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Chapter 6: Keeping Away Your Kindness Is the Best Way to Protect Yourself (1)

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Ji Shui Sheng saw that there were more and more disaster victims. These people realized that the peach blossom Coves team was well prepared, following them over and looking as if they wanted to leave with them.

Ji Shui Sheng could not help but frown. He stopped, turned around, and shouted, “Da Niu, take two men to protect the left side. Yongkang, take two men to protect the right side. Old seven, take two men to protect the back side. Dont let anyone in. Bring your weapons and fight whoever tries to break in! ”

Ji Xiao Ying looked at her brother in confusion. These were all disaster victims, not bandits, so why was her brother treating them like this

Ji Shui Sheng turned his head and saw his younger sister hesitating to speak. He knew that his younger sister was too kind and too innocent. It was time to let her know the sinister nature of the world. He looked at his younger sister and asked, “Xiao Ying, do you want to ask big brother why he didnt let these people leave with us”

“Yes,” Ji Xiao Ying nodded.

Ji Shui Sheng looked at his sisters big, clear eyes. He really could not bear to let her hear this, but he had to harden his heart.

“Xiao Ying, you have to remember that kindness will become a weapon for others to use you. The human heart is the scariest thing to exist, and you can never see through it. Putting away your kindness is the best protection for yourself. These people are now disaster victims. They are pitiful people, but in a few days, they will become crazy due to hunger and cold. At that time, they will be beasts and demons, inhumane and shameless. They will come to rob us of our food, water, and everything they need. If we dont give them anything, they will kill us. Even worse, they will eat human flesh. ”

Ji Xiao Ying was frightened by her brothers words. Looking at the refugees drenched by the rain, she wondered if they would really turn into demons.

Ji Shui Sheng had just finished making arrangements when the refugees wanted to join their group. They were driven away by Yongkang and old seven with sticks and hoes.

Seeing how fierce they were, the escapees did not dare to get close to their group. However, they were still following Ji Shui Shengs team from a distance.

“Increase the speed,” Ji Shui Sheng wiped the rain off his face and shouted at the group behind him.

“Hurry up and keep up,” Old Master Qiu also ordered the people of Peach Blossom Cove with a solemn expression. He agreed with Ji Shui Shengs approach because he had seen the madness of the refugees. When they were extremely hungry, they could eat human flesh, even that of their own children. Those peoples eyes were red, and they were living malicious ghosts.

It was hard to walk on the muddy ground due to the rain. The women, children, and several injured people struggled with great difficulty. Some people fainted, one after another, and were carried by their own men and the men in their clan to continue walking.

No one dared to stop. No one knew if the Earth Dragon would continue to flip over.

This was only the first day of their escape. In the future, they would encounter countless more difficulties on the long escape route. The eyes of the people of Peach Blossom Cove were all dazed. They all treated Ji Shui Sheng and Old Master Qiu as their backbone. If they did not allow them to stop, no one dared to say that they wanted to rest.

After walking for a whole night, they finally left the boundary of Yu City and entered the boundary of Guo City at dawn.

Yu City had experienced a great catastrophe, and while Guo City was also affected, it was not as serious. It only shook slightly, but it had rained heavily all night.

The sky cleared up after the rain, and the sun broke through the clouds and shone on the earth. Everyone felt as if they had returned to the human world from hell.

Ji Shui Sheng saw that he could not find dry land and the villagers were already tired that they could no longer walk. He found a relatively flat place and turned back to shout to everyone, “Lets rest, everyone,”

When they heard Ji Shui Sheng say that they could rest, the people in Peach Blossom Cove could not hold on any longer. They took off their straw raincoats and laid them on the ground, lying on it in a mess.

Looking at these people again, where was their bright appearance from yesterday Their hair was disheveled and their faces were covered in mud. They really looked like refugees now.

The disaster victims who had followed them for the entire night were in an even worse state. When they saw them resting, they also rested. However, no one dared to approach them. They only looked longingly at the supplies they had brought. They were shivering from the cold of the rain for the entire night.

