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Chapter 48 - The Guest Of Six Blood Valley (2)


As the guy collapsed, he bounced back a few meters.


It looked quite painful, I was lucky to have the old man near me.

But he was still pretty far from us, so how did he come up at such an opportune time

Just as I was puzzling over this.


A black shadow came out of the bushes.

The guy rushed straight for Go Eunjae, who was thrown away.


I thought he would attack, but he was just relieved to see Go Eunjae’s body was fine.

I could tell just by looking at the man who stopped in the middle of Go Eunjae and us.

“U-Uh! Thank you, teacher!”


Go Eunjae addressed the person as ‘teacher’.

Did that mean that he was the Second Elder, the Guardian Demon Blade Emperor Seo Kalma

Unlike Hae Ack-chun, he had neatly combed hair and looked very regal.


Suddenly, more people appeared from the same bush as the previous man.

In total, there were four of them.

Surprisingly, one had a long blade on their waist, and the others had three red belts.

Why was I shocked

‘… all are commander level.’

Blue belts were for leaders and red for commanders.

Even if the number of people was smaller, the power was huge.

I couldn’t figure out what this all meant.


Guardian Demon Blade Emperor Seo Kalma bowed to Hae Ack-chun.

“Hae hyung.

Long time no see.”

It was a meeting of old friends.

To this, Hae Ack-chun responded in a deep voice,

“Seo hyung.”

He was more polite than when dealing with the Sixth Blood Star.

Of course, it was only for a while.

“It has only been four years; it hasn’t been that long.

What did you come here for Is it because of the booklet you were sent”

Ah, where will his character go No matter whom he dealt with, he would always have this harsh tone.



But there seems to be some misunderstanding here.”

Seo Kalma said, looking at Go Eunjae, who was looking a bit weak.

He touched his disciple as he cared for him.

-Why touch him Looking **ing terrible to see.


Just when I wanted to speak, Hae Ack-chun spoke,

“Huh! What misunderstanding! Seo hyung’s disciple attacked my disciple.

If I hadn’t come, he would have been seriously injured.”

In his words, Seo Kalma spoke like there was nothing wrong with that.

“Isn’t that how young warriors talk Seems like this disciple of mine was constantly stuck in caves, so he was curious about how good Hae hyung’s disciple is.”

Since they were all of the same elder level, they had the same level of force.

And this man was accepting what Hae Ack-chun said head-on.

But, Hae Ack-chun wasn’t the kind to just back down,


That is why the young one decided to insult me.”

“He insulted Hae hyung”

Seo Kalma looked at Go Eunja with sharp eyes, and the guy made excuses by waving his hand.

“Well, it wasn’t that.

How would I ever insult the Fourth Elder I just said that the disciple was insulting the name of…”

Trying to drag it.

He was a guy who spits those words whether he denies them or not.

And he didn’t know what kind of person Hae Ack-chun was.

“You aren’t speaking right.”


Hae Ack-chun tried to approach where Go Eunjae was.

But something unexpected happened.


Among the crowd who appeared with the old man was one with a long blade, who grabbed the head of Go Eunjae and smashed it to the floor.

-Oh! His nose!

Even though they were of the same group, they didn’t seem to have much sympathy.

And the young man spoke out for everyone to listen,

“Teacher is speaking.

How dare you try to give out lame excuses”

The young man pushed him down and got up as he bowed to Hae Ack-chun.


Please forgive my sajae’s rudeness.”


Hearing Hae Ack-chun’s question, the young man spoke,

“I am Ho Geum-won, the teacher’s first disciple.”

‘Ho Geum-won’

-Why Was he famous too

‘… I don’t know’

-You don’t know

From what I knew, Seo Kalma had just one disciple.

And that was the frog-eyed one.

But this guy was calling himself the first disciple.

-So A hidden disciple

If it was hidden, would he say it out right here

Rather, it seems that something happened to the guy, like losing his life.


‘Look at that expression.’

Go Eunjae, who was hit to the floor, looked up at Ho Geum-won with bloodshot eyes.

Just looking at them, they didn’t seem to be that friendly with each other.

In a nation where even the orthodox sects kill each other over conflicts of succession, would the Blood Sect be an exception

It would be way worse here, way, way worse.

And Seo Kalma said,

“Hae hyung.

I apologize for my rude disciple.

You have taught them well, and why not end this right now”

The man took a step back.

Unlike his disciples, Seo Kalma seemed like a calm man.

It seemed like he had no intention of fighting Hae Ack-chun, using this as an excuse.


If you had beat that cheeky bastard, this wouldn’t have happened.]

Hae Ack-chun was cursing me in my own head.

It was an unexpected fight, but he seemed to hate that I was pushed back by the disciple of another elder.

It wasn’t like I wasn’t hating it either.

Officially, it was just my first year here, and those disciples of Seo Kalma must have been trained for several years!

