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Qin Lu: “Let’s get down to business.

I want to confirm one thing with you when I called you here this time.


Cheng Qinghua: “What is it”


Qin Lu: “Are you gay”


Cheng Qinghua: “…..”


The agent: “…..”


Cheng Qinghua is a little speechless.

“What does it have to do with you whether I am gay or not”


Qin Lu: “It has nothing to do with me, but it has something to do with your blind date.


Cheng Qinghua is even more speechless.

“What blind date When do I have a blind date”


Qin Lu “He has been available since today.

Do you mind if your blind date is a man”


Cheng Qinghua was confused.

“What are you trying to say”


The agent really can’t watch what’s unfolding before him.

“Director Cheng, it’s like this Brother Qin is very interested in being a matchmaker recently, so he wants to introduce you to someone.”


Cheng Qinghua couldn’t help looking up and down at Qin Lu, “You’ve had enough to eat.”


Qin Lu frowned.

“I’m serious.”


Cheng Qinghua: “I think you are seriously robbed.”


The agent said it was hard to disagree, and he also felt that Brother Qin had been robbed.


In ten minutes.


Cheng Qinghua, who knew the cause and effect, looked at Qin Lu in disbelief.

He could not believe that the youngest double-awarded actor in the entertainment industry was going to become a matchmaker.


Although it is to repay the kindness of others, but with the ability of Qin Lu, giving a sum of money is much easier than matchmaking.


“So after you heard the rumor that I was gay, you wanted to introduce me to your benefactor, your little brother, right” Cheng Qinghua asked.


Qin Lu looked at the agent.


The agent immediately ought to look at the sky, but after he could not, he looked at the top of the box.


Cheng Qinghua snorted coldly, “How can the rumors in the entertainment industry be taken seriously”


Qin Lu, “So you don’t like men”


Cheng Qinghua “is alright.”


The agent: “…..”


Does your conscience hurt


Qin Lu’s response is much calmer.

“So that blind date.”


Cheng Qinghua: “I have a condition.

You will retire after my movie.”


Qin Lu stared at him with no expression.


“This is actually not a bad thing for you, and you have not announced your retirement.

I think it will be more perfect to regard my film as your last one.” Cheng Qinghua insisted.


Afraid that these words are not convincing enough, Cheng Qinghua said, “You should really like acting, otherwise you wouldn’t have stayed in the industry for ten years.”


Throughout Qin Lu’s films after his debut, anyone can see his improvement after every film he took.

It is precisely because he focuses on improving his acting skills that it shows that he really loves acting and loves this business.


“Also, you have made a lot of investments over the years and have made a lot of money.

Inheriting the family business should be the icing on the cake for you.

Are you willing to give up the career you love in order to inherit the family business”


Cheng Qinghua did not feel that he was telling a joke at all, but in the ears of Qin Lu’s agent who knew the truth, he felt that if he had a hundred billion groups to inherit to him, he would be willing to give up the career he loved.


“I expect that we will need three to four months to shoot this movie.

And even after you retire, you still have that time before you fully overtake your family business and whatnot.

“ cheng Qinghua said.

“Thus, you still have ample time for this project before you fully retire.” He added.


“I will consider it.”

When Qin Lu finished, Cheng Qinghua’s eyes suddenly lit up.


If he had not wavered, he would certainly not have said he would consider it.


Although the time the two met only came from his first film, it was enough for him to understand Qin Lu.

If he wanted to refuse a person, he would never say that there was room for discussion, and he would not hesitate to reject it.


“Then take your time and be careful.

I’m not in a hurry right now.” Cheng Qinghua is in a beautiful mood since he has now something to look forward to.


After dinner, the agent sent Cheng Qinghua away, who was in a hurry for this sudden shed of hope for his movie.

And he then returned to the booth to see Qin Lu looking at his mobile phone.

With his selfishness, of course, he hoped that Qin Lu would not retire.


“Brother Qin, I think Director Cheng seems to be right.” As he spoke, the agent approached and inadvertently glanced at the mobile phone screen, blaming him for his good eyesight.


He unexpectedly saw brother Qin open Qiandu search and was asking a question.


How to be a good matchmaker.


The agent: “…..”


Are you serious, bro


Qiandu is a reliable search engine, and it gave out results at once.


Qin Lu is browsing these words with a serious look on his face.


After a while, he said, “I almost forgot one thing.

You asked Cheng Qinghua to send a selfie first, preferably a whole-body image.

And make him introduce himself.

I want to know all his information first.

It is said on the Internet that in order to be a good matchmaker, you must first know the information of both sides.


The great Qin Lu is out of order.


He took out his cell phone and called Cheng Qinghua to tell him Qin Lu’s request.


Cheng Qinghua on the other side of the phone was so happy that his agent could hear him unable to control his laughter.


It was as if he was afraid of Qin Lu, turning back on his promise, but in two minutes he called him.

Cheng Qinghua sent his personal information directly to Qin’s Wechat and asked him if he had thought about it.


Qin Lu did not reply, he forwarded the personal information Cheng Qinghua sent to Jiang Liu Cheng.


A few seconds later, Jiang Liu Cheng replied with three question marks.


Qin Lu: [I’ve chosen your first blind date already.

This is his personal information.

Review it and tell me if you think you could try it with him.

If so, I will ask him for you two to meet.



Jiang Liu Cheng was cleaning when he received the message, and his chat with Qin Lu was still stuck in the meeting that they were already friends with when they first added Wechat.

This was the first time they chatted.


Jiang Liu Cheng stared at the photo he sent over.

The man in the picture had a small beard, but he could see that he was not yet old.

His eyes were bright, and his face belonged to the beautiful category.

He looked much more mature because of his beard, though.


Looking at the other party’s self-introduction, he already knows who the man in the photo is, and he has seen the film he directed, in which Qin Lu was starring.


Jiang Liu Cheng: [Are you being serious]


Qin Lu: [What’s wrong with him]


Jiang Liu Cheng: [It’s just that I think the status between us is a little different.]


Qin Lu: [Do you think I might’ve introduced you to someone bad]


Jiang Liu Cheng stared at this sentence.

Jiang Liu Cheng and Qin Lu’s expectations are not quite the same.


Jiang Liu Cheng: [He looks promising.]


Qin Lu: [You do not need to consider him.

Only if you think you like him will we go to the next step.]


Jiang Liu Cheng: [I’ll meet him first.]

Qin Lu: [Good]


Qin Lu replied to Cheng Qinghua after talking with Jiang Liu Cheng.

He asked him to meet with Jiang Liu Cheng first, and if he was sure he could continue to contact him, then he would agree to be the leading man for his film. 


Of course, Cheng Qinghua agreed.

Meeting someone once or twice won’t be a problem.

After all, his movie would still be dragging on.


Qin Lu sent the time and place of the meeting to Jiang Liu Cheng.


The next morning, Jiang Liu Cheng went out with a backpack to go to his appointment.


Guo Qifan came out to wash just in time to see him ready to go out, “Why are you going out so early”


Jiang Liu Cheng “I have a blind date to go to.”


Guo Qifan: “Your new matchmaker is fast enough.

I’ve only introduced you to that girl a few days ago.”


Jiang Liu Cheng also thinks that Qin Lu’s action is very fast.

After all, the other party should be a very busy person.


“I have to go.

See you later.”


“Tell me everything that happened after your return.”



Author’s Note: 


The agent takes the liberty of asking: Are you 1 or 10


Cheng Qinghua: Aren’t you polite Which part of me says that I am a 1, huh


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