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Chapter 8 – Arrange Yourself


The film The Bottom One is a story about a bottom and because it touched many people’s hearts, it trended worldwide.

This made people strip the director inside and out.


Anyone who has seen this film knows that The Bottom One’s director is a man.


“Well, it is a man.” Jiang Liu Cheng confirmed. 


While Guo Qifan still doesn’t understand the context yet, he spoke: “What’s wrong with a man”


Lao Zheng rolled his eyes.

“Guo Qifan, Jiang Liu Cheng’s blind date is a man.

How did this happen”


Guo Qifan froze: “What the-” He turned his neck to look at Jiang Liu Cheng fully.

“Your blind date is a man.

And on top of that, he is the director of The Bottom One”


“Yes.” Jiang Liu Cheng answered as he nodded.


Guo Qifan was dumbfounded.

“No way, I’ve just said it casually that time when we were talking.”


“And I thought of it as very reasonable.” Jiang Liu Cheng stated.


Guo Qifan:  “…..”


‘Can I take it all back and gag at the same time’ Guo Qifan questioned himself mentally.


When Lao Zheng heard their conversation, he knew that there was obviously something he didn’t know about. 


Guo Qifan shrank his neck and dared not say it.


“I have been doing blind dates for a year without success now.

So, Guo Qifan suggested that he thinks that maybe I am not compatible with girls, saying that it might be easier for me to succeed on a blind date if it was to be a man.

Although I have not tried it before, there is a certain truth to that possibility, so I decided to give it a try.

I let the matchmaker introduce me to a male blind date.”


Lao Zheng: “…..”


Guo Qifan: “…..”


Lao Zheng took a deep breath before speaking sternly: “Guo Qifan.”

Guo Qifan jumped back a few steps in an instant.

“I just said it so casually.

Besides, I told him that I was only joking.

I didn’t know he took it seriously.”


“Don’t scare Guo Qifan.

He only gave me a piece of advice if my blind date continued to be unsuccessful.”


Guo Qifan: “…..”


Lao Zheng lets out a loud sigh before looking at Jiang Liu Cheng seriously.

“A man being together with another man is not as simple as you think.

They will face a lot of pressure from everyone.

You may end up being sorrowful because of that.

Do you not want a happy and warm family”


“A man and a woman together may end up being unhappy with their relationship too.” Jiang Liu Cheng calmly replied.


The atmosphere was silent for a while, everyone seemed to think of Jiang Liu Cheng’s parents.


Only after a long time did Lao Zheng break the weird atmosphere.


“Have you made up your mind”


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded.

“I made my decision after thinking for a long time.”


Lao Zheng also thought that the Jiang Songyi he knows is not an impulsive person.

He is sure that Jiang Liu Cheng’s decisions are made after careful consideration.


Once he decides on something, no matter how others try to persuade him, Jiang Liu Cheng won’t change his decision.

Now that he finally told them, it just shows that he is psychologically ready.


“Do you know how dating another man works” Lao Zheng stared at Jiang Liu Cheng and asked: “How do you feel about this blind date Don’t you feel a little awkward”


“It feels good.” Jiang Liu Cheng walked inside as he spoke.

He didn’t want to stand at the door and talk all the time.


The two men followed him to the living room.


“I don’t feel awkward.

I think the person is quite nice and his professional knowledge is really excellent.”


He even introduced Jiang Liu Cheng to work. 


“Then you have something in common.” Guo Qifan said subconsciously.


Jiang Liu Cheng also agrees with this point.

“Yes, I feel more comfortable with him than doing blind dates with the other girls.”


Guo Qifan closed his mouth again when he heard this.

He felt that it was his fault and accidentally opened the door to a new world for Jiang Liu Cheng.


Lao Zheng suddenly grabbed Guo Qifan by his back collar and smiled at Jiang Liu Cheng: “What about we all have lunch I’ll just go out with Guo Qifan to buy vegetables and meat.”



Let’s celebrate my first blind date with a man.” Jiang Liu Cheng said.


Lao Zheng almost choke on his saliva, but he did not speak again or reply to his statement.

Instead, he went ahead to go out with Guo Qifan.


After coming back, Guo Qifan looked a little depressed.


Jiang Liu Cheng pretended not to see it.


After dinner, Lao Zheng didn’t stay there for too long and left as soon as possible.


When Jiang Liu Cheng returned to his room, Cheng Qinghua just sent him a message, saying that the script for the new film had been sent to his inbox.

Jiang Liu Cheng looked at it quickly and read it several times so that he can start familiarizing himself with this role.

Cheng Qinghua didn’t disclose any other information, but Jiang Liu Cheng didn’t ask any more questions. 


Jiang Liu Cheng opened his computer, downloaded the script, and then printed it out.

He likes to read paperback books anyway, so he immediately dives into it.

Fortunately, Cheng Qinghua’s script is not very thick. 


The printer clicked out the printed paper.

And as if on cue, Guo Qifan appeared near his door.

He knocked against it and then leaned on the door frame to stare at him sadly.


“Jiang Liu Cheng, you have changed.”


Jiang Liu Cheng did not look at him, but he replied: “How so”


Guo Qifan: “When we were attending school, it’s not like no guys were confessing to you, but I didn’t see you talk to them like that.”


When the last paper of his document was printed, Jiang Liu Cheng picked up all the papers and replied to him while reading them: “What did I say”


Guo Qifan spoke aggressively: “That I suggest all of this and that you have to celebrate your first match with a man.

It feels like you are undermining me.”


Jiang Liu Cheng finally looked up at him: “Then take it as an insult.”


Guo Qifan was heartbroken: “No, you don’t even want to comfort me right now.

Do you not cherish me as your friend”


“You’re the one who said that.” Jiang Liu Cheng replied. 


Before he had finished, Guo Qifan suddenly reached out to stop him, “Stop it, I don’t want to hear it.”


Jiang Liu Cheng’s tone softened.

“What do you want to hear from me”


Guo Qifan hesitated for a moment when he heard Jiang Liu Cheng’s statement.

Just when he wanted to say it, he suddenly met his smiling eyes.

He suddenly woke up and knocked his head against the door.

“Since you became an actor, you have become even worse and can lie to others.”


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