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Not many people know about the fact that Jiang Liu Cheng saved Qin Lu, and Wang Jiajun happens to be one of them.

Wang Jiajun didn’t like Jian Liu Cheng.

He didn’t like him the first time they met all the way until now.

He was born getting all of this attention from others, while he is the exact opposite of him.

For this reason, he repeatedly finds trouble for Jiang Liu Cheng.

In fact, he even encouraged his parents to raise the rent.

There was a time when Jiang Liu Cheng picked up and helped a blind man go home.

He made sure to mock him for it.

It was not until recently, that he accidentally came across someone that was inquiring about the tenant living in room 3307.

From there, he learned that the blind man Jiang Liu Cheng saved is a rich man and wanted to return the favor.

He was so jealous that he came up with the idea to impersonate and pretend that he is Jiang Liu Cheng.

Technically, room 3307 is the property of his family.

He could tilt the statements a little and stretch out the truth.

It is not wrong of him to say that he is the owner of room 3307.

Because he is an impostor and was afraid of being exposed, Wang Jiajun could not wait to get rid of Jiang Liu Cheng.

Then it finally happened today, he finally came face to face with the man Jiang Liu Cheng saved.

At a glance, he quickly recognized him as the famous award-winning actor, Qin Lu.

After his debut, he immediately starred in a popular movie.

It is rumored that his vision was very fierce.

Because he returned the favor, a TV series also broke through the highest ratings and won a lot of awards.

After realizing these things, he became more determined to pretend to be the benefactor of the actor.

But because he is still afraid of being exposed, he dared not to say much.

His plan is very simple.

After stabilizing his deal with Qin Lu, he will use the fastest way possible to get rid of Jiang Liu Cheng and other people who know about it.

At least, that’s what’s in his head.

Unfortunately for him, Qin Lu unexpectedly denied that he was his savior.

Although it was true, he had chosen not to do anything.

Wang Jiajun smiled stiffly.

“Qin Lu, don’t you remember your car accident last November I saved you at that time.”

Qin Lu’s car accident in November last year did not spread as it was quickly suppressed from the media.

Only a few people knew the inside story.

At that time, Qin Lu had gradually reduced his work, so he did not arouse suspicion during his absence from the public eye.

Fans occasionally speculate and discuss it in a small circle, but that’s the only thing they can do for they don’t know the facts and don’t have hard-proof evidence of it.

It is impossible for ordinary people to know about this.

Wang Jiajun can accurately tell the month of the incident that was in November last year, indicating that they should not have found the wrong person.

The agent was still embarrassed for him, but he suddenly felt sorry for him when he heard this.

However, he also felt that he could not blame Qin Lu.

After all, Wang Jiajun was indeed very creepy, especially when he laughed.

It was understandable that he could not accept it for a while.

Just when the agent was ready to help Wang Jiajun say a few words, Qin Lu suddenly got up and walked out.

“Brother Qin, where are you going” The agent hurriedly asked.

Qin Lu stopped and glanced back at Wang Jiajun, “Go and find out who the 3307 tenant is.”

The agent froze.

Wang Jiajun’s expression became even stiffer.

He thought that Qin Lu wouldn’t notice that he is not the one that really saved him that day.

He thought that he could easily deceive anyone and have this easy until this remark of his.

Qin Lu was confident that he is not the one living in room 3307.

The agent was surprised and a little bit confused, so he then asked a question to his boss.

“How come you know that he is not the tenant in room 3307 And if he isn’t really the one living there, then why would he go so far to pretend”

Qin Lu glanced at Wang Jiajun and revealed a trace of impatience.

“I may be blind that day, but I could definitely still hear.”

With that, he walked to turn the knob of the door and left without saying another word.

The agent looked coldly at Wang Jiajun.

“My apologies, it seems like we are having a misunderstanding here.

No matter, we will find out the truth eventually.”

Wang Jiajun was sweating cold sweat.

“I am really the owner of 3307.”

The agent has been in the entertainment industry for so long.

In his eyes, it is very evident that Wang Jiajun is a little guilty at the moment.

With that, he is very annoyed.

The only person that he can blame was himself.

When he went to Yunhua District to inquire about it, Wang Jiajun jumped out and said that he was the owner of 3307.

He thought that this is going to be a simple business but he never thought that someone would end up pretending to be the person that he was looking for.

To think that he got so lucky finding his person of interest so quickly.

He should’ve known that that’s being suspiciously lucky, and now he disappointed his employer.

It was not only Wang Jiajun who was beaten in the face, but also him.

If it had not been for his incompetence, this would not have happened.

Knowing that he had made a mistake, the broker re-investigated that night and quickly found out the situation.

“The real tenant for room 3307 is named Jiang Liu Cheng.

He started renting it last June.

The landlord is Wang Jiajun’s mother.

Wang Jiajun is the one who pretended to be your benefactor.”

Wang Jiajun wasn’t lying when he told them that he is the owner of room 3307, but he only gave him the half-truth and twisted his words a little.

Having him own the room was entirely a different context.

“According to what I’ve found out, Wang Jiajun hates Jiang Liu Chen.

Since he found out I was looking for him, Wang Jiajun pretended to be him.” The agent started relaying what he had found out.

“Furthermore, Wang Jiajun is most certainly a thug.

He is relying on his parents for money and to be able to fool around.

He is also involved in a lot of trou-”

Qin Lu interrupted his report.

“I don’t want to hear anything about this anymore.

I want to talk about Jiang Liu Cheng.”

The agent understood.

“Jiang Liu Cheng is 23 years old of age.

Coincidentally, he is also a member of the entertainment industry.

He entered the industry through a star scout last year.

Nonetheless, he only played some small roles.

Roles that are just a little bit better than the extras.

There was something in what he said because this has happened to be a convenient coincidence.

If Jiang Liu Cheng is from the entertainment industry, then he should not have failed to recognize him when he picked up his injured body.

When he first learned that he was also a person in the entertainment industry, the agent had some doubts about whether the other party was deliberately close to Qin Lu.

Qin Lu wouldn’t blame him for thinking so.

After all, he has just learned from the past.

Qin Lu recognized that there was something in his words, “Since he has recognized me, why didn’t he come to me for so long”

The agent thought for a moment and said, “Maybe he simply just couldn’t get a hold of a big fish like you.”

Qin Lu stared at him and said, “Even if your world is dark, don’t think that everyone else has to live in such a cruel world too.”

The agent: “…..”

The agent felt that he was wronged, and he just made a reasonable guess.


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