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Since this was the best academy in the Capital, she could slightly understand the reason why jewelery was forbidden from being used in this academy. But for now, she absolutely didn accept that her jewelery had to be confiscated because she still didn know the academys rules were really strict and rigid.

"You can , because you can be an example for other students to break the rules." The bespectacled man immediately refused her offer and still asked his friend to remove her jewelry.

"If its just jewelry I can keep it myself and not have to get confiscated right? Thats too much for a new transfer student like me!" Ellaine stepped back slightly and tried to negotiate with Nia and the bespectacled man.

"Not only your jewelry and make-up, but your blues, your skirt length, your hairstyle, and your ascot . . . Its all against the rules." While telling other violations, the man with glasses also wrote down all his violations on his clipboard.

Ellaine gaped when she heard the violation she had committed.

"W-thats a lot! Are you asking a girl like me not to be pretty?! Whats the point of a girl not wearing makeup?!" Her shout made all the students in the academy grounds stop and look at Ellaine who was bickering with the bespectacled man.

Her anger reached its peak because the bespectacled man was even more careless by considering her whole effort in dressing up to attract a guys heart as a violation.

"Thats the rule. Aurilux Academy is the best academy in the Aurilux Kingdom, this academy upholds ethics and education, while your appearance does not reflect the identity of a student." Nia who was standing between Ellaine and the bespectacled man tried to prevent Ellaine who had been ignited by emotion from walking up to the man behind her.

Because the bespectacled man was still stubborn, she turned to look for justification from a girl who was the same age as her. She hopes that girls will think like her.

"Now I ask you, Nia! What do you think it means if girls like us dress too casually? Isn it so boring when we can show our main attraction as girls?!" Ellaine slightly approached and looked Nia in the eye directly.

"Eh... Ah... Since its a rule of the academy and the rest of the guys are also following it, I don think its a problem." Nia looks troubled and confused when Ellaine asks her aggressively.

"Nia! As a disciplinary committee, you should answer it firmly and not waver like that." The man with glasses immediately looked panicked when his friend started to be fooled by her words.

However, just as their argument at the academy entrance gate grew heated, suddenly a mans stern voice sounded from behind Ellaine.

"Enough of the fuss! If you are a student of this academy, you should obey the rules!" A man with medium length purple hair with bangs and blue eyes walked up to the center of the commotion. He immediately looked at the girl who was bullying other girls.

"P-president!" The girl who was holding back Ellaine and the bespectacled man were shocked at the same time when they saw the student council presidents presence.

Ellaines guts did not shrink when she saw the presence of the Student Council President, instead she found the right person to vent her frustration.

Ellaine pushed Nia away slightly and walked with an annoyed expression as she approached the student council president. "What do you think after finding out that a transfer student who doesn know the academy rules is directly treated the same as you guys?!"

"Ill give you my opinion and help you get out of this after you show your transfer letter and take off all your jewelry." He said it with an even expression and didn seem the least bit emotional from Ellaines actions.

Feeling that the student council president is someone who can make wise decisions, she immediately took her transfer letter that was already in her bag and gave it to him.

While the student council president was reading her transfer letter, Ellaine also removed her jewelry at his request.

"Looks like you

e having a hard time, Ill help you." Nia also approached and offered to help Ellaine.

"Oh, thank you." She, who had a hard time putting her jewelry down, was really helped when Nia offered to help.

"Your jewelry seems valuable, Ill keep it here so it doesn get lost." Nia takes out a small black box and puts Ellaines jewelery one by one into it.

"... Ellaine... From Eagledale Academy... After class is over, come to the Counseling Room if you want to pick up your jewels!" The student council president immediately left while taking her transfer letter. He turned his back on her while giving a message.

"Hah?!" Ellaine who had just finished removing her jewelery was confused for a moment by his statement. However, when she looked to the side, she realized that Nia was no longer beside her and all the students had already walked into the academy building.

"Insolent student council president, I was fooled!" Ellaine immediately shouted annoyed, she couldn run away because the student council president already recognized her name and her jewelry was also confiscated.

She didn think that the Student Council President would really help her escape from this violation problem, but instead he led her to a more complicated problem.

*ring* *ring*

Because all of her jewelry has been confiscated, she can help but now have to remove her make-up in the sink. Makeup without jewelry was really bad.

"This is not what I expected on my first day... Not only the guy with glasses but the student council president completely underestimated me! Because of the student council presidents actions, all my plans to spread charm failed." While washing her face, she grumbled in front of the mirror as she recalled her stupid incident this morning.

"It feels like something is missing without makeup." She stared at the reflection of her sad face. She, who was usually dressed up, really looks like a sloppy girl without make-up.

After her face was free of makeup, she immediately headed to her class. "I should be in class 1... 1-A... 1-B... 1-C... Eh, the class is up to 1-F!?" Ellaine widened her eyes when she saw that there were many study groups for first grade in the hallway.

She immediately reached into her bag to look for her transfer letter, but she just remembered that the letter was already in the hands of the student council president. "Its terrible! Because I was too busy dressing up I didn have time to read the letter of recommendation."

Ellaine sat limply as her first day was completely crushed. She was really embarrassed if she had to enter one class after another with her usual appearance. And she thought of going home and asked her mother to make another transfer letter.

But in the midst of her despair, suddenly she heard the screams of a girl who called her name.

"Hey, Ellaine!" The girls voice was familiar to her.

"N-nia?" Ellaine looked back and saw the girl who had lied to her this morning came with a grown man in an academy teachers uniform.

"Ah, she is that transfer student, sir." Nia pointed to a girl sitting in the corridor and told the teacher who was with her.

"Ellaine, its class time. You should introduce yourself to your new class. Im Harris, your homeroom teacher." Harris called Ellaine to come with him to class.

Sir Harris is a grown man in a black shirt with black trousers and a knee length white robe.

Ellaines sad expression slowly changed when she found out that Nias arrival to pick her up was to take her homeroom teacher who was looking for her.

Since she didn need to go home or enter one class after another, Ellaine immediately stood up and walked over to Nia.

"Thank you, Nia!" Ellaine who felt saved immediately grabbed Nias hand to thank her.

"Y-yes. Then see you later." Nia was slightly surprised by Her sudden action and made Her face slightly reddened. After Ellaine let go of her hand, she immediately ran up the stairs to return to her class.

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