-Why didn’t you show your skills

At Short Sword’s words, I denied her,

‘…it was too early.’

It was serious.

And if I had shown my skills before knowing how to deal with the opponent, it would push me into a corner.

Even if the wall to becoming a first-rate warrior was touched, the Blood Sect had so many people in similar situations.

But standing up against an opponent was only done when one was certain of their strength.

[I am sorry to disappoint you.]


Hae Ack-chun clicked his tongue and looked at me with a dissatisfied look and turned back to Seo Kalma.

“That is fine, but why did Seo hyung have to bring his disciples here If it was an urgent matter, you could have sent someone or come alone.”

As far as coming alone was said, I could understand.

Even I was curious why this man, who was the Second Elder, came to this place.

He had a purpose, and the man smiled,

“The old man came here to be a matchmaker.”

Hae Ack-chun frowned at these unexpected words.

He couldn’t understand the words of Seo Kalma.

“What does that mean”

“As I said.”

“You are acting too vague; it’s frustrating me.

Who are you going to match make”

As Hae Ack-chun asked, irritated, Seo Kalma glanced at his disciples and pointed in the direction of the main hall.

“I am here to make something for the lady.”


I was hoping this would come, but Hae Ack-chun didn’t seem to understand.

This man was here with his disciple to talk with Baek Ryong-ha.

I glanced at her, and even she seemed to be shocked.

-Her eyes are so wide.

There was a meeting inside the main hall of Six Blood Valley.

In front of the long table, Hae Ack-chun and his disciples, Song Jaw-baek and Song Woo-hyun were given seats, and Seo Kalma, with his two disciples, were also seated across.

And on the top side of the table, a bamboo sheet was placed, and a slender-bodied woman sat behind it.

In front of it stood Han Baek-ha and her five disciples, who had all covered their faces.

One of these disciples was Baek Ryeon-ha.


The atmosphere inside was bad.

Even Song Jwa-baek couldn’t do anything other than look around.


Hae Ack-chun slammed the table with clenched hands.

“Are you really saying that now!”

The reason he was angry was because of what Seo Kalma said.

He had asked Baek Ryeon-ha to give up her run for the position of the sect leader, all for the sake of the cause.

Of course, that wasn’t the only thing.

“What was that Say it again!”

“As I said.

Hae hyung.

For the sake of the unity of the sect, let there not be chaos, and let the young lady prepare a next heir.”

Seo Kalma was spitting these words without blinking an eye.

Man, he was amazing.

He was formal with Hae Ack-chun, but he wasn’t backing down.

Because of that, everyone inside couldn’t even speak out.

They just looked exhausted as they couldn’t counter.

But not Hae Ack-chun.

“I know that the lady has more right for this, so what nonsense is coming from your mouth, Seo Kalma”

“Hold back your excitement.”

“Excitement Does it look like I am excited If the noise coming from your mouth is to be believed, you’d have your disciple marry her for the sake of producing an heir and protecting her; who would believe you! Ha! You must be anxious to die.”

In an instant, the air in the room turned heavy.

When Hae Ack-chun released qi, it even took my breath away.

The table was turned in an instant, and his fist went for Seo Kalma, who was sitting there.

“Hae hyung… I didn’t come here to fight you.”

“Shut it.”

“Think about it.”

Han Baek-ha, who was silent till then, asked,

“What do you mean think, Second Elder”

Her voice was as cold as ice.

Seo Kalma didn’t take his eyes off Hae Ack-chun, not caring about her.

“I will tell you all something you all know.

The Elders and the Blood Stars… most of them have made the decision to put lady Hye-hyang as the sect leader.

And she has the majority on her side.

Although no official statement had been made, Third Elder also seems to be tilting.”

Third Elder refers to the Bloody King, Gu Jae-yang

If two of the four elders and four of the seven Blood Stars had taken her side, then the decision was titled.

“Didn’t Hae hyung say it before that you haven’t decided on who of the two to support”

Hae Ack-chun just looked at him; this meant he agreed.

“Sixth Blood Star.

I will ask you now, has anyone shown clear intention to support lady Baek Ryeon-ha”

The Bloody Hand Witch didn’t answer.

Anyone could tell what this meant.

Probably two or three decided to help.

It had to be two of the Seven Blood Stars but no elder.

“In this situation, what would happen if Miss Baek Ryeon-ha was even supported”

“Are you trying to intimidate our lady”

“Why… sigh,”

Seo Kalma sighed.

He stuck his blade on the chair.


He pulled half the long blade out, which had a unique pattern on it.

It was clear that he wouldn’t stand back.

Seo Kalma said with sharp eyes,

“I am Guardian Demon Blade Emperor Seo Kalma.

Do I look like the kind who would harm the daughter of our leader! Hae Ack-chun!”

He, too, was ready to wield his sword.

“You brat pulled your sword! Fine.

Come at me!”

