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Chapter 70 - The Return To Yulang County (2)

[… she is an amazing woman.]

Cho Sung-won told me.

Even I didn’t think she would actually throw the guy into **.

And as if that wasn’t enough, she had brought a stick back with her, just like how they had treated Asong.

It seems like she was angry.


I like her!

said Short Sword, looking excited.

For the first time since I had met her, I felt that she was perhaps really the daughter of one of the Four Great Evils, with his spirit and nature with her.

Oh, and that she was quite honest about her feelings too.



The mind was cold.

Would it be fine]

It would be fine.

The lord of the family hadn’t been met yet, and doing this right now wouldn’t bring any real attention to us.

-Who wouldn’t kill the guy for that stupid personality he has

Short Sword you are quite smart.

I looked at the warriors and said,

“He might not be able to come out of the hole, for now, so help him out.”

At my words, their expressions became distorted.

In order to get out of the ** hole, they would have to put their hands in it.

“Are you going to let him die in **!”

By the end of my shout, they had run over.

As soon as they went over, I looked at her,

[Why are you acting out even when I haven’t given you an order yet]

At my words, her expression turned dark.

It seemed like she expected me to compliment her.

I didn’t know if it was normal for her, but acting without orders was something I didn’t like.

[… I didn’t like the Vice Commander being ignored and I decided to set a good example for the servant of yours.

I will not act out from now on.]

She sent me the message in a gloomy voice

-What are you doing Don’t scold her, praise her!

Do not push me.

Short Sword seemed to like Sima Young a lot.


[But I didn’t kill him!]



Thank you.

Every time I see her I get more afraid of her father.

How can such a wild horse be tamed

-Isn’t it too strange if she changed in just one month

There was some truth in what Iron Sword said.

It was difficult to change her attitude just a month after joining the Blood Sect, especially as she was the daughter of one of the Four Great Evils.

Besides, knowing her true identity I could not overly criticize her.

‘I have to change her methods little by little.’


After watching her for a month I learned something.

Maybe not for everything, but she mostly tried to be on par with me.

It could be because of her personality to do things for others.

And I would like her to be constrained.

[If this was the case in a more serious situation, you realize that you would be punished.

Do you understand what I mean, Miss]

She bowed her head

[… I am sorry.]

Still, she made no excuses, and oddly enough she seemed to care about how I felt

[In the future, before doing anything, at least ask me for permission, get it]

[It is fine if I ask for permission]


[I understand.

I will definitely ask for permission.

Now, can my anger be vented]

I nodded at her words and she smiled bashfully.

She had the human skin mask on, but I could imagine how she must be smiling.

Quite a unique one she was.

[Still… you are a bit cool.]

Her face brightened when I said that, and Cho Sung-won looked at me with eyes screaming,

‘Aren’t you supposed to scold her’



At that time Ung Bu who had fallen into ** was being dragged back out.

It seemed like the other warriors were covering their noses at the painful smell and were holding onto their clothes.

Ugh, it smells awful.

Even Sima Young was covering her nose.

On the other hand, Cho Sung-won looked fine.

Well, he did belong to the Beggars Union.

-His immunity to ** is at its peak.

It was a good thing

I sent a message to Cho Sung-won to release the blood points sealed on Ung Bu.

And he had a troubled expression like he didn’t want to touch that piece of **

Such a strange beggar.

When I pointed again, he reluctantly walked over, when Sima Young suddenly told him,

“From now on, walk six steps away from me.”

Cho Sung-won felt wronged, but covered his nose and approached Ung Bu.


My sajae is intolerant of injustice.”


Ung Bu couldn’t speak.

He had almost died in **.

What more could he say The poor guy was scared.


So you kicked him out, where did Asong go then”

“I-I don’t know.”

“The village”

“I haven’t seen him since then.”


You kicked him out without even listening to him.

I am just glad he is alive, but where could he go

-Will you look for him

‘I should.’

I need to at least make a request for him to be searched for.

And the next question was,

“If you demolished the annex, what happened to my mother’s shrine”

A memorial tablet was in the annex.

I could endure Asong being hit, but my mother’s tablet being destroyed was something that would make me destroy this family.

