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Guo Qifan and Jiang Liu Cheng have known each other since high school.

When he was a freshman in high school, Jiang Liu Cheng was very precocious.

No matter what happened, he could do everything.


At that time, a young man of that age always went home to his parents for everything.

He was the only one who thought of everything by himself.


“Don’t look at me with such pathetic eyes.”


Jiang Liu Cheng saw that Guo Qifan had a flat mouth as he kept on staring at him, enough to send goosebumps all over his skin.


“But you are really pitiful.”


Jiang Liu Cheng “Do you want to make a deposit with me”


Guo Qifan: “No, then I’ll be more pitiful.”


He is an ordinary office worker who has just graduated for a year.

He can’t compete with him.

He doesn’t have the ability to get the agency to compensate him with a sum of money.




A week after the appointment, Jiang Liu Cheng bought a ticket to the filming base one day in advance.


Cheng Qinghua’s new film is about to start filming, and there is a lot of news on the Internet.

A marketing number revealed that the leading actor in the film is Qin Lu.


However, it is regarded as a fake by many people, because Qin Lu has not made a new film for nearly two years.

Although he has worked with Cheng Qinghua, fans know that their idol will not easily work with the same director to make a film, unless the script can particularly impress him.


When Jiang Liu Cheng got off the plane, there happened to be a lot of noise at the airport.

Today’s people are obviously unexpected by bought the airport management and the agency staff.


As he walked out of the airport, he heard screams.


Jiang Liu Cheng looked around and found out that fans of some star are here to pick him up at the airport.

There are fan signs all over, saying how much they love the star.


When Jiang Liu Cheng was about to make a detour, there was a sudden uproar in the crowd, and it seemed that someone had come out.

A girl holding a sign was squeezed a few times and was about to fall to the ground.

He reached out and grabbed her arm waving in the air in time.


The girl was in shock, and when she reacted, she hurriedly thanked him, “Thank you.

Thank you so much.

If it hadn’t been for you, I would have been hurt.”


“You’re welcome.” Jiang Liu Cheng opened his hand and picked up the sign that had fallen on the ground.

It read ‘Mo Yi’s elder brother’s words of refueling’, and handed it to her and said, “Be careful next time.”


The girl took the sign and thanked him again.

The boy was one head taller than her.

She looked up while thanking her.


The boy wears the most popular short hair nowadays, and a few strands of broken hair rebelliously fall from his forehead, like falling in the eyes of the stars.

His facial features are exquisite and beautiful.

And then there’s his smooth and fierce facial features enough to make his masculine features more prominent.


At this time, the boy was bowing his head, and his black pupils reflected the figure of the girl.


The noise around them seems to have disappeared.


The girl watched in a daze for a while until the boy’s voice rang.


“What’s wrong”


The girl instantly regained her senses.

Her face was quickly flushed and her heart was screaming.

She was fascinated by the boy, but she was here to welcome the big star in open arms.


“No, it’s all right.

Thank you anyway.”


Jiang Liu Cheng once again said ‘you’re welcome’ before he completely left.


The girl looked at his back as he left, and when she ran to find her love interest, she heard the other girls say that her love interest had already walked the aisle.

After a moment of disappointment, she took out her phone to share the experience with her best friend, saying that this little brother looked better than her love interest.


Meanwhile, Qin Lu, who had just finished signing a bunch of contracts, finally remembered his matchmaking duties and he called Cheng Qinghua first.


As soon as the phone was connected, Cheng Qinghua’s voice came through first.


“Emperor Qin, as the male lead, when are you going to come over The shooting starts tomorrow ah.”


“I’ll catch a plane at night.” Qin Lu got up and walked to the window as he tried to relieve his fatigue from sitting all morning.

“How was your talk with Jiang Liu Cheng”


There was a quiet pause from the other line before director Cheng Qinghua speaks, “Of course, it was a good conversation.

He told me before that he had booked a flight for today, but I don’t know when it would arrive.”


The agent who opened the door suddenly felt a surge of pressure.

He looked at the tall figure standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window.

Zhou Wenbin couldn’t help but frown as he sensed the bad aura slowly forming around his boss. 


“You don’t know when he will arrive.” Qin Lu’s tone of voice by this time could not be defined as joy or anger.

But the agent who knew him well enough by now identifies it as more of a tone of unhappiness rather than the two. 


“He didn’t tell me.”


“If he didn’t tell you, won’t you ask Do you want a good-looking boy to take initiative to tell you that What’s your use You can’t even pick up the phone to ask him.”


In hindsight, Cheng Qinghua, who was stunned by the roar, remembered that he and Jiang Liu Cheng were still blind dates.

He could tell that Qin Lu was discontented with how this is going.

As a director, he could not take care of Jiang Liu Cheng, but as his blind date, he should.

Jiang Liu Cheng came to his own city and even if he didn’t, Cheng Qinghua should’ve arranged for someone to come and pick him up.


“Cheng Qinghua, you don’t want to go on a blind date with him, do you”


Qin Lu’s voice came from the mobile phone as calm as the lake.


Cheng Qinghua shivered, “Of course, I want to go on a blind date with him.”


As soon as the words fell, the whole crew stopped as if the pause button was pressed upon them.



The author has something to say about Cheng Qinghua who is not a good-looking boy.


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