Hae Ack-chun was ready, but Han Baek-ha tried to dissuade them,

“What are you two doing in front of the lady!’

The two men who were ready to fight stopped at her cry.

It was a strange situation for these reckless people to consider her words.

But was this the loyalty they had to the former sect leader


When I glanced at the sighs which came, Song Jwa-baek was controlling his breath as he was sweating.

My hands were sweaty enough to understand him.

The force from the two men’s bodies was something that even the first-rate warriors would have a hard time bearing.

At that time, the five disciples of Han Baek-ha turned to the other side.

Everyone was puzzled.

And the voice echoed.

[Second Elder and Fourth Elder.

No, Seo Uncle and Hae Uncle.]


When called, both of them moved to the side of the bamboo sheet and knelt down on their knees.

-The voice was resounding in the room.

-Six Direction Voice.

A more difficult technique to use and a technique made to echo the voices of the user, allowing them to speak without revealing their location.

The reason the five disciples of Han Baek-ha turned around at the same time was probably to prevent the throat movement from being seen.

[Is it fine if I call the two of you as I did in the past]

Baek Ryeon-ha asked,

“Why would we complain”

“Call me what you feel comfortable with.’

[Then to Seo Uncle.]


“Uncle Seo, when Uncle Seo made the decision to put my unnie as the sect leader, then why bother telling me to marry your disciple”

At her question, he raised his head and said,

[It is to protect the lady.]


“And for the future.”

[What is that supposed to mean]

“I, too, would like for the young lady to take the position with legitimacy.

The current sect is being resurrected, and it needs a strong presence.”

This was undeniable.

This was the reason Hae Ack-chun didn’t get angry right away.

[…it means that only because she is older than me now.]

“I apologize.

But this is to protect the Young Lady and preserve the legitimacy of our sect if anything happens.”

[Have an heir for the sake of legitimacy]


If, for that reason, the other elders didn’t give their clear intentions.

If the lady can give up her position for the purpose of unifying the sect and concentrate on giving us an heir, you will have the cause to push out lady Hye-hyang.”

Seo Kalma spat out his true intentions.

He was saying that this was truly to protect Baek Ryeon-ha.

In a way, this wasn’t the wrong approach.

If she did, then the Blood Sect, which was split between two candidates, could be stopped for now, and the First Elder could be pushed out.


Hae Ack-chun gritted his teeth,

“Shut your disgusting mouth.”

“… I did that till now.”

“Ha! Right.

Let’s assume that you are right.

But why should she marry your disciple Isn’t it for the sake of putting influence to your side!”

Hae Ack-chun pointed it out, making everyone turn to Seo Kalma.

Seo Kalma shook his head and said,

“Then who is right”


“If we were to pick one who is qualified for the young lady here among the ones who remained neutral, of course, it would have to come from one of the elders.

But the other ones are supporting lady Baek Hye-hyang.

We won’t get an answer that way.”

Seo Kalma turned his head and smiled while looking at the twins.

It was an obvious smirk.


Now I knew.

Why did Go Eunjae attack me He was only doing the role his teacher gave him.

It was to confirm that the disciples of this crazy man weren’t skilled.

Now he was trying to slow things down, and not act too hastily.

-So annoying!

Go Eunjae was looking at me with lips curling up.

Just by looking at his face, everything fell into line.

-Aren’t you angry

Short Sword asked me.

I am a human; obviously, I feel bad.

At first, I thought of Baek Ryeon-ha, who must be feeling horrible at this.

But… I had to judge the situation soberly.

A situation that couldn’t be rushed…


Suddenly, Hae Ack-chun burst into laughter.

And seeing this, Seo Kalma frowned.

As he was done laughing, he said,

“Is there an answer Do you think that guy of yours is a good match for the lady”

He pointed to Go Eunjae’s face, the guy who had his head smashed down and face bruised.

“Are you asking because he was rude to you before”

“Rude my ass! You made your disciple do that.”

“Huh Hae hyung! You are crossing the line…’

“A person who made fun of the disciple of the Bloody Hand Witch would be suitable for the lady Anyone would laugh,”


Go Eunjae face went stiff.


I wonder when the old man heard it; well, I did hear him disrespect Baek Ryeon-ha.

Go Eunjae was shocked and couldn’t even look Seo Kalma in the eyes.

-One guy out.

Said Short Sword.

As I said, it was unlikely that a person who had been disgraced would be pushed to be a candidate for Baek Ryeon-ha.

Seo Kama looked at the bamboo sheet and said,

“Forgive my second disciple who is still immature.

I will punish him in the right manner later.

But the great disciple, Geum-won is a bit lacking al…”

Then Hae Ack-chun intervened,


Seo Kalma.”


“Why is it that your disciples are the only ones being pushed for the candidate of the lady”


Not just Seo Kalma but the twins and I were shocked by his words.

What was this old man even saying


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