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Chapter 25: It Seems Like He Has a Stomach Full of Worries

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Ji Shui Sheng couldnt help but stand up and walk over. When he saw the horse meat in the bamboo tube, his eyes flashed. This was the first time he had seen such a cooking method. Could it be that Su Qings grandfather, who was the royal chef, had taught him

When he looked over, he saw flames dancing in Su Qings eyes. Her cold eyes seemed to have softened because of the flames, and there seemed to be a hint of a smile in them.

Su Qing was really happy at this moment. The system had given her good news. Since she had created a new way to eat horse meat, the system had rewarded her with a level up in cooking. Now, her cooking skills had reached Level 3, and her God of War ability had reached level 11. This was a pleasant surprise.

Since they had already eaten the meat, they would leave the bamboo tube meat for tomorrow morning. Everyone endured the hunger in their stomachs and packed up to go to bed.

Since there were bandits in the day, it was even more important to keep watch at night. Ji Shui Sheng divided the young men of Peach Blossom Cove into three shifts. Each shift had two more people than usual, and they were all armed and on full alert.

The mountain god temple at night looked very horrifying. The God statues worshiped by the people during the day looked so ferocious at night. They looked at the refugees living in the mountain god temple with wide eyes.

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A few children were scared to tears, and the women did not dare to sleep in the temple, so they found a place outside to rest.

Su Qing and Ji Xiaoying unloaded the bedding from the car. They had expected to sleep outside at night, so Su Qing had woven two straw mats along the way. She laid the straw mats on the cold ground and then laid the bedding on top of the straw mat to keep the water out.

It was still a little cold in the mountains at night and everyone was wearing thin clothes. The fire kept burning, both to keep warm and to prevent large animals from coming over and hurting people. Third, the fire would give the women and children courage.

Water was limited and they couldnt find a new source, so there was no way to wash up. Besides, no one had the energy to do so. They were exhausted from running for their lives and only wanted to sleep. Those with blankets laid down on the ground and those without put on straw capes. If they were tired, they could sleep as long as there was a place to rest.

Su Qing and Ji Xiaoying did not have many taboos, so they slept in the mountain god temple. It was even more sheltered in the house than outside. Su Qing thought that Xiao Ying would be afraid of the mountain god statue, but she was not afraid at all.

The two of them lay on the floor. At first, Ji Xiaoying was still talking to Su Qing, but she fell asleep soon after lying down. She was like a kitten, one that could fall asleep with her head on the pillow.

When Su Qing was about to go to bed, she realized something was wrong. Ji Shui Sheng had disappeared, but he didnt go on patrol or return to the temple to sleep.

However, she did not care about this. Ji Shui Sheng would not leave the people of Peach Blossom Cove behind and leave on his own, and he would not leave Ji Xiao Ying behind either.

Su Qing took a nap. Suddenly, she smelled the stench of blood. She warily opened her eyes and looked at Ji Xiao Ying, who was fast asleep beside her. She sat up quietly and held onto the trident that she had placed beside her before she went to bed. She was on full alert.

The moonlight shone into the mountain god temple. Su Qing saw a tall man standing at the entrance of the temple with his back to the moonlight. She clenched her fork tightly and stared at the mans every move with her sharp eyes.

The patrolling Li Daniu also noticed the black shadow. He raised his large machete and asked sternly, “Who is it”

Ji Shui Shengs low voice sounded, “Its me.”

Seeing that it was Ji Shui Sheng, Li Daniu put down the knife, ran over, and asked him in a low voice, “Brother Shui Sheng, why are you still awake You go to sleep, Ill keep watch.”

Ji Shui Sheng didnt answer. Instead, he took the large knife from his hand and hugged it to his chest. The figure standing at the door was as tall as a God.

Su Qing let go of the trident and lay back down. Ji Shui Sheng turned back to look at her. He had just felt a strong killing intent. Su Qing was the only one in the temple who had sat up. She was so vigilant and had such a strong murderous aura.

In the latter half of the night, Su Qing heard Qiu Yongkang and Ji Shui Shengs whispers.

“Shui Sheng, go to sleep. Ill keep watch.”

“Alright,” he said.

After a brief question and answer, there were the sound of powerful footsteps coming into the temple. Ji Shui Sheng stopped in front of Su Qing and Ji Xiaoyings bed for a second, as if to check if they were asleep. Su Qing opened her eyes in the darkness and her eyes flashed, her hands already prepared to attack.

Ji Shui Sheng did not stop and walked towards the mountain god statue. Su Qing raised her head slightly and saw Ji Shui Sheng standing in front of the mountain god statue and looking up. He stood there for a long time without saying a word, as if he was a statue.

After a long time, he took down the incense burner and tributes from the altar table, jumped on the altar table with a clatter, and lay down in his clothes.

Su Qings eyes flickered.

Didnt the ancient people believe in ghosts and gods How could he dare to sleep on the offering table

However, she didnt care about this. Since Ji Shui Sheng was a gentleman, she didnt need to be on guard at all times.

When Su Qing woke up again, it was already morning. She subconsciously glanced at the offering table, but Ji Shui Sheng was no longer there.

Ji Xiao Ying stretched lazily, looking like a cute little cat. She rubbed her eyes and said to Su Qing, “Sister, youre awake.”

“Yes. You should sleep a little longer. Its still early.”

Looking at Ji Xiao Yings drowsy eyes, Su Qings eyes flickered with adoration. This was a natural expression on her face that she did not even notice.

“Im not sleeping. Im getting up to help Aunt Qiu make breakfast. ”

Ji Xiao Ying covered her mouth and gave a big yawn. Her beautiful almond-shaped eyes flashed with tears, making her look extremely cute.

“Alright, Ill go too.”

Su Qing combed her hair with her fingers. For conveniences sake, she didnt tie her hair into a braid like the other women. Instead, she tied her hair into a simple bun and used a bamboo stick as a hairpin. It was very neat, and the original owners delicate appearance suddenly looked a little more valiant.

Ji Xiao Ying blinked her big, watery eyes as she watched Su Qing comb her hair. Seeing how handsome and valiant Su Qing looked when she combed her hair into a bun, she also wanted to do it.

“Sister, can you help me comb one”

Ji Xiao Ying leaned over with a smile as sweet as honey, making it impossible to refuse.

Su Qing nodded and used her fingers as a wooden comb to comb Ji Xiaoyings hair. Ji Shui Sheng saw this scene when he returned to the temple, Su Qing gently combing his little sisters hair. His little sister tilted her head and the corners of her mouth rose. Her big eyes curved into crescent moons and she was smiling very happily.

A warm glint flashed across Ji Shui Shengs eyes. He had made up his mind ever since he had pinned Su Qing under his body yesterday. Although no one had seen him and Su Qings physical contact, as a man, he would take responsibility for what he had done. As long as Su Qing was willing, he would marry her.

However, there was a condition. He had to get his revenge and the person was still alive. Before that, he could not make any promises to Su Qing, because a dead person could not marry her.

Su Qing felt that someone was watching her, and her gaze became as cold as ice once again. She looked towards the door indifferently.

The sun shone on the mans back, like a golden armor. The mans eyes were complicated, as if he had a lot on his mind. They were so deep that one couldnt see the bottom.



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