know anything about it” Mrs.

Mo asked angrily.



Zhou shook his head and knew that Mrs.

Mo wouldn’t lie about it.

But he still looked through it.


The hot search for Jiang Liu Cheng and Qin Lu has climbed to seventh place already.


He recognized the young man in the picture at a glance.

When he then read the comments below, his eyes suddenly turn dark.


He finally understood why Jiang Liu Cheng suddenly terminated his contract with the company.

It turned out that he did not know when he climbed the big tree of Cheng Qinghua.


He terminated the contract so that the company won’t be able to get a piece of the pie.


At the thought of this, Boss Zhou’s eyes feel like they are bulging out of his eye socket in shock.


He not only let Jiang Liu Cheng successfully terminate the contract but also lost a sum of money in order not to make a big deal out of it.



Mo, I really don’t know anything about this.

Because a few days ago, Jiang Liu Cheng terminated his contract with the company.

I was just about to tell you about it.

At that time, he was so determined to cancel the contract that he did not hesitate to pay the liquidated damages.

I thought it was strange, but I did not expect him to get the role in Director Cheng Qinghua’s new film.”



Mo did not know that he had only told her half of the truth.

As soon as she heard that Jiang Liu Cheng had terminated his contract with Zhou Sheng Entertainment, she realized that Jiang Liu Cheng had gone beyond her control.


Boss Zhou is also an expert in this respect, so it was easy for him to blame everything on Jiang Liu Cheng.

As for whether Mrs.

Mo will confront Jiang Liu Cheng, well it’s for another conversation.


He was unsure if Mrs.

Mo had spoken with Jiang Liu Cheng.

The truth was that she had never had contact with Jiang Liu Cheng for many years now. 


“How did he manage to get a connection with Cheng Qinghua” Mo Yi said with a deep frown plastered on his face.


“Honey, no matter how he gets in touch with Cheng Qinghua is not important.

Cheng QInghua is not our goal.

This time, when you get to the opening of the market, try to get in touch with Qin Lu.

As long as you caught Qin Lu’s eyes, there is nothing you can’t get in the future.”


Mo Yi knows that this is the truth.

He is angry.

If the supporting role was not robbed of him then he can be sharing the same set and crew with Qin Lu now.

Not to mention the fact that he won’t have to think hard about how he could get close to him too much.


From the very beginning, Jiang Liu Cheng was incidental to them.

The real target of the mother and son is Qin Lu. 


Gossips and rumors have already been going around that Director Cheng Qinghua has been meaning to ask Qin Lu to be the male lead for his film again.

So the plan is that if Mo Yi could join the crew, then he would get close contact with Qin Lu.

That is why Morse Entertainment has been actively helping him to get the role of the male brother of the protagonist, Xie Fei.


Who knew that Jiang Liu Cheng would come along and be the one to kill his chances off as he takes the role away


On the other hand, Boss Zhou started calling Li Qiu.


It only rang twice before a beeping sound was heard.


He called again, but he couldn’t get through anymore.

He was already blocked. 


Li Qiu was aware that Boss Zhou had called at this time of the day because he had just seen the hot search on Weibo and wanted to ask about the details.

Although he wanted to mock him very much, he would be less suffocated if he did not answer the phone.

He already felt better anyways, so he simply blocked him so that he could not say a word.


Because of this, Boss Zhou was really furious.

He called Jiang Liu Cheng next, but of course, he couldn’t get through as well.


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