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Chapter 7 – It Seems to be Done While It Seems Not Done


Qin Lu was the one who decided where the blind date was being held.

It’s in a nice and spacious coffee shop.


Because Qin Lu is a public figure, he booked a coffee shop with a privacy booth as he usually would.


Jiang Liu Cheng came in early as he always would.

When he arrived neither Qin Lu nor Cheng Qinghua was inside.


About fifteen minutes later, footsteps were heard outside.


Then the door of the booth was pushed open from the outside.


Qin Lu was the first to come in, much the same as when Jiang Liu Cheng saw him for the first time.

He is wearing a black hat on his head and a pair of sunglasses below to block his handsome face.


He is a public figure with numerous fans in reality.

In order to avoid trouble, he has to dress up every time he goes out, otherwise, he will be unable to move.


When he walked in, the person who followed him was Jiang Liu Cheng’s blind date, looking the same as the photo he received last night: with a bit slovenly appearance, especially the handful of beard on his chin.


Although it makes him look a little mature, it is somewhat out of harmony with his facial features, just like a young man trying to pretend to be mature.


The last face is Qin Lu’s agent.

The agent has a wooden face.

No one can exactly identify what he is thinking.

He silently found a corner to stay in.


“You came in early.” Qin Lu commented and went to the position next to Jiang Liu Cheng to pull a chair and sit down.


Jiang Liu Cheng shook his head.

“Not that early.

I just came in.” He said.


With that, his eyes fell on Cheng Qinghua.


Cheng Qinghua noticed him as soon as he came in.

He had not seen a photo of Jiang Liu Cheng beforehand.

Last night, he suddenly remembered that he did not seem to know about the blind date Qin Lu arranged for him.

He wanted to ask Qin Lu for a photo, but he had no intention of getting drunk.


No matter what the other person looks like, all he has to do is walk through the formalities.

He doesn’t care very much, and he’ll know when he sees the other guy.


Cheng Qinghua came over with an indifferent attitude, only to be amazed at the sight of the young man for the first time he laid his eyes on him.


Such an appearance is one of the best among the handsome men and women he has ever seen, and the key to meeting such a gorgeous figure is to go on a blind date.


Cheng Qinghua felt quite novel “Qin Lu, hurry up and introduce me to this little brother.”


Qin Lu had not remembered his identity as a matchmaker, and only after he mentioned it did he remember.


“Cheng Qinghua, his personal information was sent to you last night.

You should have already seen it.”


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded “I’ve seen the movie you worked on with Cheng Qinghua.”


Cheng Qinghua’s eyes suddenly lit up.

“Oh, you’ve seen my movie.

Are you a fan”


Jiang Liu Cheng hesitated for a moment.

“Your directing is very good.

There’s a variety of shots and color filters used.

The composition of the picture is very professional.

I also like the moral of that film.”


Cheng Qinghua said with a smile, “Wow.

You have knowledge about this area.

What do you do”


Jiang Liu Cheng thought that Qin Lu had told Cheng Qinghua about himself, but he didn’t know anything about him.


However, he did not feel that there was anything he could tell him.

Qin Lu was not a professional matchmaker, and if it were not for himself, it would be impossible for him to do such a thing.


“I am 23 years old this year.

I graduated from Q University last year.

I entered the entertainment industry by chance, and now I am also an actor.”


Cheng Qinghua did not know which point to be surprised at for a moment.


Q University is one of the highest-ranking universities in the country, and there are only a handful of actors who have graduated from this university.


The most famous subject in this school has nothing to do with acting.


Yesterday, Cheng Qinghua heard Qin Lu’s agent say that he thought he was just an ordinary person, but he didn’t expect him to be a high achiever.


“Is the reason you’re going on blind dates because your family is in a hurry to get you married” Cheng Qinghua can only think of this reason because he is also often urged to get married by his family.


Unexpectedly, Jiang Liu Cheng shook his head “Just for some personal reasons.”


Cheng Qinghua suddenly turned around and looked aside at Qin Lu.

“So, aren’t you and your agent going to leave us for a moment for us to have some private conversation space”


He really wanted to say it.

It’s just that he thought Qin Lu would go out voluntarily, but he didn’t expect that the other party would just sit still.


Qin Lu raised his legs, his long thighs had nowhere to put under the table.

“Why would I want to go” He asked naturally.


Cheng Qinghua said softly, “The main job of the matchmaker is to introduce.

Of course, after the meeting, you have to leave space for the two people who are on a blind date.

If you don’t believe me, ask Jiang Liu Cheng.”


Qin Lu looked at Jiang Liu Cheng, and the latter nodded to him.

“When I used to go on blind dates, the matchmaker basically left after pulling strings.”


Qin Lu looked a little unhappy.

He wanted to stay and see the situation, but Jiang Liu Cheng said the same thing, so it was not good for him to stay.


Cheng Qinghua immediately winked at Qin Lu’s agent, who also felt a bit embarrassed to stay and watch the two have their blind date in front of them.


“Brother Qin, why don’t we go out first and let Mr.

Jiang Liu Cheng talk to Director Cheng Qinghua himself.”


Qin Lu frowned and, though reluctantly, got up and went out.


The agent also hurried out and helped him with the door of the box.


When the two of them were finally left in the box, Cheng Qinghua began to restore his nature and involuntarily assumed the posture of being a director.


“What roles have you played Can you show me”


Jiang Liu Cheng has never been on a blind date with a man.

Maybe this is also one of the processes, so he casually mentioned several TV dramas he has acted in.


Cheng Qinghua took out his mobile phone and searched it.

He then found out that there were TV dramas that he had never heard of.

Not to mention the fact that some are online dramas.

“What roles are you playing”


Jiang Liu Cheng reported the number of episodes and duration directly and accurately.


Cheng Qinghua was stunned for a moment.

“You went to watch it when it was broadcast”


“Well, yes.

And I will watch it again soon after.” Jiang Liu Cheng answered.


When you watch and analyze a scene, you can learn from it.

Of course, Jiang Liu Cheng has learned it from the professionals.

It’s not like he could apply it to his full potential but since he had chosen this career, he knows that he should do a good job.


Cheng Qinghua didn’t really want to see the scenes, but he had gotten a little interested when he heard him say this.

So, he opened the episode that Jiang Liu Cheng mentioned, and then pulled it to that point in time.


This is a suspense online drama in which Jiang Liu Orange plays a victim who is being hunted and killed by serial killers.


This role of his has the most screentime of all the roles Jiang Liu Cheng has taken over.


Cheng Qinghua only looked at it once, but his eyes could not be removed once it started.


Before opening it, he didn’t hold out much hope.


This online drama was last year, and it didn’t make a big splash after it was broadcast.


Lack of fame means that the quality is not good.


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