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Chapter 12: The Effect of Only One Medicine Is So Good

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“Alright,” she said.

Su Qing had picked up most of the items, so she nodded in agreement. When she got up, she tied the cattail grass up. The grass shoes woven in the South did not need to be socketed into the shape of a boat, and they were tied to the feet with grass ropes. They were light, waterproof, and anti-slip, suitable for climbing and walking.

Little seven had already found the method of weaving the pattern and instructions of these grass shoes for her, so she just had to go back and weave it accordingly.

“Whats the use of this grass” Ji Shui Sheng couldnt help but ask when he saw that she had picked up a bundle of cattail leaves.

“Im weaving straw sandals.”

Su Qing cherished her words like gold, but she also answered every question.

Ji Shui Sheng lowered his head and looked at the cloth shoes on her feet. Her thumb and toe were exposed, and the soles of her shoes were probably almost exposed. She had to change into a pair of shoes soon.

“Give it to me!”

When he saw Su Qing using his clothes to wrap the apricots, he regretted not bringing a basket. He reached out, but Su Qing did not give him the cattail grass. Instead, she poured the apricots on the ground.

“You dont want it” Ji Shui Sheng couldnt help but ask her. How could she throw away the apricot that she had worked so hard to get “Want me to help make a basket”

“Yes,” Su Qing replied indifferently.

Ji Shui Sheng then went over to pull the vines hanging on the tree. The vines were twisted around the tree and were not easy to pull away.

Ji Shui Sheng pulled out a sharp, short knife from the back of his waist and cut the vines down in a few moves. Su Qing noticed the short knife in his hand. The blade was extremely sharp and the scabbard had a black gem that shone with a cold light. It was obviously a treasure.

Su Qing glanced at Ji Shui Sheng. How could a man from the mountains have such a treasure

“Is that enough”

Sensing Su Qings gaze, Ji Shui Sheng cut off another vine and threw it on the ground.

“Thats enough,”

Su Qing retracted her gaze and squatted down to start weaving. At first, she was a little slow, but she picked up speed after she finished weaving the bottom of the basket.

Ji Shui Sheng played with the short knife in his hand and watched her weave the basket without urging her on. The womans expression was very focused when she was working, and she had no other thoughts.

She didnt seem to be very busy, but her weaving speed was shockingly fast. In a short while, a small basket was woven. She picked up the plums that were thrown on the ground and tied up all the medicinal herbs for treating cold wind with vines. She then stood up together with the cattail leaves, which were tied up before. She picked up a thick tree trunk and threaded it on both sides. With her free hand, she picked up the small basket of plums and walked out of the mountain by herself without telling Ji Shui Sheng.

Ji Shui Sheng saw that she really didnt need his help, so he simply didnt talk nonsense. He kept the short knife and followed her out of the mountain.

In the beginning, Ji Shui Sheng was worried that Su Qing would be so weak that she couldnt walk. After all, her body was like a strong bow, and the bowstring could snap at any time.

After a few steps, he realized that Su Qings footsteps were very steady. She didnt look as weak as before and didnt seem to be struggling to carry the load. It was hard to associate her with the woman who fainted so easily.

Ji Shui Sheng was a little suspicious. The effect of only drinking one dose of medicine was so good He wanted to check Su Qings pulse again.

However, he was afraid that Su Qing would think that he was a lecher trying to take advantage of her.

Su Qing had no idea what he was thinking. She didnt care what he thought, and she didnt feel tired picking cattail leaves and medicinal herbs.

She had just taken a look, and the progress bar was already 50%. If she went back and made the grass shoes as soon as possible, she might be able to level up once. Leveling up meant that her body would be stronger, so she couldnt help but speed up.

Ji Shui Sheng followed her at a distance that was neither too close nor too far. He was always three steps behind her, and he would look at Su Qing with a puzzled gaze from time to time. She gave him an even more mysterious feeling than before.

At the resting area, the women of Peach Blossom Cove had already finished stewing the fish. When they lifted the lid of the pot, the alluring fragrance drifted far away. The refugees were cold and hungry to begin with, so when they smelled the fragrance of the stewed fish, they couldnt help themselves.

However, they all knew that the people of Peach Blossom Cove were fierce, so no one dared to come over and ask for it. The rich old masters and merchants were inspired by the father and son who spent money to borrow fishing nets, sending servants to buy fish with some money.

When Ji Shui Sheng left, he said that if rich people came to buy fish, they would sell them for one tael of silver each.

When the servants heard that a fish cost one tael of silver, they were all stunned. One had to know that a fish only cost three copper coins in the past, and one tael of silver could buy a whole basket of fish.

They didnt dare to make the decision, so they ran back to ask their masters. Unsurprisingly, these usually unscrupulous businessmen were so angry that they started cursing. This group of unruly people was even more evil than them. Wasnt this robbery!

However, the people of Peach Blossom Cove did not care if they bought it or not. They were already holding fish and preparing to eat.

The masters were afraid that they would not be able to buy it if they ate all the fish, so these people could only endure the pain and pay for the fish.

A total of two pots of fish were stewed, and they were sold out in a short time. Those who didnt buy it beat their chests and stomped their feet, regretting their hesitation.

The fish was sold for a total of 28 taels of silver. The villagers of Peach Blossom Cove had never seen so much money before. Each and every one of them was excited, and their eyes shone.

How much food could they buy with so much money

Ji Xiao Ying was not in the mood to watch them sell their fish. Her beautiful eyes were anxiously staring in the direction of the mountain pass. Her two fair and tender hands were clasped together as she prayed softly, “God bless, sister will be fine!”

When she saw Su Qing and her big brother, Ji Xiao Ying was as happy as a little swallow.

She ran over to them happily, her bell-like voice calling out in joy, “Sister, youre finally back!”

Seeing the little girl running towards her, Su Qings cold eyes lit up with a smile. The feeling of being missed by someone made her heart warm.

In her previous life, she was so powerful that she had no opponents, but also so lonely that she had no friends. She did not know what her familys concern was.

Ji Xiao Ying was like a ball of fire, making her feel warm.

“Big sister, why didnt you say anything before leaving You scared me to death!”

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Ji Xiao Ying ran to Su Qing and pulled on her sleeve as she complained. Su Qings eyes flashed with a smile as she handed the basket to her.

“Here you go,”

“Apricots Thats great! I love eating apricots. Youre the best, sister. ”

Ji Xiao Ying smiled happily when she saw the apricots in the basket. She looked at Su Qing excitedly. When she saw her sister carrying the pole and her brother standing behind empty-handed, the smile on the little girls face disappeared.

Ji Xiaoying first glared at her brother, then snatched the load from Su Qings shoulder and shoved it into his hands.

“Brother, how could you let sister carry the burden”

Xiao Ying, whose sister are you


Ji Shui Sheng looked at the load in his hands with a black face. Why did it feel like his sister was snatched away by that woman in just one day

Su Qing glanced at the depressed Ji Shui Sheng indifferently before Ji Xiao Ying pulled her away by the arm.

The tall and strong Ji Shui Sheng was carrying the load behind them as if he was their follower.

Ji Xiao Ying seemed to have just realized that she had neglected her brother.

She turned around and asked cheekily, “Big brother, do you want to hear the good news”

Ji Shui Sheng had already seen those people buying the fish and shook his head coldly, “I dont want to hear it.”

“You dont even want to hear the good news”

Ji Xiao Ying widened her eyes in disbelief as she looked at her brother. She felt so terrible that she could not continue her sentence.

Why did her brother not cooperate and ask her what the good news was

While they were talking, there was a disturbance among the disaster victims. More than twenty burly men were rushing towards them in anger.




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