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Chapter 9 – I Didn’t Care When I Don’t Like to Care


Sensing that the people in the coffee shop were looking their way, Li Qiu hurriedly pulled back his chair and sat down again.


He re-read the contract carefully to make sure that he was not going blind.

This film will be directed by the director of The Bottom, a film hit two years ago.

This second film that Cheng Qinghua will do is about to start any time soon. 


As an insider, Li Qiu has heard the news about it for a very long time now. 


When Cheng Qinghua’s new film started casting, many companies were ready to get wind of it.


They all want to cram their artists into his movie.  Some companies even go there with money just to give their artist a second glance.


He has never seen this kind of treatment before the big director’s movie starts.


Who would have thought that a new director who has only made one film can do this very well.


Now that there is a hot bonus to the first movie, his second film is naturally highly anticipated, and it is almost impossible to get a piece of the meat with so many people staring at it.


Large companies with backgrounds may not be able to get the role they want, what more small companies and artists with no connections.


Li Qiu thought Jiang Liu Cheng only got an ordinary role.


But when he knew that the identity of the character was the protagonist’s brother, he realized that this was not a role that could be finished in a day or two.


Unless in the setting of the script, the protagonist’s brother passed away long ago, then it’s a role that lives in the memory, and the scene usually won’t have a lot of parts.


“How did you get this role Do you know director Cheng Qinghua”


Li Qiu was too shocked inside and completely forgot to answer Jiang Liu Cheng’s question from earlier.


“I didn’t know him before.

But after we met, we’ve gotten to know each other.” Jian Liu Cheng stated.


Li Qiu: “How long have you known each other”


“For less than a week.” Jiang Liu Cheng answered as if it’s not much big of a deal.


Li Qiu: “…..”


Come to think of it, if he had known Cheng Qinghua for a long time now, he wouldn’t have just gotten the role now.


Li Qiu thought about it and asked, “How did you meet”


This contract looks like the real one, but just in case it’s fake.


Jiang Liu Cheng:  “On a blind date.”


Li Qui was glad that he wasn’t drinking coffee at that time.

Else, it would’ve been a coffee shower for Jian Liu Cheng.

“You’re still doing blind dates” He asked with a complicated expression.


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded and replied.

“I’ve been on blind dates still.”


Li Qiu was a little speechless and could not help remembering that he had just met Jiang Liu Cheng. 


He happened to find Jiang Liu Cheng on the road coincidentally.

At first, he has no interest in joining the entertainment industry.

Well, not until he kept pestering him for it.


However, unlike those starlets who dream of entering the entertainment industry, Jiang Liu Cheng does not have any ambition.

He takes whatever role was given to him, and he doesn’t care if he doesn’t have lines.

Let alone whether he gets cut on the final editing or not. 


Li Qiu thought he had picked up a treasure at that time that he was secretly overjoyed.


Later, when he brought Jiang Liu Cheng to the company to sign the contract, he realized that he didn’t think of it much thoroughly as he should.

But he did say that he is a top student at Q University.


Under normal circumstances though, the company has a lot of requirements for contracted artists, one of which is not to fall in love.


It is still a normal requirement and many artists know this before signing the contract.

In fact, they are already psychologically prepared for this.


So, Li Qui did not expect that the first question Jiang Liu Cheng would raise is about that.

About falling in love right after reading the contract.


He said that he would start dating after graduation and that if he cannot fall in love, then he’d rather not sign the contract with the said company.


Li Qiu was dumbfounded, not just because Jiang Liu Cheng refused to sign the contract.

But because he refused to sign the contract all for the reason of not being able to date.

And on top of that, a handsome man like him is planning to go on a blind date as soon as he graduated.

Like what is that for Who in their right mind would do that


However, he finally compromised with the company.

A star artist who graduated from an institution of higher learning and a school handsome boy is still very attractive to the company.


Later, as long as it was not particularly excessive, the company agreed to some of the questions raised by Jiang Liu Cheng after repeated consideration.


Zhou Sheng Entertainment at that time was not the same as it is now.

Zhou Sheng Entertainment was just a little-known small company, and the company also regarded Jiang Liu Cheng as a straw.


It is not impossible for a traffic star to support a company, and there are precedents in the entertainment industry.


Li Qiu retracted his thoughts and returned to business “You just said that you have read the contract”


Jiang Liu Orange sipped his tea, “I’ve read it, there’s nothing wrong with it.”


Li Qiu nodded and took a glance at him symbolically. 


Since he says there is no problem, it must be that there is no problem.

At this point, he absolutely believes in Jiang Liu Cheng.


Anyone could have been fooled by the contract but him.


Being a top student from Q University is not a joke even if many of the terms of the contract are tacit in the entertainment industry.

If he thinks it is unreasonable, he will draw examples and even recite the corresponding legal provisions for you on the spot.


Because of this matter, Li Qiu even suspected that the company agreed so quickly is because of this reason as well.


If this goes on, Li Qiu has doubts that there are many problems in their contract.

And if they ought to sue the company, he can only wonder if they can win against them.


“The company undermined you, but you didn’t care before.

And now you want to suddenly terminate your contract with them Why” Li Qiu asked curiously. 


“I used to not care.

I didn’t care when I don’t like to care.” Jiang Liu Cheng said calmly.


“So I am assuming that the blind date has been successful.” Li Qiu said.


Jiang Liu Cheng took a pause for a while before speaking.

“I think it was, but at the same time, I don’t think it was that successful.

But it shouldn’t matter that much right now.

When we start filming, we still have a lot of opportunities to get along.” 


Li Qiu is holding the warm coffee cup in his hand, but he couldn’t help but shiver a little.

He took a deep breath thinking of the situation Jiang Liu Cheng would be in.

He is going to date the director while filming with him.

He is afraid that this is unprecedented, and he doesn’t know if that director Cheng thinks the same way.


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