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Chapter 61 - Sima Young (1)


I didn’t expect to be moving this fast when swinging around.

This was a lot faster than using footwork techniques.

I could already see the end of the valley.

And as I descended downstream, the water currents looked calmer.

Now, how to get out of this mountain range and move quickly; I still had to get out and catch up with the retreat procession.

-But Wonhwi, if everyone thought you were dead, wouldn’t you be able to get out of the sect


I felt a bit shaken at the questioning of Iron Sword.

Actually, this could be my chance

As he said, if I vanished from here, I would be able to live a quiet life away from all the drama.

But that was problematic too.

-What problem could this cause

‘I already have too much attention on me.’

My impressions and everything were already well known to the Blood Sect.

If Baek Ryeon-ha’s side was in power and Baek Hye-hyang’s side was overthrown, then my position would be ambiguous.

Even the masked men who came to attack us on the path guessed who I was just by my rusted sword.

-The rust can be fixed at any time.

‘But how will I fix my face’

-Um How about getting a human skin mask

Human skin mask.

But I didn’t know of a single person who was skilled in making them around here.

As Iron Sword said, wearing a human skin mask was one way to escape from it all.

But I didn’t want to live an anxious life.

-Then what will you do

‘… I will see this through to the end.’

Actually, even when I was in the Six Blood Valley, I had a great idea of just leaving.

It was easy to escape from there.

Although Hae Ack-chun chose Baek Ryeon-ha to side with, I was sure that he would change sides depending on his own interest, but things have changed now.

-… now do you think they are after you too


At first, I thought the masked men only aimed for Baek Ryeon-ha.

But something felt strange.

The masked people knew me and were trying to take me down and not the elders or the Blood Star.

In addition, leader Yang Kangil, the spy of Baek Hye-hyang, had smeared the powder on my sword specifically.

-Maybe a coincidence

‘Coincidence Well.’

If that was the case, even if it was a little risky, he should have done it on someone more important.

He should have touched Baek Ryeon-ha or someone next to her if he didn’t want to get noticed.

This was aimed at me.

Whether it was intentional or not, I must have brought in too much attention being the disciple of Ghastly Monster.

-You have already made your decision.


If people were aiming for me, then Baek Ryeon-ha had to become the sect leader.

Only then will I be able to get out of the danger from Baek Hye-hyang’s side.

-… Well, if that is your opinion, Short Sword and I will follow you.

The one way you know cannot be the only way through.

‘Is there another way’

-Overwhelming power could be one method.

‘Overwhelming power’

-Didn’t I tell you before Those who entered the realm of great beings like the Eight Great Warriors and the Four Great Evils are people who everyone is afraid of.

‘… yes.’

I smiled.

What he said was right.

One needed overwhelming power to break out of this circle.

Inheriting the swordsmanship of the South Heavenly Swordsman has been my goal.

But it wasn’t an easy thing to do, so I will have to train hard for now.


Look there.

I frowned and looked over at the prodding of Iron Sword.

As we began to descend downstream, the valley nearly ended, and a small river could be seen with a group of people next to it.


Because we were quite far away, I couldn’t even hear the sound of their swords.

It was a shame that I could see them, but I couldn’t do much as the cliffs would end where they were.


I channeled my innate qi into the silver thread, pulling myself up the edge of the cliff, and clung to the side of it.


What do we do now

Short Sword asked me.

‘Calm down.’


‘Since we are out of the Six Blood Valley, I will find a nice blacksmith and get you all fixed up.’

-For real

Fortunately, she believed me.

She must have been too concerned with the broken tip of the sword.

Well, she seemed pissed.

I notice those people, so they must have noticed me too.

-Are they warriors who have surrounded the mountain


It was far, but no one had masks on, and since it had just been one day, I thought they would still be searching within the mountains, but they had already come down to the lower end.

-What do we do now

I was worried about what to do too.

Would it be better just to run However, I was worried that if I ran away now, they would sound the horn.

-I think we are still in trouble.


I overlooked that.

I decided to run, but then everything felt too silent that I should be hearing the horn.


As I poked my face out of the cliff and looked down.

Contrary to my thoughts, the group on the shore was fighting.

I didn’t know who it was due to them being too far from me, but it seemed like one person was fighting against ten people.

‘Who is it’

-Maybe a person from the Blood Sect

‘Blood Sect’


Even the crazy old man came down the cliff and looked for you for two hours.

And if he is here in this place, then it has to be someone left behind.


It made sense.

If that is the case, I was impressed.

Looking at Hae Ack-chun’s behavior, I thought he must have left this guy.

Even if he spoke harshly, he cared for his disciples a lot.

-Then will you help him

I nodded my head at Iron Sword’s words.

The person fighting here must be someone sent by Hae Ack-chun.

-Do you think it will hurt

From a distance, everything looked daunting.

The group was even taking up a circle.

Whatever it was, it was bad.

Having made the decision, I pulled out Short Sword, which had been lodged into the cliff.

‘I will throw you once more.’


I really hate this.

Although she was annoyed, she didn’t refuse it.

Actually, it felt like she got used to being swung around at cliffs.


I threw her out to the other side of the cliff.

As a short sword pierced into the wall, it flew ahead and slowly stretched the thread.

Once Short Sword landed on the opposite side of the cliff I followed along.

Next, I threw her into the shallow rocky waters by the shore.

As I got closer, I could hear the sound of swords now.

As everyone used swords, my head felt noisy.

With so many swords, my head felt messed up.

-They are surrounding him.

Iron Sword informed me.

I also learned how to tackle all these things in the past, so I know how to deal with them.

Even more so, this guy was alone and not with a group.

-He fights pretty well.

