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Jiang Liu Cheng nodded: “Thank you.”


Liu Yangxi said with a smile, “No worries.

You should take some rest first.  Just call me or send me a message if you have anything you need.

You can go to the crew if you want.

Just go downstairs and go to the left.

It’s easy to find the crew.”


The two then exchanged phone numbers and added each other on WeChat.

Just as Liu Yangxi was going downstairs, his cell phone rang.

As soon as he saw that it was Director Cheng Qinghua, he immediately picked it up and thought that the director had something important to say.


“Xiao Liu, have you already brought Jiang Liu Cheng to the hotel”


“I’ve brought him in already, director.

It has been arranged already that he is to stay on the same floor as you and Qin Lu.”


At that same time, Cheng Qinghua gave an order with an unpleasant look on his face: “Well, go and buy some food for him.

He has been on the plane all morning and probably hasn’t eaten yet.

Remember to tell him that I’ve asked you to deliver it to him.”


Liu Yangxi hung up the phone with a bewildered face.

The director is too sweet.

He has to deliver food.

Is it possible that Jiang Liu Cheng is a relative of a powerful family The rich second generation has come to experience life in the entertainment industry.


Of course, Jiang Liu Cheng has no idea about it yet.

After he put his things away and readied himself to go down for a walk by starting heading down the stairs when he saw Liu Yangxi.

He had just left before and yet he is hurriedly running over with a bag of things.

After standing in front of him, he handed him the bag.


“Director Cheng Qinghua asked me to buy it for you.

He was afraid you hadn’t eaten yet.

The dumplings in this restaurant are quite delicious.

Everyone liked them.

Well, if you don’t like it, I can buy something else for you.”


In view of the director’s special attitude towards young people, Liu Yangxi dared not snub him.


“No, the dumplings are okay.” Jiang Liu Cheng took the bag and said, “Thank you.”


“No, no.

You don’t have to thank me.”


After Liu Yangxi left, Jiang Liu Cheng found a place to sit down and eat the dumplings.

He had eaten on the plane beforehand so he was not very hungry, but he didn’t want to waste the kindness of others. 


After eating the dumplings, he sent a message to Cheng Qinghua to personally thank him for what he had done.


Cheng Qinghua may be busy and won’t be able to reply to his message. 


Jiang Liu Cheng put away his phone and prepared to go around the set to get familiar with it in advance.


As Liu Yangxi said, turn left out of the hotel gate and it’s easy to find it after a long walk.


Tomorrow will be the start of the shooting, so at this time around, the crew staff is busy.


Jiang Liu Cheng wanted to go around by himself, but Liu Yangxi spotted him and immediately trotted over.


He was so attentive that in the eyes of the other employees of the crew, he had home to come and accommodate some big shot.


But it only turns out to be a young strange-looking brother that they have no idea who is. 


Upon further inquiry, they learned that his name was Jiang Liu Cheng.


People who know something about it suddenly show a clear expression, while those who don’t know are asking.


“I also recently learned that there is a character in Paradise who was supposed to still be unavailable.

It’s the hero’s younger brother.

Mo Yi was the star being considered for this role, but the director always felt that Mo Yi’s image did not match enough for this role, so he was hesitating.

But Mo Yi and his company both felt that the role must be theirs until a few days ago, the director suddenly said that there was a candidate for this role already.

He then turned down Mo Yi’s company.”


“Mo Yi’s family can definitely back him up and take the role if they wanted to.

Does this mean that person’s background is more influential than Mo Yi’s”


“I don’t know.

It’s very mysterious.

I haven’t heard much about it before.

Maybe his family is more powerful than Mo family.

Look at assistant Liu Yangxi.

He is so polite to him.”


“But it is certain that he and Mo Yi’s beams must have been formed.

I heard that after the incident Mo Yi’s company quickly gave him a role in another big director’s new film.

It was also shot here.

This collision will eventually turn into something good and news-worthy.”


Some people googled him and found Jiang Liu Cheng’s Weibo as well as the termination statement he posted about Zhou Sheng Entertainment, a company they know.

It became more famous last year due to hype.


They did not expect that Jiang Liu Cheng was once an entertainer of Zhou Sheng Entertainment.


They all watch Assistant Liu Yangxi and he looks like a fool, bowing over to Jiang Liu Cheng like crazy.


However, there are rich second generations who act in a high profile when they enter the entertainment industry and do whatever they want to their family background, such as Mo Yi, and there must be rich second generations who do not want to rely on their families and are low-key and careful.


Jiang Liu Cheng was ignorant that in others’ minds, he has become a low-key rich second generation.


He asked Assistant Liu Yangxi to mind his own business and took a turn in the crew.


The crew was more enthusiastic than he thought.

As they saw that he was interested in their stuff, they actively introduce themselves and their work on the set.


In less than half a day’s work, he got to know the situation of the crew.


It was eleven o’clock at midnight when Qin Lu got off the plane, and twelve o’clock when he arrived at the hotel.


His arrival did not alarm anyone.


Only Jiang Liu Cheng, who lives next door, heard a movement and expected that it would be Qin Lu who had arrived.


Maybe he should go over and say hello and thank him But what if Qin Lu is tired after catching a plane, will he disturb his rest


Jiang Liu Cheng was lying on the bed thinking about it when the screen of his cell phone on the bedside table lit up for a moment.


Qin Lu: [You’re still awake.]


Jiang Liu Cheng did not expect that Qin Lu would send him a message.


Jiang Liu Cheng: [How did you know]


Qin Lu: [The lights in your room are still on.]


Jiang Liu Cheng: [Don’t you take a break]


Qin Lu: [I’ve slept on the plane.

You should go and have some good sleep now.

There will be an opening ceremony tomorrow, and you’ll have to wake up early.]


Jiang Liu Cheng: [Okay.

Thank you.]


Qin Lu: [Okay.]


The two ended the conversation inexplicably.


When Jiang Liu Cheng was about to put his phone down and was about to lie down again, his phone screen lit up yet again.

He thought it was Qin Lu again, but then he found out that it was a message from Cheng Qinghua.


Cheng Qinghua: [good night.]



Author’s Note: 


He was forced to say good morning and good night to Jiang Liu Cheng and make sure to send snacks to him when in fact, Cheng Qinghua is a bottom.


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