Ung Bu felt a crisis now as he looked at the cold expression,

“Lady Ha’s memorial tablet was taken to the Mount Hyeong Sect by lady Yong-yong”

“Mount Hyeong”

So Yong-yong was my real sister.

If she had taken it, it must mean that she was taking care of my mother’s final rites in the sect.

Fortunately, someone was looking after it.

-Your sister


Unlike me who had their dantian damaged at a young age, Yong-yong was fine.

She even excelled in martial arts and became a disciple of the Mount Hyeong Sect.

Actually, it had been So Jang-yoon who was chosen by them, but then she had also been accepted.

-Must be good.


A sister I hadn’t seen for a long time.

Maybe she wasn’t the younger sister I remember her as.

I hated my family which had treated me like trash just because my dantian had been damaged.

“When will The Lord return”

I only heard that he was out.

I needed to know when he would return.

The Lord was someone who will not leave the house unless there was an important task.

“… he will be back in an hour or two.”

So he didn’t go too far.

If so, he had to go greet some precious guests

If The Lord was going so far, then they had to be some famous ones.

-Isn’t this good

It should be.

It would be better if it was someone with a huge fame


It was then that I heard static.

There were three people with swords coming over.

They must have passed the gate of the manor and Sima Young had turned her head in the opposite direction sensing them.

Six young men and women


The warrior who found them rushed to them as if greeting their savior.

“You have arrived Young Master!”

It was a sight I hadn’t seen in a long time.

The people I had been close with when I was a child.

These guys were the so-called skilled prodigy of the Hunan province and the kind who had tormented me.

Jo Kang, Yu Jinack, Do Ilchan, Kang Hye-so, Song Yang-hwa and So Jang-yoon

Actually, there were two more.


‘The twins’

The twins were also once a part of them.

Who would have known that they were cruel to me along with them

Well, my sister was on my side.

“Is it them”

Sima Young asked me and I nodded as she licked her lips with a sad face.

I should have warned her in advance that they would cause trouble for us.

So Jang-yoon who led the group like a leader shouted,

“Who said that a scum like you could set foot in the home”

Man, he was someone who never changes.

Even in the past, he was always the one to make a fuss.

And a guy with a peculiar habit of trying to show his strength only when he saw me.

-Oh my.

How did you stand him

Short Sword clicked her tongue.

It felt like she was annoyed too.


I bowed to him

“Long time no see, Hyung.”

At my polite greeting, Jo Kang and Do Ilchan who were behind him clicked their tongues.

“Oh my.

The famous fool of Yulang has come back from the dead.”

“They said he was kicked out of the family, It seems like his mind has cleared a bit.”

They were meaning every word they said.

Sima Young’s eyes turned cold.

Her twitching fingers said she wanted to hit them any moment but I shook my head as it wasn’t time yet.


Her face turned red, it must have been quite frustrating.

Well, I told her to not touch them.

“It seems like hyungs are all here.

You must have enjoyed a drink today with my hyung.

It is nice to see you all having a good time.”


Do Ilchan was about to get angry when someone stopped him.

“Young master Do.

Be patient.”

“Miss Song.”

It was Song Yang-hwa who stopped him.

I remember her being pretty mean back in the day so why was she being like this

“Young Master So.

It has been a while.

During this time…”

But her words were interrupted again as So Jang-yoon yelled,

“I cannot figure out how this trashy bastard has bought along two more men.”


I didn’t feel it before, but looking at them was like watching the twins.

In a normal voice, I said,

“You are talking too much because you have been drinking.

I think it would be good to see you again after you have sobered up a bit, Hyung.”

He was startled by my words.


In the past, I would shy away from any confrontation and not speak to him, but now that I was, he was getting angry.

Even if that wasn’t the case, he was already drunk enough that his emotions were rising up even more.


He let out a sigh.

He hadn’t changed at all.

As he took a deep breath, he ran for me.

He was about to hit me in the face with his fist.


I just grabbed the fist which came, making So Jang-yoon’s eyes widen.

He must have never thought that I could grab his fist.

“You How”

“We can talk later.

I don’t want to make things messy before seeing the lord, Hyung.”

At my words, his expression distorted.

“Who the ** said I am your hyung! I never had a sibling like you!”

As soon as he said it, he was ready to slap me in the face so I let go of the hand and stepped back.