As Short Sword said, the guy who was surrounded was able to withstand all their movements with his elegant sword techniques.


The one in the center was using a sword.

Among the descendants of the Six Blood Valley, there were few who used swords.

Besides, it was my first time meeting such a slender person with a handsome face.

‘Maybe he isn’t from the Blood Sect’

This handsome young man didn’t even have a mask on.

I feel confused now.

If he wasn’t on Blood Sect, then why were these groups of people fighting

-Maybe he is related to a person of the Blood Sect.

-The ones in relation to the sect need to be killed, right

The two told me.

As I concentrated on the sound, I could hear the swords clearly.

Occasionally I would hear words.

‘Is he related to Blood Sect’

-They seemed to have noticed you, Wonhwi.

After being this close, not finding me out would be weirder.

Then I have no other way but to deal with them first.

“Everyone back down!”


But as I approached, the group against the man widened their distance and looked at me with tense faces.

‘…what is this’

On the other hand, the young man was looking at me with twinkling eyes, and he shouted.

“Great Guardian! Please help me!”

What is this now

I was wearing a mask which I had found in the cave.

Was he doing this knowing who I am

-He is doing it because he doesn’t know.

At that time, the middle-aged man with a beard spoke to me with a nervous face.


“… are you one of the Four Venerable Dignitaries of the Blood Sect”

He was politely asking if I was one of the four; it seemed like some kind of misunderstanding.

Since I didn’t even use the middle dantian, they should have felt that I wasn’t even a first-rate warrior, so why were they acting like this

At that time, these things rang in my mind.

-This is insane.

It wasn’t even internal qi but some thin thread.

-Oh, so frustrating.

-What bull** is this

All their swords were cursing at their masters, who were being stupid.

Hearing that, I came to know that they were confusing my silver thread with void walking.

That is why it seemed like they were regarding me as one of the Venerables of Blood Sect.


I see.’

Hopefully, this situation could be utilized.

I looked at the sword of the young man.

It was a unique sword.

There was a blue line drawn on the sword body, and it looked like some precious sword with a subtle feel to it.

And this sword too,

-I don’t think he is a kind of leader in the Blood Sect.

Why bother doing something worthless Tch.

But thanks to the sword speaking this, I came to know that this guy wasn’t from the Blood Sect either.

Then why did he have to find a leader of the sect Well, dealing with this group came first.


I raised my innate qi and sent a message to the young man.

[Attack them when I signal.]

At my voice, the young man immediately answered.


Great Guardian.]

Hearing a voice calling me Great Guardian, which I had never heard before, felt weird.

I knew he was doing this on purpose, but it was really nice to hear.

-You are also weak to praise.

What are you talking about It just felt nice to hear.

In any case, having so many eyes focused on me, I began to check them.

Among them, there seemed to be no outstanding warriors, except for a middle-aged man with a beard and two others in the back.

I spoke with as much dignity as I could,

“Are the people who know who I am still holding weapons”

Short Sword clicked her tongue at my voice.

Did I sound too awkward

Not awkward enough for this group, it seemed.

The middle-aged man with a beard opened his mouth.

“… around this area, the warriors of the alliance have come up.

Even if you are one of the Four Venerable Dignitaries, you cannot get out of here.”

Even though he was terrified, he didn’t back down.

Contrary to his expression, he had some courage.

At that time, I heard the voice of the young guy.

[It is a lie.

There is no one around here except them.

There is another group three miles away, but I broke the cone, so they cannot call.


When I looked at him, he looked like a loyal dog wanting to be praised, and this was useful information.

[Thank you.]

The man smiled broadly, showing his teeth.

-He is desperate to look good for you.

I was thinking the same.

There was no need to make him an enemy right now if he liked Blood Sect.

It isn’t too late to find out who he is after solving the problem.

And I raised my voice.

“You are lying.”

“…it isn’t a lie.

Surely the young man is violating…”

“You’re stubborn!”

The young man seemed right.

Seeing the man try to divert the attention, it felt like he was lying.

The man with the beard immediately clenched his fist, and the rest of the group saw him.

He couldn’t attack first as he seemed too afraid, but he was convinced that a fight would come at any moment.

And I said,

“Do you think there are no people planted here by me”

The middle-aged man with a beard frowned at my words.

“Even if you try to deceive me with such lies…”

“Is that so Some people might recognize me.”

With that, I pointed my thumb.

And this, some unconsciously looked into my eyes.

At that moment, some of the innate qi was used, and the eyes of the three men were losing focus.

The ones whose eyes lost focus attacked their own colleagues with the swords they were holding.




“Hik! W-what are you doing”

One managed to stab a guy in the throat because they were too careless.

Unfortunately, the other two managed only to knick a hand and a leg, and the others escaped with their lives.


For a moment, even I was shocked at this sight.

It was the second stage of the Illusion Eye technique, and I managed to do it right.

Especially impressive as it was on three people.

‘I did it to several people!’

Somehow as if I had done some kind of technique, my innate qi was consumed in large quantities.

I discovered this new thing by accident but then drained most of my innate qi as I had used it on several people.

But thanks to this, the situation was good.


“These guys were spies!”

Those who I controlled were now suspected of being spies.

They immediately returned to normal due to the loud noises, but the situation had already begun to change.


“What are you doing What is this!”

“Don’t mess around!”


A riot broke down in an instant.

Those who had no memory of what they did were stopping their companions from killing them.

“W-what is this…”

The middle-aged man with a beard was shocked at all this.


I sent the message to the young man.

As soon as the signal fell, this young man in yellow rushed for the people who were fighting amongst themselves.

And I, too, swung my sword at the middle-aged man.

‘Tiger Tooth Sword technique.’


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