“Yongkang, get someone to set up a pot and cook. Just make porridge. Save your food,” Ji Shui Sheng said to his good brother, Qiu Yongkang.

Qiu Yongkang was the grandson of Old Master Qiu. He was fair skinned, elegant, and well-read. He was always calm and composed, and he did not show his emotions on his face. He was Bai Jiuxiangs favorite disciple.

“Alright,” he said.

Qiu Yongkang nodded and agreed to go find his mother and sister. Aunt Qiu had a great reputation among the women in the village, so she would arrange for someone to cook for them. Ji Shui Sheng could rest assured.

“Old seven, youre in charge of keeping watch. Dont let anyone get close.”

Ji Shui Sheng then instructed his brother, Jiang Lao Qi. Jiang Lao Qi was tall and strong, and his character was rough and straightforward. Since he was young, he liked to play with Ji Shui Sheng and learn martial arts from him. He was a red-faced man.

“Alright. With me around, no one will be able to enter.”

Being entrusted with such an important task by Ji Shui Sheng, seventh brother Jiang was very happy and patted his chest as a guarantee.

Seeing that Ji Shui Sheng had assigned tasks to his two good Brothers, Li Daniu, who was not assigned any, could not wait to ask, “What am I doing”

Li Daniu was also Ji Shui Shengs good brother. His name wasnt simply in vain. Since he was young, he had been able to lift a thousand Jin without a change in expression. He also learned martial arts from Bai Jiuxiang. He had thick eyebrows and big eyes. He had a cheerful personality and was always happy.

“Take two people with you to the river over there to catch fish.”

Ji Shui Sheng pointed at the river not far away. After the heavy rain last night, the river was full of vitality and the water level was high, so there should be a lot of fish.

Li Daniu scratched his head and said to Ji shuisheng with a troubled expression, “Theres no fishing net!”

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“Use the vines to make a fishing net. Go into the mountains to cut the vines.”

Ji Shui Sheng glared at li Daniu. Not using his brain when facing a problem was his big problem.

“Why didnt I think of that Shui Sheng, youre amazing.”

Li Daniu gave Ji Shui Sheng a thumbs up and flattered him with a face full of admiration.

Ji Shui Sheng ignored him. After making arrangements for them, he went back to see the woman he had rescued yesterday. She was still unconscious the whole night.

“Brother, what should we do Big sister is still not awake,” Ji Xiao Ying asked her brother with a bitter expression.

She had just wiped the rain off Su Qings face, but she didnt dare to use too much force, afraid that she would hurt her.

“Give her some water later. Ill go into the mountains to pick some herbs.”

Ji Shui Sheng took Su Qings pulse and his eyes became serious. This womans condition was more serious than yesterday. She was his sisters savior. He had said that he would cure her, so he must not go back on his words.

Yesterday, the Earth Dragon had turned over and injured four people. After being drenched in the rain for a night, the old and weak one had caught the cold wind. These were all in urgent need of medicine, so it seemed that he had to go into the mountains.

“Brother, be careful,” Ji Xiao Ying worriedly instructed her brother.

This mountain was so high, and there were ferocious beasts on it. She was worried about her brother.

“Im fine,” Ji Shui Sheng consoled his sister.

He carried a bow and arrows, a basket on his back, the chopper, and brought two other people into the mountain.

“Brother Shui Sheng.”

Qiu Yue, who was wearing a blue dress, walked over. Qiu Yue was Old Master Qius granddaughter and Qiu Yongkangs younger sister. She had a delicate appearance and a gentle personality. As the two families were neighbors, she followed Ji Xiao Ying and called Ji Shui Sheng big brother.

Qiu Yue handed over a small cloth bag and spoke to Ji Shui Sheng in a gentle voice, “I baked some pancakes when I came out of my house yesterday. Take them into the mountains to eat!”




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