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Chapter 21: Giving Him a Taste of His Own Medicine (1)

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“Were you the one who killed my brother”

The man on the red horse glared at Su Qing. He had a large scar from his brow bone to his jaw, and he had a full beard. His eyes looked like he was going to eat someone.

Su Qing nodded expressionlessly. She saw that Li Daniu and Jiang Laoqi were ready, so she turned to Qiu Yongkang and said, “You pass them the stones, Ill guard this area.”

Qiu Yongkang furrowed his brows. It was too uncomfortable for a man to be ordered around by a woman, and he was even more suspicious of whether she could handle it on her own.

Su Qing frowned when she saw him not moving. She asked sternly, “You want them all to die”

Qiu Yongkang let out a sigh. This woman...

In the end, he still listened to Su Qings words and moved the stones to the boulder.

When the bandit leader saw that Su Qing was not afraid of him and was even arranging her men to fight against them in an orderly manner, he grew alarmed. He originally wanted to keep Su Qing to warm his bed because of her beauty. However, he gave up on that idea now. This woman could not be kept alive; she had to be killed!

“Brothers, kill them all. Dont leave a single one alive. When you snatch the items and return to the mountain with the girls, the boss will reward you handsomely.”

Su Qing held the trident in her hand and retreated to the mouth of the boulder. She had only attracted their attention just now so that old seventh and Daniu could climb up the boulder smoothly. They were like a single line of sky guarding the mouth of the boulder, one man holding off ten thousand men.

She was confident that she could kill her opponent in a one-on-one fight. Otherwise, with her current level 6 God of War abilities, she would definitely not be able to defeat 20 to 30 of them if they swarmed her. She would never do things that she was not confident in.

Seeing Su Qing retreat, the bandit leader was furious. This woman was too cunning, and he regretted not catching her earlier. He raised his shining machete and shouted to boost morale.

“Catch this woman and cut her into eight pieces to avenge our brothers.”

Su Qing was already prepared to go on a killing spree when she saw rocks falling from the mountain towards the group of bandits. The one who was standing on the mountain and throwing the rocks was Ji Shui Sheng.

With a sullen face, he picked up the big stones one by one and threw them at the group of bandits with a steady, accurate, and ruthless force.

Just now, he had climbed up the mountain to finish off the remaining bandits who had thrown the boulders. He was covered in blood and looked like a god of death as he stood on the mountaintop. The boulders he threw down hit the bandits until they covered their heads and ran away, their screams echoing in the valley.

Seeing that Ji Shui Sheng was still alive, Li Daniu and Jiang Laoqi also perked up. The two of them stood on the huge rock, aimed down, and threw the rock at people.

Originally, the bandits were prepared to smash Ji Shui Sheng and the others to death on this mountain path. They did not expect that the plan they prepared would be used by Ji Shui Sheng and the others. They could not avoid the rocks that fell from the sky, and as the huge rocks in front blocked the path, they could only escape from the original path.

Su Qing raised her head and looked at Ji Shui Sheng, who was standing on the mountain. His tall figure stood on the mountain rock in an awe-inspiring manner. Although he was not wearing any armor, his aura was no less than that of a general on the battlefield.

Su Qings eyes were filled with admiration.

Not bad...

No wonder the people of Peach Blossom Cove trusted him so much. He had brains, courage, and martial arts.

“Shui Sheng, I thought you were dead.”

When Li Daniu saw Ji Shui Sheng coming down the mountain, he burst into tears and pounced over to hug him, not letting go.

Jiang Laoqi also ran over and hugged Ji Shui Sheng.

“Shuisheng, I saw you being crushed under a huge rock. Its great that youre still alive. Its great.”

“Shui Sheng.”

Qiu Yongkangs eyes had reddened as well. He patted Ji Shui Shengs shoulder and choked with sobs after calling his name.

