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Chapter 30: Entering the Mountains to Pick Herbs

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“Aunt Qiu, the medicine is gone. I cant do anything about it. Its very complicated to make the pill, and I dont have the herbs needed.”

Su Qings attitude towards Aunt Qiu was pretty good, but her meaning was the same: no medicine.

Aunt Qiu had no other options left. Seeing Su Qings serious expression, it was possible that the medicine had run out. However, she couldnt just leave her daughter like that.

She continued to beg Su Qing, “Then what medicine do you need Should I gather it”

“A lot of herbs are needed to make the pill, and they are not easy to collect. I have a prescription that can stop diarrhea, and it only needs four herbs: 300 grams of white atractylodes, 200 grams of white peony root, 100 grams of orange peel, and 200 grams of radix sileris. Boil it in water and take it,” Su Qing said.

Her cold voice revealed the prescription, but her meaning was clear. She would give them the prescription, but they would have to pick the herbs themselves. Other herbs were easy to pick, but orange peel couldnt be found in this season. The prescription was simple, but the herbs were hard to gather.

Aunt Qiu looked at her in a daze. She only knew the names of the herb orange peel. She had no idea what the others were.

However, she couldnt ask Su Qing to help her pick the herbs. She had just recovered from a serious illness, and it was her own daughter who didnt know what was good for her and didnt take the medicine Su Qing gave her. Su Qing was only doing a favor, not helping out of her duty. No one could say anything.

“Mother, Ill go take a look.”

Qiu Yongkang had heard the conversation between Su Qing and his mother. He didnt come over to beg Su Qing for help, but since Su Qing had given him the prescription, he would go and find the medicine for his sister.

There was no way he could buy it on Chen Pi mountain. The only way was to buy it from the pharmacy in Guocheng, so he decided to go to Guocheng.

Aunt Qiu cried and said to her son, “Alright, Ill go and see your sister. What should I do If she was a mother, she wouldnt want to live anymore. ”

“Mother, dont worry. Little sister will be fine,” Qiu Yongkang consoled his mother in a low voice. She shouldnt have been in any danger when she first started having diarrhea. This place was more than ten miles away from Guo City. If he was quick, he would be able to buy the medicine in four hours.

Before he left, Qiu Yongkang glanced at Su Qing. Seeing her cold expression, he gave up on begging her and rushed back to Guo City.

He had only been walking for two hours, and Qiu Yue was already dehydrated.

Mrs. Jiang was kind enough to feed her with a water bag. However, Qiu Yue did not have the strength to hold the water bag, so Mrs. Jiang poured the water into her mouth. Qiu Yue drank it in big gulps.

She wanted to replenish her energy, but she didnt expect that after drinking the water, her diarrhea would get worse. Her stomach felt like it was being dismembered, and she screamed in pain. Her clothes were soaked in cold sweat, and they stuck to her body.

Ji Shui Sheng had rushed back from the mountains with the medicine. When he heard that everyone had recovered except for Qiu Yue, he was even more convinced that Su Qings medicine was divine.

However, he had also witnessed Su Qings ruthlessness. It was useless to force her to do something she was unwilling to do. Hence, he did not look for Su Qing again and asked Ji Xiao Ying to brew medicine for Qiu Yue.

“Shui Sheng, come over for a moment,” Old Master Qiu called Ji shuisheng over for a discussion.

Ji Xiao Ying ran back to the cart to find a medicine pot to boil medicine for Qiu Yue. When she saw Su Qing standing up and walking into the mountains, Ji Xiao Ying hurriedly shouted, “Sister, where are you going”

“To pick some herbs,” Su Qing said simply.

How much time would it take to brew the medicine for Qiu Yue

She had the time to go into the mountains and pick some herbs. When she sold the herbs in the next city, she could buy some necessities for the women.

“Sister, be careful.”

When Ji Xiao Ying heard that Su Qing was going into the mountains to pick herbs, she was very worried about Su Qings safety. Since she could not accompany her, she grew worried and gave her this reminder.

“Alright,” she said.

The coldness in Su Qings eyes dissipated a lot. She agreed in a soft voice and walked into the mountain with the small basket she had woven.

“Little seven, get me some ginseng and gastrodia tuber.”

As soon as Su Qing entered the mountain, she ordered little seven to pick a bunch of herbs that were not as valuable as a single ginseng. She had to gather enough money to buy the Lingzhi as soon as possible.

“Theres ginseng at the bottom of the cliff next to the pool. The Gastrodia tuber is also next to the pool.”

Little seven received her masters order to search for it and quickly reported the location.

“Alright,” she said.

Su Qing calculated the distance. It was fortunate that Qiu Yue and the others had delayed her. She was only half a mile away from the pool and would arrive in less than 15 minutes.

Collecting ginseng required professional tools, so Su Qing endured the heartache and sacrificed four slots of her herb-picking progress to rent a ginseng-picking tool from the system.

A precious herb like ginseng could increase the progress by more than four slots, so it was not a loss.

15 minutes later, Su Qing arrived at the pool. There were a lot of wild goats drinking water around the pool, and Su Qing would not let this opportunity go. Without a bow or a gun, she made a slingshot out of what she had available.

She had put the horses tail into the system when she killed the horse. She had wanted to use it as a needle and thread, but she did not expect it to come in handy now.

Thats why it was said that you should not throw anything on the road of escape. Who knows when it might come in handy!

A slingshot made from horse hair and tree branches was not as accurate as a bicycle bag, but it still depended on who was using it. Su Qing picked up a stone and shot it. A wild goat had just finished drinking water when it was shot in the eye and fell head first beside the pool.

The rest of the goats scattered in fear. Su Qing walked over and threw the goats into the system.

“Little seven, those who can be used in medicine, stay.”

“Yes. Wrapped in sheep, warm in nature, fishy in smell, can lower stomach Qi, detoxify hundreds of poisons. It was mainly for vomiting, choking, and detoxifying. Goat blood, goat horns, kidney, and gallbladder could also be used in medicine.

Sheeps blood was mild in nature, had a good taste, and could help blood flow, stop bleeding, detoxify, cure postpartum hemorrhage, keep the fetus in place, and cure all pill poisons. The horn was cold by nature and had a good taste. It could improve ones eyesight, calm ones nerves, replenish ones Qi, cure night blindness, palpitations, headache, diarrhea, and vomiting blood. Goats testicles were warm in nature, sweet in taste, and good for kidneys, essence, and yang. It could be used to treat night sweats, kidney deficiency, impotence, quench thirst, frequent peeing, and low back pain. ”

“Yes,” little Seven agreed.

She listed out all the things that could be used in medicine on the sheep, and even what diseases they could cure.

Su Qings mouth twitched. Was little seven teaching her medical skills

She didnt have the time to listen to little Sevens nonsense, so she interrupted in a deep voice, “Shut up.”


Little Sevens aggrieved voice brought a smile to Su Qings face. She could imagine little Sevens aggrieved look.

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The ginseng was at the bottom of the cliff, and Su Qing had to use a rope to climb down. It was impossible to find a rope in the mountains, but it was not a problem for her.

Su Qing pulled the vines down. There were plenty of vines on the mountain, and they were tough and not easy to break. Su Qing pulled enough vines and tied them up with a special technique. They were about forty meters long.


Before she could ask, little Seven said, “Master, its long enough.”

Hearing this, Su Qing stopped taking the vines. She found a thick tree trunk and tied the vine to it. The other end was tied to his waist. She was ready to slide down the cliff.

“Dont go down, its dangerous!” someone shouted and ran over.

Su Qing looked at the owner of the voice and frowned. Why was he here



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