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Chapter 29: Theres a Problem

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“Su Qing, Im really sorry. I accidentally hurt you.”

Qiu Yue looked at Su Qing pitifully with her big eyes and apologized sincerely.

“Youve overestimated yourself,”

Su Qing looked at her coldly and didnt bother to say another word. She walked away, leaving Qiu Yue embarrassed.

Qiu Yue looked at Su Qings back in embarrassment. How could this woman be so arrogant and so unreasonable

Ji Xiao Ying looked at Qiu Yue, then at Su Qings cold back. In the end, she chose to follow Su Qing.

Qiu Yue looked at Su Qing with jealousy. She had captured Xiao Ying in just three days. Was she a demonic woman who knew sorcery

Su Qing did not have the time to care about her. She was listening to the systems good news.

[The host saved the lives of the villagers and cured their illnesses. The reward of merit points has been upgraded by two levels, from level three to level five. Physical strength and mental power have been upgraded at the same time. The God of War ability has been upgraded to level thirteen.]

The corner of Su Qings lips curled up slightly. Just as she had expected, the system would definitely reward her with an upgrade for saving the villagers, but she didnt think it to be two levels.

“Master is so strong. Congratulations, master!”

Little Sevens flattery came at the right time, and her adorable voice made Su Qing even more happy. She had long forgotten about Qiu Yue, who didnt know what was good for her.

She didnt expect the merit points to level up the fastest. There were so many disaster victims along the way, and there were many people who needed to be saved. Saving them would allow her to level up faster. This was an unexpected surprise.

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“Shui Sheng, everyones here. We can go now.”

Li Daniu ran over to report to Ji Shui Sheng. Ji Shui Sheng was checking the wounds on the horse. Strangely enough, there were no traces at all. That womans medicine was divine.

Upon hearing Li Danius words, Ji Shui Sheng nodded his head, “Lets go. This time, we can only rest after we walk out of Guo City in one breath. ”

After being intimidated by the bandits and the soldiers, the villagers wanted to leave Guo City as soon as possible, even if they were tired. Therefore, everyone was trying their best to walk.

Fortunately, they had eaten meat twice in a row these last two days. Otherwise, they would not be able to walk.

What everyone found strange was that Ji Shui Sheng didnt bring them along the official road, which was easy to walk on, and just shuttled through the forest. However, no one went to ask Ji Shui Sheng, as they were already used to his lead. They would not be brought to a dead end.

There were also benefits to traveling through the woods. With the shade blocking the sun, it was less hot and more cool, and the need for water was not so great.

Just as they were about to walk out of the forest, a problem occurred. One after another, the villagers cried out that their stomachs hurt. Among them was Qiu Yue.

It felt like there was a knife stirring in her stomach. Her face was pale from the pain and she covered her stomach with her hands before clamping her legs together. She couldnt help but run into the forest.

Aunt Qiu was worried about her daughter and quickly followed. Qiu Yues farting was earth-shattering, and she was so embarrassed that she buried her face in her knees, wishing there was a hole to hide in.

The villagers who were shouting that their stomachs hurt were also like her. They couldnt get up, and their stomachs hurt so much that it felt like their intestines were about to break.

They were in a hurry, but once these people were sick, the team couldnt move and had to stop in place to wait for them.

“Shui Sheng, what happened After a great disaster, theres bound to be a Great Plague. Could it be that they have malaria” Old Master Qiu called Ji Shui Sheng to the front and asked him anxiously.

People could die from malaria. Old Master Qiu still remembered the tragic sight of corpses lying all over the field when he was escaping. He was very afraid that the people of Peach Blossom Cove would end up like those people and die, one by one. He was even more worried when his granddaughter was among them.

“Ill check their pulse later. ”

Ji Shui Sheng also did not know what had happened. If they had a stomach ache, shouldnt everyone be like this, since everyone had the same food and water How could they be the only ones who were sick

Suddenly, he thought of something and strode toward Su Qing, who was calmly weaving straw sandals under the tree.

“Su Qing, do you still have any more of your medicine” Ji Shui Sheng looked into Su Qings eyes and asked. He remembered that those people with diarrhea didnt seem to have taken the medicine Su Qing gave them.


Su Qing put down the straw sandals in her hands and looked up at him. Her voice was as cold as ice.

“Su Qing, I know that they dont know whats good for them, but they dont know that you have superb medical skills. Were in a hurry to get there, so if you have any medicine, can you take it out”

Ji Shui Sheng saw that she was so cold and had no choice but to discuss it with her.


Su Qings reply was still the same cold word. She lowered her head and continued to weave her straw sandals.

“Su Qing”

Ji Shui Sheng called out to Su Qing again, but Su Qing still didnt raise her head and continued weaving her straw sandals, as if she didnt hear him at all.

Ji Shui Sheng had no choice. Who asked those people to not know what was good for them

He had no choice but to bring Li Daniu and Jiang Laoqi into the mountains to pick herbs. He knew a prescription for treating diarrhea, but the medicine was not so easy to gather. If it really didnt work, he would have to go into the city to buy medicine. He couldnt just watch them die.

Ji Xiao Ying carefully coaxed Su Qing, “Sister, dont be angry.”

“Im not angry.”

Su Qings tone softened when she saw how careful Ji Xiao Ying was.

“Do you still have any medicine” Ji Xiao Ying asked again.

Su Qing shook her head and said firmly, ” I threw it away. I wont help those who doubt me. This is a principle. Dont say it again.”

Ji Xiao Ying was frightened by Su Qings cold aura and did not dare to persuade her anymore. She ran over to help take care of the Jiang familys sister-in-law and sister Qiu Yue, who both had diarrhea.

In just a moment, these people were exhausted from pooping and needed someone to help them walk. The key was that they had to run back to poop again as soon as they stood up.

There was a terrible stench in the forest and Su Qing covered his nose in disgust. He was not in the mood to make straw shoes anymore.

Fortunately, the people with stomach aches reacted quickly and took the pills that Su Qing had given them. After taking the pills, their stomachs no longer hurt. This time, no one dared to question Su Qings medical skills.

In the end, Qiu Yue was the only one who could not stop pooping. There was nothing left in her stomach for her to poop, but her stomach still hurt like it was struck by a knife. She could no longer hold back and cried out in pain, causing her mothers tears to flow.

“Aunt Qiu, the pills Su Qing gave us worked. Shell be fine after taking them.”


After the Jiang familys eldest daughter-in-law recovered, she saw that Qiu Yue was still pooping, so she came over to tell them.

When Qiu Yue heard that Su Qings medicine could cure them, she was in disbelief. How was that possible If that womans medical skills were so good, she would have become a Divine Doctor long ago. Why would she follow them to escape

Qiu Yue didnt believe it, or rather, she wasnt willing to believe it. It was impossible for her to beg Su Qing. She would rather die.

Aunt Qiu couldnt bear to see her daughter suffer like this. She believed what the Jiang familys daughter-in-law said. She didnt have diarrhea because of Su Qings medicine, while her daughter and the other people with diarrhea didnt take any medicine, so the pill would definitely save Qiu Yue.

For her daughters sake, Aunt Qiu went to Su Qing and begged, “Su Qing, Qiu Yue doesnt know whats good for her. Please forgive her! How about I compensate you for this”



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