When they were separated by life and death, they thought that they would see their good brothers corpse. In the end, not only did he not die, but he also saved the villagers of Peach Blossom Cove. The huge surprise of finding him again after losing him was tearful.

“I have a tough life, I wont die so easily.”

Ji Shui Sheng patted their backs and comforted his good brothers. After he finished speaking, his eyes were as dark as a sea of ink. Even the King of Hell could not take him away without avenging him.

Su Qing didnt look at him. Instead, she stepped over the banditscorpses and grabbed the horses reins to pull the horse back.

When Ji Shui Sheng saw this, a flash of approval appeared in his eyes. He pushed Li Daniu away and ordered, “Catch the horse.”

The bandits horses were more or less injured when they moved together. They didnt know which way they ran off after being frightened.

Su Qing had caught one horse, and the three of them had caught three. In total, they had captured four fat and strong horses.

There was also a horse that had been stabbed to death by Su Qing. The horses meat was to be eaten on the road, and the horses skin could be used to make shoes.

In addition, they found more than ten taels of silver on the dead bandits on the ground, and they also took machetes from these bandits.

The horses could help them transport goods, the knives could be used for self-defense, the silver could be used to buy food, the dead horses could be used to eat meat, and the horse skin could be used to make boots. All in all, they had profited, and there were no casualties.

It was equivalent to saying that these bandits had rushed up to give them horses, silver, and their own lives.

“Hurry up and leave this place. Get out of Guo Citys territory as soon as possible.”

Looking at the bandits corpses, which were scattered all over the ground, Ji Shui Sheng gave the order with a grave expression.

With a horse, everyone was much more relaxed. Ji Shui Sheng no longer pulled the cart, letting the horse pull it for him. The men also placed the heavy basket containing the bamboo tube on the horses back, greatly reducing their burden and preserving their physical strength to deal with the risks they would encounter in the future.

The news that Su Qing had killed two bandits spread among the villagers of Peachwood. Everyone looked at her with respect, and Aunt Qiu did not dare to assign her any more tasks.

Only Ji Xiao Ying was not afraid of Su Qing, and she also admired her.

“Sister, youre so powerful. I want to be as powerful as you and protect the young and old of our village.”

Su Qing looked at her. This was a young lady who was not familiar with the world.

She calmly said to Ji Xiao Ying, “Killing isnt a pleasant thing.”

She remembered the first time she killed someone, when she was five years old. She had stabbed her opponents chest with the knife in her hand, and blood had sprayed all over her face. Her vision was completely red, and she had nightmares for half a year.

If possible, she hoped that Xiao Ying would never experience such a nightmarish scenario in her life.

“Shui Sheng, weve killed so many bandits. They wont let this go.”

Old Master Qiu told Ji Shui Sheng worriedly that the bandits had committed all kinds of evil, including killing and robbing. They were also very vengeful, otherwise they would not have chased them all the way here.

“We can only deal with them as they come. Im afraid its useless. They wont dare to pursue us after we leave Guocheng.”


Ji Shui Shengs eyes were calm and deep. Bandits were also divided into territories. Once they were out of Guo Cheng, if they wanted to chase after them, they would have to go to other peoples territory.

Bandits had the strongest sense of territory. If they crossed the boundary, they would be seen as snatching the mountain, and ordinary bandits would not dare to do this.

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“Thats the only way. Im just afraid that the old, the weak, the women, and the children cant walk. Two legs cant run faster than four legs.”

Old Master Qiu was still very worried. After all, the other party was a group of vicious bandits.

“Then well kill them. Well kill one if one comes, and well kill a pair if two come. Were not unarmed now.”

Ji shuisheng held a dazzling long knife in his hand, and his eyes flickered with killing intent.

As they were in a hurry, they could not bury the pot to cook. Fortunately, Qiu Yingzi had steamed more cornbread in the morning. The men got one, and the women, the elderly, and the children got half. When it was Su Qings turn, Qiu Yingzi hesitated.



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