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Chapter 24: This Needlework is Really Ugly

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“Place the bamboo tube in the pit, place a thin layer of soil on top, and then start a fire on the soil,” Su Qing ordered as she stir-fried the meat.

When Ji Xiao Ying heard this, she raised her hand and said, “Sister, let me do it.”

Su Qing nodded. She watched as Ji Xiao Ying happily placed bamboo tubes into the pit. The children ran over to help as well.

The happy scene warmed Su Qings eyes.

Auntie Qiu was still distributing the cooked horse meat, and Su Qing went over to check on the arrangement of the bamboo tubes. Xiao Ying was very serious about her work and had arranged them neatly. When she saw Su Qing coming over, she raised her face and asked her with a smile, “Sister, did I place it correctly”

“Yes,” Su Qing nodded in satisfaction and covered the bamboo tube with the soil beside the pit. She had eaten bamboo rice in the modern world, so she should be able to use this principle to make bamboo meat.

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This was also the method of making beggars chicken. She was only using it as a reference, and hoped that it would succeed.

The men each got a spoonful of the cooked horse meat, and the women, children, and elderly each got half a spoonful. When Su Qing was given the meat, Aunt Qiu gave her the same amount as the men, as usual.

“Youve worked hard, eat more. ”

The others did not have any objections when they saw this. Strictly speaking, Su Qing was the one who got the horse meat for them. After all, she was the one who killed the horse and the bandits to save everyone, and even left behind the horse meat to eat.

Su Qing gave them more food, and eating meat was better than eating porridge to curb their hunger. Su Qings food was also very delicious. Everyones mouths were full of oil and they were extremely satisfied.

However, she wanted to taste the meat made from the bamboo tube even more. It looked delicious, but the most important thing was that she was curious about it.

It would take a long time to use this method of roasting meat and Su Qing did not waste the fire. She set up a big pot and boiled hot water for everyone to drink. They had to drink cold water on the way. Now that there was fire, they had to drink hot water. She put some huoxiang in the water to ward off filth and purify it. It was easy for people to get a heat stroke after walking for a long day. Drinking some could alleviate the symptoms of heat stroke.

The systems voice rang out causing Su Qing to feel less tired and more energetic. Even the boiling of water had increased in progress, and she was more confident in leveling up.

While waiting for the meat to be roasted, Su Qing asked Ji Xiao Ying to help her find a needle and thread, as well as her torn clothes.

“Sister, let me help you fix it!”

Seeing that Su Qing was about to patch her clothes, Ji Xiaoying then remembered that she had forgotten to help her sister.

She quickly recommended herself, “My needlework is very good. I guarantee that Ill sew it well for you.”

“No, Ill do it myself,” Su Qing shook her head. She should be able to level up once a piece of clothing was sewn and patched. After all, her clothes were already riddled with holes and would take a long time to sew and patch.

“Alright then!”

Seeing that Su Qing had rejected her, Ji Xiaoying did not pester her further. She returned to the cart to retrieve Su Qings torn clothes, a needle, and thread, and handed them to her.

“Sister, here you go.”

Su Qing took the needle and thread and saw that Ji Xiaoying was still standing there, so she said to her, “You should go rest!”

“Ill make straw sandals. ”

Ji Xiao Ying couldnt sit still and wanted to sit next to her sister, so she went back to the car to get some cattail grass and sat next to Su Qing to weave straw shoes.

Su Qing glanced at the cattail grass. There wasnt much left, and she had to replenish it as soon as possible. However, the sky was already dark, so she could only wait until tomorrow morning to pick them.

When she started sewing, Su Qings fingers were hard. She could load and unload guns without any effort, but this small needle was a little difficult for her.

She didnt need to learn knitting in his previous life. If her clothes were torn, she would just change into new ones. She had spent all her time learning how to kill.

However, Su Qing got used to it very quickly. She did not need to sew it too well. She just had to sew the torn opening back up. It did not matter, even if she had to sew it into the shape of a giant centipede. The progress bar still continued to grow.

When the villagers saw Su Qing sewing the clothes, it proved that the meat in the bamboo tube would not be ready too quickly. The women went back to work, sewing tattered clothes and repairing the shoes that had lost their soles. They also had to take care of the children. In short, there were many people doing work.

Qiu Yue saw that Su Qing was sewing clothes, and it was obvious that she had never done it before. She walked over and smiled at Su Qing, “Ill help you!”

Qiu Yue was the best nüwa lady at Peach Blossom Cove, and this was something she was proud of. She thought that she should be grateful that she took the initiative to help Su Qing.

“No need,” Su Qing rejected coldly. No one could delay her leveling up.

Qiu Yue looked at Su Qing awkwardly. She wanted to help her, but why was she acting like this It was so cold that it kept people a thousand miles away.

Su Qing didnt care if she was embarrassed or not. There was no need to bother with someone she didnt like. She continued to sew seriously.

Qiu Yue then looked at Ji Xiao Ying. Seeing that she was so focused on weaving the straw sandals that she did not even notice her conversation with Su Qing, Qiu Yue felt very uncomfortable. She felt that ever since Su Qing came, Ji Xiao Ying was not as close to her as before.

Qiu Yue walked over to Ji Xiaoying and sat down beside her. She said gently, “Xiao Ying, where are the straw sandals Please teach me!”

“Alright,” Ji Xiao Ying agreed with a smile, “But Ive only just learned it, so I cant make it up well.”

“Dont worry,”

Qiu Yue looked at her with a smile. Seeing that Xiao Ying was still very close to her, the discomfort in Qiu Yues heart decreased.

After Su Qing finished sewing the clothes, Qiu Yue glanced at her from the side and frowned. The needlework was so ugly. How could she wear the clothes when they were sewn like this

Su Qing didnt notice Qiu Yues disdainful look. She was just satisfied with the systems good news.

[Congratulations, host. Sewing has leveled up to Level 1, physical strength, spiritual power, and combat power have leveled up to level 10, and the God of War ability has leveled up to level 10.]

As expected, the first level was the easiest to level up. Su Qing stretched her sore arms. The needlework was more tiring than moving a stone.

Su Qing sniffed. The smell of meat wafted in the air, so the bamboo tube horse meat should be cooked.

The fire was still burning brightly. Before Li Daniu received Su Qings order, he had been adding branches to the fire, afraid that Su Qing would complain about him for not doing his job well.

“Alright, put the fire out.”

Su Qing stood up and gave Li Daniu an order. Li Daniu hurriedly took a hoe and pushed the fire to the side. The women of Peach Blossom Cove saw that Su Qing was about to cut the bamboo meat and quickly came over to take a look.

The bonfire was burnt black. Su Qing removed the soil and revealed the bamboo inside. Luckily, it didnt explode. Once the soil was removed, the smell of the meat became even stronger. The smell of the meat mixed with the fragrance of the bamboo was a smell that no one had ever smelled before.

The bamboo tube was still hot. Su Qing used a wooden stick to pull out a bamboo tube. She folded the clothes that she had just sewn and padded it with a few layers, then picked up the bamboo tube and unplugged the cork. The fragrance rushed into everyones nose.

“Its so fragrant. You can even make food like this Su Qing is amazing!”

“Its not that bad. Its the first time Ive seen it in my life. The meat looks delicious.”


The praise came one after another. Everyone was full of praise for Su Qings abilities. Qiu Yue looked at Su Qing, her eyes flashing with disappointment. She used to be the lady that everyone in Peach Blossom Cove praised, but now Su Qing had overshadowed her, and she was like the moon surrounded by stars.

Ji Shui Sheng, who had been silently looking at the sky, was also attracted by everyones praise. What did that woman do now



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