As I also avoided this, his expression darkened.

He was really confused now.

“So hyung, do you still consider that you share the same blood with him Why are you making such weak attempts on him”

“I thought you were going to show us a good time, but you are joking around.”

Thankfully, Jo Kang and Do Il-chan were riling him up.

And his expression began to crumble at the thought of being pushed to the corner by trash like me.

Guess he’ll blow up sometime soon.

“You bastard… you are still living with a rag in the mouth.”

My polite words were lost and so was my expression.

“What This bastard what did he just….”

“You are right to say that you never had a younger sibling.

Since I was born 3 months earlier than you, shouldn’t I be called hyung”

Actually, despite being half brothers, I was born earlier than him.

However, due to the pride of being pure blood, I had to call him hyung despite him being younger.


So Jang-yoon grunted as he drew the sword with a furious expression.


“Want me to call you hyung You **ing filthy bastard.”

He drew his sword and aimed it at me, ready to stab me in the neck at a moment’s notice.

All of a sudden, even the warriors who were guarding the manor began to flock around.

“Young master So.

Stop it!”

“Unnie is right.

The Lord will be coming here any time now.”

Song Yang-hwa and Kang Hye-so stopped him and he did seem a bit anxious at the thought of the lord coming back.

But you see, the human psyche is unique.

When someone tells us not to do it, we want to do it even more.

“Huh, forget it.

At this point, I need to clean this place from the filthy bastard who dishonors our family with my own hands.

No one will regret it even if this happens.”

“I will.”


Sima Young spoke up.

She was able to endure it for so long, but it felt like a string had finally snapped.

So Jang-yoon looked at her as he scoffed,

“Why is this slender-looking sissy boy trying to act out If you do not want to get hurt, shut that trap and move back.”

There was laughter breaking out.

People wondered how Sima Young would react, well, I wanted to know how they would react if they knew her true identity.

And I sent her a message

[Be patient.]

[… I want to kill him.]

It was good that I messaged her before she did anything.

Hearing that she wants to kill him, if I didn’t she would have already done something.


It seems that I caused trouble to all of you with the problems within the family.”

Saying that I was ready to taunt him.

“If you put down the sword now, I will forget this ever happened.


His expression distorted horribly as he jumped for me again,

“You bastard!”

“Young master!”

Pak! Song Yang-hwa who was shocked grabbed his arm, but nothing helped.

So Jang-yoon resisted her touch and came to cut my throat,

I simply dodged it by moving my neck.


In that state, I grabbed his head.


Sima Young did it before, I did it to him now.

As his body got lifted above the ground he swung the sword to cut off my arm holding him but before that, I grabbed his wrist.

He raised his internal qi to get rid of my grasp but well

It didn’t affect me


His eyes widened as if he was too shocked to realize something only now.


I broke his wrist.

And bent it back making his sword drop to the ground.


So Jang-yoon’s gang who was watching this couldn’t hide their surprise.


“Did he learn martial arts”

They must be stupid or something.

They couldn’t have thought that my defensive skills were better than theirs.

Well, they all firmly knew and believed that my dantian was destroyed and I was just the trash everyone talked about.

So this couldn’t be accepted.

“Young master So, stop it now.”

As Song Yang-hwa was stopping me.

I raised my innate qi and looked into the eyes of So Jang-yoon and his eyes began to lose focus.

And I let go of the face I was holding onto and told him,


I will stop with this.”

And to me he said,

“I lost.

I apologize for everything I said before and for trying to take your life.”

At those words, all his friends were confused.

It seemed like they didn’t understand how this guy suddenly decided to admit defeat and apologize and even bow down to me.

“I will accept the apology and I am sorry for making you feel a bit uncomfortable.”

The expressions of warriors around me turned strange at me acting all dignified.

It must have come as a surprise to them.

At that time, So Jang-yoon’s eyes turned normal.

Seeing me all high and might it felt like he didn’t know what happened and the anger rose with the broken wrist being felt

“You bastard! Die!”

Taking advantage of the time I was acting nice, he decided to attack me.

At that moment, Sima Young appeared like a shadow and grabbed his wrist.


She glanced at me and I nodded my head.


When permission was granted, Sima Young smiled brightly and broke the other wrist.

And this time the bones stuck out.



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